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OCT 02

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"I understand that people are talking of electric car and viagra no rx required the issue of ..."

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Venturi Electric: A Self-Powered Car


There haven't been a lot of practical self-powered cars yet produced.  OK, there've been none, and this isn't one either...but it's a step in the right direction. The Venturi Eclectic has batteries that can be powered by the sun, by wind, or by an AC outlet but gives you all the cialis canadian comfort of, well, a golf cart, what with it not having any doors. 

They've completely skipped the step where you make a car more aerodynamic for increased efficiency, but went all out on making it light (at 700 lbs unloaded,) which can be just important.  Of course, the Eclectic only has a range of about 30 miles after the sun stops shining, and the top speed of viagra online pharmacy no prescription 32 mph doesn't inspire much awe. But the multiple power sources are an interesting turn, as well as it's diminutive size. Frankly, the $30,000 pricetag is probably asking a bit too much, but they're only making 200 of them, so I guess they don't expect them to sell all that well.

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Via MotorAuthority (spotted at Engadget)


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They missed a power source.
written by rob, October 02, 2006
They could have put holes in the floor and the passengers could propel the vehicle Fred Flintstone style, Yabdabadooooooooo........
What were they thinking?
written by Charles Brobst, October 03, 2006
Why couldn't they put the solar cells on a Prius and leave it at that?
I like the idea of it being plugged in.
What if you had solar cells charging batteries at home?
Electric moped would be better than this
written by K, March 12, 2007
If you're going to be out in the weather you might as well ride an electric bike. It would be lighter, simpler, more aerodynamic, smaller, more efficient, cheaper, and wouldn't require a license.
The wheels are wasted energy.
written by Chuck1967, May 01, 2007
The wheels alone hooked up to one or even four generators could make enough electric to power the enter site levitra on sale entire vehicle even without the solar panels and recharge the batteries.
I don't see much use for car like this
written by Car Specs, April 07, 2008
This is not a bad concept. However, with such a light and open design, I think "K" is quite right.
written by car, June 23, 2008
Very exciting.
Who said that you cannot build a self substaining energy car?
written by Adam Seah, December 08, 2009
I understand that people are talking of electric car and the issue of charging the battery.

I have the concept and technology of building a car that can be self substainable to provide electric which can be driven day and night without any charging. Which means that you can drive miles without charging and as long as the system is working.

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