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JAN 11

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Chrysler Shocks All with a Volt of Their Own

Well, yesterday I indicated that there might not be room for many surprises at this year's Detroit auto show, but I was just plain wrong. The first on the list of try it real viagra without a prescription "kinda knocked my socks off" surprises is the Chrysler 200C. Not only is this sedan good-looking and click here buy now viagra extremely technology advanced, but it's also being billed as an extended-range electric vehicle.

Of course, Chrysler left the door open for the concept to also, maybe, be a regular gasoline powered V6.

That isn't too much of a surprise, really, since it'd be a shame to waste this styling on a car that Chrysler (or whoever owns Chrysler in six months) might not be able (or want) to produce.

Chrysler says that the medication tramadol 50 mg car would have a 40 mile all-electric range and an internal gasoline generator that would recharge the batteries to extend the range beyond that. Basically, this gives it the exact same range stats as a Volt. The 200C, of course, is still just a concept, meaning that it probably won't actually be around for another five years minimum. But it is a bit of an endorsement of GM's work on we choice levitra pharmacy in india the Volt, and also a great design job from the folks at Chrysler.

Keep your eyes here for a couple more surprises from other car companies...this is levitra bayer healthcare a crazy show! It's like somebody finally got the memo and all they're working on now is alt-fuel cars!

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written by Clinch, January 11, 2009
I wasn't shocked at all, and demand you change the title from "Chrysler Shocks All" to "Chrysler Shocks Some" (or maybe just "Chrysler Shocks Hank").

And I expect this isn't the only car company that's going to announce a new hybrid/electric car that has similar (or slightly better) features than previous cars (both production and concept).

Also, if it's going to be ~5 years until production, is the "40 miles per full charge" based on current battery technology? In which case, can't they use the batteries that they'd have in 5 years time (which could be significantly better)?

Con ceptual
written by Nick Wright, January 12, 2009
I've got an electric car that's set to come out in 5 years - maybe - that will give its user fellatio while emitting rainbows from the exhaust pipe.

Give me a freaking break.
written by Loosely_coupled, January 12, 2009
It's not shocking to free shipping on tramadol orders see Chrysler working on ex-range electric vehicles --- I'd hope they have been doing so for years by now if they wish to be around in a decade.

That said, even given that this is a concept a ways off from development, I am MORE than impressed with the styling. If they can keep the same "inspiration" in the production model, I'll be all over that thing even though I rarely buy American vehicles..
real labor costs
written by philosopherkingtomas, January 12, 2009
Felix Salmon at Portfolio did perhaps the best job explaining the misinformation at play:
The average GM assembly-line worker makes about $28 per hour in wages, and I can assure you that GM is not paying $42 an hour in health insurance and pension plan contributions. Rather, the $70 per hour figure (or $73 an hour, or whatever) is a ridiculous number obtained by adding up GM's total labor, health, and pension costs, and then dividing by the total number of hours worked. In other words, it includes all the buy cialis online uk healthcare and retirement costs of retired workers. [emphasis in original]
Is this the best Chrysler can do?
written by jerry, January 12, 2009
People have already been retrofitting existing cars with electric motors that go 40 miles on a charge in their garages. How hard is it to mass produce such simple technology? Neil Young had his 1959 Lincoln fully retrofitted into an electric car. I am sick of the whining big 3, especially GM which trashed the EV1 under pressure from the oil companies.
4-Wheel Viagra
written by SteveDenver, January 12, 2009
In 5 years, this bulbous styling isn't going to be fresh or exciting. Chrysler rolled out its latest bonermobile and concoted a story about MAYBE going electric. Get with it morons: the competition is getting smaller and cialis prices better, while you're looking like total novices without a clue.
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