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MAR 01

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China’s ZTE Unveils $40 Solar Cell Phone

Quite a few ecogeeks were excited when Samsung revealed its solar-powered cell phone, the Samsung Blue Earth. However, many bemoaned the fact that the green technology was only coming packaged in a pricey smart phone. Well, for budget-minded environmentalists a solar-charged cell phone may be in store for you as well!

Chinese handset maker ZTE has unveiled the Coral-200, an economy handset featuring high-tech Dutch solar cells that provide 15 minutes of talk time for every hour of sunlight. The detail that makes this solar-powered phone really stand out is the wallet-friendly price of $40 USD.

The new solar phone may help to bring cell phone technology to areas off the power grid, like parts of viagra uk delivery Africa. Over 2 billion people around the world are off the power grid. ZTE has partnered with Digicel, a network provider which targets emerging markets, to help bring the phone to these people. Digicel already offers other solar powered designs.

And for consumers in the U.S. just looking to do just try! where can i buy real cialis their part to best price on propecia save power, the phone launches internationally in June. No U.S. carriers have picked up the phone yet, but if you get your hands on one, it should work with most phone networks.

via Inhabitat

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mobile phone
written by jesseme, March 03, 2009
nice headset and levitra levitra the new solar phone mau help to bring cell phone technology to areas off the power grid.
Wonderful ...
written by skeptic, March 06, 2009
Are there really that many in the 2 billion around the world that are off the grid who could fork over $40 for a phone? Who are they going to call? The one other guy in the village across the ridge with a $40 solar phone? Will there even be good coverage where these people are? I guess they could call someone and say, "We're out of water, food and don't have any electricity. Can you help us out?"

written by Rob Chant, March 07, 2009
Skeptic, are you subscribed to this thread? If so, I'll respond.

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