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FEB 20

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"Great idea! But how much CO2 can you actually collect. It would be gre..."

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DOE Wants To Put CO2 Underground

The Department of Energy has made it clear that they will try to make carbon sequestration work, and they recently put out a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to help them do it. The FOA states that up to $24 million will be set aside for projects that will test out different ways of c o d tramadol sequestering carbon in “geological formations” – i.e. underground or underwater. The people who are granted the awards will get about 80% of the costs covered by the DOE.

There are various aspects that need to be investigated. First of all, carbon dioxide can be sequestered in different places. Some suggest pumping it into empty mines and buying cialis online safely natural gas wells, others promote the idea of storing it deeper under the levitra prescription label Earth’s crust itself, and yet others advocate dissolving it into deep parts of the ocean. We don’t really know which one will be most effective and risk-free.

Besides figuring out the big picture, there are also details that need to be worked out, like establishing standards and protocols for measuring how much carbon dioxide is stored in a given system, how much leaks out, etc. And scientists also need to agree on a way to model these systems and predict how they will behave. Because we want to be pretty darn sure that the gas we pump underground stays there and doesn’t burst out like a colossal champagne bottle.

In other words, this is a big step for carbon sequestration in America – we’ve progressed from just talking about it all the time to actually challenging people to make it work.

Carbon sequestration is a funny thing. Dealing with greenhouse gas emissions by diverting them into the ground seems a lot more like treating the symptoms rather than the cause of our national energy disease. It’s not – to quote an overused and poorly defined word – “sustainable”. Still, the realists out there will remind me that attempting to curb global warming without it is impossible. In a perfect world, carbon sequestration represents an imperfect, but necessary transition technology. So let’s make that transition smooth, quick and successful.

Via Green Car Congress
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written by MD, February 20, 2009
Anyone looking into making sodium bicarbonate from CO2 and then dumping the canada cialis generic "baking soda" into used oil wells?

Check out the Solvay process.
We MUST do Everything
written by Eduardo, February 20, 2009
Even when the solution of sequestration is not the whole solution, I really think it must be carried on. Of course this should be done taking ALL considerations and cialis for sale online risks, not just blindly. For our environment, we should take all different solutions that work best in different areas, countries or economies. This said, NOT just ONE kind of solution should be taken and/or pushed to be taken by a country, state or city. But we have to make our best in our hands to NOT destroy our environment.
Building Materials
written by James Love, February 21, 2009
Someone needs to find a cheap way to make building materials out of generic levitra C02. That way you could sequester carbon and make something useful to buy cialis online buy cialis online sell.
"necessary transition technology" ?
written by Fred, February 21, 2009
You assume it's necessary. You believe it's necessary. You do not know that it is necessary.

Yes, it's good common sense that we tread lightly on the earth - in all ways - for our own health as well as the health and beauty of our surroundings.

But evidence is how to get free viagra accumulating that the earth has been cooling for the past decade.

And the evidence for man-made global warming is far from certain. Far, far from certain.

And we have much more pressing problems to deal with, ones we actually can have a direct and immediate influence on.

For instance, 24 million dollars spent on getting Dean Kamen's water purifiers to villages that need them would go a long way toward helping prevent disease, increasing health and longevity and raising living standards for many thousands of the world's poorest, sickest people.

Maybe then they could plant trees instead of cutting them down for firewood? Wouldn't that sequester some CO2?
written by Luke, February 21, 2009
James Love,
Someone needs to find a cheap way to make building materials out of C02. That way you could sequester carbon and make something useful to sell.

I've thought about this for some time. After Googling around for some applicable chemistry, I looked out in my back yard and realized that the solution already exists -- it's called a "tree". :-)

Seriously, trees take up CO2 as they grow. If we keep them from rotting by building houses and furniture, the CO2 is sequestered. Or, in some cases, the CO2 from the wow)) buying real cialis without prescription wood can be stored underground with a process like biochar. It takes a little time and order cialis canada space to make this so-called "tree" sequester carbon, and there are side-effects like shade and the creation of forest-floor, but that sounds pretty good to me.

The problems come in if we're logging virgin forests. But, as someone who spent most of my life in East coast states, and who recently moved to the Midwest, I don't think I've ever accidentally visited a virgin forest. There's a lot of forest around, but it's 2nd or 3rd growth. Just so long as we manage it responsibly -- and, having done a bit IT-related work with some US Forest Service people, it seems we've learned a lot about how to do that well in the last couple of order propecia online decades.

So, I present to visit web site low price cialis you, the carbon sequestration technology that you desire: The Tree.
You are right on that...too.
written by Eduardo, February 22, 2009
Even when I said "We must do everything"... I still stand for what I´ve said BUT being terrifically agree with the statement made by my next commenter that the THREE is our best sequestration technology. That is the best and the first thing we should DO. Cut less and plant more threes. 5 stars for your statement.
maybe they should plant more trees?
written by Billybob, February 23, 2009
Maybe they should plant more trees? Just a thought.
CO2 Down Oil Wells Improves Recovery
written by Musson, February 23, 2009
Injecting CO2 into old oil wells could improve recovery.

Also, cutting down forests and using the wood as building materials actually sequestors carbon. Replanting the non generic viagra lowest prices trees removes carbon at a faster rate because new growth forests grow much more quickly than old growth forests.

You might not like the facts. But, they are the facts.
Here's where you can shove that
written by Delusid, February 27, 2009
Just send it to space
what about beer or C-fibers
written by Tack, March 06, 2009
what about increasing world beer production to keep co2 out of the enviroment. Or fiberize it to Carbon polmer construction material, this may be better and more rapid than sit and wait for a tree to grow. But, wait, I´ll go and where to buy viagra in scotland plant an apple tree anyway.

With cheers ´n laughter
Building Material Suppliers
written by Building Material Suppliers, May 03, 2011
Great idea! But how much CO2 can you actually collect. It would be great if you could convert the CO2 into some kind of construction material, for example internal blocks for houses, which at one point were made out of flyash/coke.

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