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MAR 23

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"Sid Abma - if there is any sulfur in the waste gas stream you have to ..."

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Recession Triggers Interest in Efficiency

It's official, the recession has triggered interest in the kind of environmental innovation that makes a difference today, and not the kind that might make a difference someday. Instead of looking at getting a Prius or solar panels that will likely never pay for themselves, consumers are thinking of low-tech, quick-return energy-saving measures.

According to a new survey from The Shelton Group, 71% of people considered buying energy efficient products "to save money" vs. 55% who said it was "to protect the environment." That's a direct switch from the group's 2007 and 2006's surveys.

Consumers were looking at taking (or had already taken) a bunch of energy-related decisions that would likely save them some green.

  • 44 percent responded they are likely to pharmacy quality tramadol buy a programmable thermostat;  32 percent already have.
  • 43 percent responded they are likely to install insulation in their homes; 26 percent already have.
  • 42 percent responded that they are to install a higher-efficiency water heater; 26 percent already have.

On the other hand, decisions that might help only the environment, and not their wallet were much less desireable.

  • Installed natural / indigenous / low water landscaping – 13 percent.
  • Participate in utility’s green power program – 9 percent.
  • Buy carbon offsets for plane trips or for home – 6 percent.

Of course, I'm ambivalent about this news. I know that the pfizer viagra canada greatest amount of good we can do right here and right now is to use less energy through efficiency. But we also need to look to the future. Green power programs create incentives for people to build more renewable energy at a time when renewables are young, and every dollar helps.

We need to direct money to these young utilities now, because every dollar makes a huge difference in these early years. And even though sometimes we don't make our money back, buying green cars and green power is an investment in our future. Though, to be frank, investments of legal pharmacy online all sorts have gotten a rather bad rap lately, so maybe I should stop using that terminology.

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Efficiency First!
written by dbell, March 23, 2009
written by Grant Walker, March 23, 2009
Yeah, it's unfortunate that the only way a lot of people will listen to the idea of being more green is discount cialis levitra viagra that it may save them money.

I'm running into that with the company I work for. I'm trying to get them to make a rule about powering down unused equipment (about 20-30 of the PCs stay on not only all night, but all weekend with no one using them) and switch from styrofoam plates to (at least) paper in the breakroom.

They like the first part, but are confused about the 2nd part.
Include natural gas energy efficiency as
written by Sid Abma, March 24, 2009
Why is renewable energy all about solar and wind and electricity?
Natural gas can only be used once, so we have to use it more efficiently. Right now between 20% and 70% of all the natural gas consumed is being blown up the chimney's as HOT (300 F to 1500 F) waste energy! That is a lot of wasted energy! This energy needs to be recovered, and instead we should be emitting cool exhaust. (less than 100 F)
Check out the EIA website as to how much natural gas is consumed in this country. If even 10% of this waste energy could be recovered and utilized would save us a lot of energy for the future. For every decatherm of energy recovered and utilized back in the facility, 118 lbs of CO2 will NOT be emitted into the atmosphere.
written by russ, March 26, 2009
Sid Abma - if there is any sulfur in the waste gas stream you have to consider the acid dew point when recovering the energy. Below 200 degrees C (390 degrees F) it gets tricky and very corrosive.

Also in the lower temperature ranges the heat exchangers become very large and uneconomical.

Down to cheapest levitra the problem temperatures I would say though that any company not doing heat recovery is very stupid as they are losing big money.

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