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Eighty Year Old Saved Us $800 Billion

rosenfeldRefrigerators used to consume 2000 kilowatt-hours per year, now they use 450 kwh.  Windows used to let in every ounce of heat that hit them, now the reflect the woman and viagra majority of infra-red light.  Light bulbs used to be made of white-hot tungsten, now they're made of cool fluorescent gasses. 

All of these innovations, added together, have saved the America $800 billion dollars since the 1950's.  All of these innovations were contributed to or created by the laboratory of one man:  Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld, an 80 year old particle physicist, who has worked on the physics and policy of energy efficiency in the United States for longer than just about anyone. From 90% efficient motors to low-emissivity windows to compact flourescent light bulbs, Rosenfeld worked on it all.  In 1975, during the first oil crisis, he persuaded the how much is levitra U.S. government to create (and place him in charge of) the Center for Building Science, quite possibly making him the world's first EcoGeek.  In the next thirty years, hundreds of innovations would spring from the Center for Building Science (now called the Environmental Energy Technologies Division,) every one devoted to decreasing the amount of energy wasted in the world.
Not only are we in an $800 billion debt to him, that number is growing by more each year. By 2010, we will owe him over a trillion dollars.  If anyone thinks that energy efficiency is generic levitra purchase bad for buisness, we need look no further than that number.  And, on top of it, the environmental benefits of very good site generic viagra cheap Rosenfeld's innovations are incalculable. 

Rosenfeld won the Enrico Fermi award, the US Department of Energy's highest honor, this year. He took home $375,000, not a great return on the best site best place levitra $800 billion.  But Rosenfeld says the recognition and cheap levitra on line gratitude from the community was his real reward. Dr. Rosenfeld, you have our recognition, and our sincerest gratitude.


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Credit is deserved
written by Atul, September 22, 2006
for people like him and other scientists and engineers. We idolize entertainers but their benefits to society are fleeting. Innovation is forever and builds a foundation for more innovation.
An inspiration to all
written by Steve, September 26, 2006
What a guy! His accomplishments are the embodiment of what it means to make a difference. Amazing that there are 6 billion other people that are all capable of helping out in great ways too.

Someone should make a list of all the 'anti-billionares' out there to canadian cialis 50mg whom society owes the buy tramadol discount greatest debt of gratitude.
Great Scientist - minor correction to fa
written by Rex, October 05, 2006
>Refrigerators used to consume 2000 kilowatt-hours per day, now they use 450 kwh.

I believe that's 2000 & 450 kwh per YEAR. :o
written by bse, October 08, 2006
... and 150-200 kwh for european fridges.
written by v, October 08, 2006
>Amazing that there are 6 billion other people that are all capable of helping out in great ways too.

Yeah, sure.

In the real world, though, it's single individual minds that make the world a better place. 99% of the population don't matter at all, really.
written by sdafdsf, October 08, 2006
written by frankwhite, October 08, 2006
gotta love him.
Now if we can find a way reproduce electricty all together.
Techno magic
written by John Bahe, October 09, 2006
Ok, so the technology has saved a bunch on what energy it would have taken to run these out dated items, but what about the over-all cost of these energy saving items to the consumer? If memory serves, the greater the savings on energy usage, the higher the levitra for women cost of the item to the end user. When are they going to make something to save me money that doesn't take years before I start to realize the savings? Don't get me wrong, I think the advances have considerable merit, but I am looking for all those in middle and lower classes being able to afford these items now. I am one of those who hasn't made a huge contribution to society, but if I am going to make any at all, I first have to be able to afford it don't I?
Kilowatt hours per year doesn't make muc
written by John O'Leary, October 12, 2006
With a time value in both the numerator and denominator, why not call a spade a spade, and a watt a watt?

A typical modern fridge uses 150 Kwh/year (not 450 by the way) which is 34 watts. This is a much more useful figure to compare to, say, a light bulb.
Re:Techno magic
written by Marc, November 01, 2006
Perhaps you should try a vegetarian diet, or just eat less meat. You save loads of water, energy, land, co2 emissions, subsidies from the state to produce the flesh and rainforests. This will atribute to a lot of impact in the years you live and generic levitra sample won't cost you more and it will perhaps even benifit your health.
Re: Techno Magic
written by Greg, December 16, 2006
Art's work is not limited to vardenafil levitra his work on product innovations. Due to his efforts, just for one example, the Investor held utilities in california are able to offer less expensive power to consumers. This is because of policy changes that restructured the way utilities finances play out. In effect the utilities used to lose money by producing less power. Now that they are no longer penalized they are free to improve energy efficiency avoiding the cheap cialis pills large capital costs of new plants, peak demand and wasted energy from old technology. This Saves resources as well as saves the consumer money on their bill at the end of the month.
mr aref
written by aref ahmed sharaf eldin, January 18, 2007
dear sir ; hi ineed $800 billion can you help me
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The ledger of his daily work
written by home performance energy auditor, February 19, 2012
If a man has any greatness in him,
it comes to light,
not in one flamboyant hour,
but in the ledger of his daily work.
— Beryl Markham

An extraordinary individual and inspiration to us all. I'm sure Art would have us set the bar higher, however. While Californians pat themselves on the back for upping their 2020 renewables goal to 33%, Sweden topped that decision in 2006 when it announced the goal to be 100% fossil fuel free by 2020. Not only that, Sweden is the world’s second most competitive country -- surpassing the U.S. and Singapore according to the World Economic Forum’s last ranking. Geographically about the same size as California, Sweden has taken the biggest energy step of viagra no doctor any advanced western economy by trying to wean itself off oil completely by 2020 – without building a new generation of nuclear power stations. The attempt by the country of 9 million people to canadian pharmacy online cialis become the world’s first practically oil-free economy is viagra generic us being planned by a committee of industrialists, academics, farmers, car makers, civil servants and others, who will report to parliament in several months. The intention, the Swedish government said is to replace all fossil fuels with renewables before the growing oil scarcity leads to huge new price rises.

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