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JAN 12

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"It is great to drive a car that does not pollute as much and wow)) real viagra without prescription all but t..."

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Gigantic 2010 Prius Gallery!!!

By now you've probably heard that the 2010 Toyota Prius will be (when it comes out) the America's most efficient car. An automaker has finally integrated solar panels into one of their cars, though I generally find this to be a somewhat dubious use of solar panels, it looks both logical and awesome in the case of try it buy xanax online the Prius.

Achieving these fantastic goals is going to canada pharmacy help the pfizer viagra uk Prius differentiate itself from the Honda Insight and the Ford Focus Hybrid. The Insight is likely going to be a full 20% cheaper than the Prius, so making sure that their mileage numbers are significantly higher is pretty important for Toyota.

The Prius and the Insight make a great team though, one dedicated hybrid for those concerned about cost, and one for people only concerned about getting the maximum mileage.

BUT! On to the Meat! Check out the over 100 images if the cialisis in canada Prius (interior and exterior) from Toyota below.

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Better than other cars, but no car is be
written by Robin Green, January 13, 2009
It's always amazing how far ahead of the pack Toyota is in both its vision and its technology. I remember looking into buying a Prius nearly ten years ago, and now ten years later the other auto makers are struggling to produce a hybrid that comes close to that original Prius, while Toyota continues to improve upon their original design.

Just remember that, while it's greener than a Hummer, it's still a car. I know plenty of people with Priuses who drive around feeling very virtuous. They're still polluting - just not quite as much.

Stick to your bike or the bus. These cars are better than most, but with over 6 billion of us and a climate catastrophe looming, we need bigger adjustments than a car that gets 60 or 70 MPG.
Cars are awesome.
written by bobbobberson, January 13, 2009
The guy above hates cars and follow link viagra online canada no prescription is misinformed.

A) there is no climate 'catastrophe' looming, reports have showed a .7 degree increase in temp in the last 150 years, big whoop. Auto exhaust (the non-C02 part, smog, lung cancer) probably causes more deaths than 'global warming' will. Reducing what comes out of the tailpipe by any percentage will help humanity.

B) having a 60 MPG car will go a long way. If cars now on average are 20 MPG then we can have 3x the number of cars with the same impact. (ignoring production costs and traffic jams). If there are 600 million cars, then the environment can 'afford' 1.8 billion cars @ the same pollution level. 1.8 billion / 6 billion = 30%, which is half way to the US saturation of 60% and we are one of the most car-centric of buy viagra online canadian phamacy nations. In the next 50 years more than 50% of the population will be urban probably with access to levitra no rx required some public transportation so I would imagine the Planet can easily support 1.8 billion cars in the future.
written by Jen, January 13, 2009
Please bring back Carectomy
Gotta love that smog
written by scott, January 17, 2009

I wonder if the people that decry the pending climate crisis know how ridiculous they sound when making their unscientific arguments.

If you can appreciate the rate at which countries like China are experiencing an explosion in car ownership rates, you can begin to understand the real scale of the looming disaster.
Another point of view
written by Ricus, March 10, 2009
It is great to drive a car that does not pollute as much and all but there is one more thing that most people ignore, that is to not give as much money to people who do not care for Americans. I am very happy that arab countries are not getting as much of my paycheck. It is a real shame though that our American car companies cannot yet compete with the Prius. If the Volt ever gets here, it most likely will be too late to attract any buyers especially with the higher costs. I am pleased that at least one company produces the type of car I wish to drive.

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