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Pulling Energy out of Thin Air

EnOcean is developing micro-power sources that derive energy from ambient conditions including light, vibrations, and temperature differentials.  These little power sources should be enough to power peel-and-stick electronic devices including RF transmitters, sensors and switches.  Deriving power from ambient light or heat could allow a house to be retrofitted with new light-switches, volume nobs, information displays and sensors without re-wiring anything.  There could be one RF transmitter in a lightswitch, and a receiver in the light fixture, and they would be linked wirelessly. 

Additional applications could tie in your house's sound system, climate control, and energy monitoring, again, without any new wires, and without pulling in excess energy.  Right now, EnOcean products are used mostly in industrial applications, monitoring warehouses and the discount buy viagra like. But with a few years of levitra paypal research, programmable houses might be a matter of simply picking up a few things at WalMart.
Via Engadget and CNET

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written by Rob., September 20, 2006
They would need quite a lot of codes for the transmitters, otherwise you could switch off your lounge light and the bedroom light goes off as well, or more amusingly, your neighbours lights go off.

My central heating thermostat works like this, with no wires, "talking" to the boiler in the loft. But it took a lot of time to get it working correctly when installed, the two parts just refused to "talk". In hindsight it would have been easier to run a cable to the thermostat.

My digi box and TV remote codes overlap, which gets very confusing.
Where is John Galt?
written by Joe, September 20, 2006
I was just dying to say that....

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