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FEB 04

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"not bad... while doubling their renewable output year on year China is..."

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China Replacing 31GW of Coal Power with Coal Power

That was an odd headline to write. And, oddly enough, it's actually a green decision. Over the next three years, China will be replacing a huge amount of small, dirty, inefficient coal-fired power plants with newer, cleaner coal-fired power plants.

Obviously, we think this is a fine idea. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to come up with a replacement that isn't "more coal."

China has already begun closing down these small inefficient plants. In 2005, the average coal plant consumed 370 grams of coal per kW/h produced. That number has already dropped to 349. The new plants China is bringing online can generate a kW/h with just 283 grams of coal.

Good news? Yes. But a real solution, it is generic 40 mg levitra not.


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written by Nate, February 04, 2009
I think you mean kWh, not kW/h. miniscule issue though... love the site!
What kind of coal?
written by gormtech, February 04, 2009
Different types of buy levitra no prescription coal have differing amounts of energy. This article says nothing of the type of coal that is being used. It could be simply that they have switched to a different coal. Is it lignite, anthracite or bituminous coal?

Where is the scientific rigor in this site?
Pedants unite!
written by TB, February 05, 2009
LOL - I only clicked through from the RSS feed to comment on the cialis online pharmacy incorrect use of "kW/h", only to find that Nate had beaten me to it.

In order to add something constructive, let me explain the literal difference between "kW/h" and "kWh".

1kWh means 3600 joules, ie an actual quantity of energy.

1kW/h means 10 joules per 36 seconds-squared, ie an accelerating rate of change of energy with respect to time. Not a terribly useful set of units.

But I also love the site!
23.5 % efficient
written by Googlr, February 05, 2009
not bad... while doubling their renewable output year on year China is also effectively pursueing to make thier current coal power station efficient. You have to give a clap to China

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