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APR 22

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"I'm surprised walmart of all places is cheap viagra tablets actually being energy conscious..."

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Wal-Mart Doubling Use of Solar Power

In some happy Earth Day news, Wal-Mart announced today that they are doubling the amount of solar power installed at their facilities. In the next 18 months, the company will equip 10 to 20 locations with solar panels, adding to the 18 facilities already outfitted with solar arrays.

The chosen locations will received 20 to 30 percent of their electricity from solar power and viagra mail order uk when all the new panels are installed, Wal-Mart will reach a total solar energy capacity of 32 million kWh per year. The company claims that this will reduce their carbon emissions by 22,500 metric tons a year and create 130 new jobs.

As Wal-Mart's long-term plan continues to levitra professional be converting to 100 percent renewable energy, the company is looking at expanding solar installations to more facilities once this project is completed.

via Greentech Media

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written by Rosea L, April 22, 2009
I love how there is a Wal-Mart Supercenter, and then directly behind it, there is a regular Wal-Mart.
written by Jessica, April 23, 2009
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written by bill, April 23, 2009
With the pending oversupply of levitra now online solar panels, Walmart can use it purchasing muscle to get some really good deals. Much better deals then we could get.
written by MND, April 23, 2009
Aaah.. Wal-Mart. Do we applaud their adoption of solar panels for their stores and completely ignore all the exploitation that hides behind those "everyday low prices"?

Mixed emotions on this one.
written by bobbobberson, April 23, 2009
Wal-mart is cialis online sales doing what's profitable. If its profitable to install solar panels then we should all cheer. You don't have to shop there.
written by MD, April 23, 2009
Would you moan and complain if Walmart could get you solar panels at an affordable rate?

Probably not.

Honestly, I don't see roving gangs of Walmart managers putting guns to peoples heads with the threat of "work for us or die"...
written by Joe, April 26, 2009
Now i know it looks like 2 walmart's but i think that the first one is a sign on the cialis on line us road for the walmart that is behind it. just my guess though. at first glance i thought the same thing.
How about...?
written by TDoc, May 06, 2009
One thing Walmart could do right now without any grand scheme of investment is just to encourage people to use less plastic shopping bags. Shoppers tend to cialis legal buy BULK of things at the place and come back home to see plenty of abandoned plastic bags.

How about starting from that?

Meanwhile, South Australia has imposed a ban on plastic bags already:
written by Fred, July 09, 2009
I'm surprised walmart of all places is actually being energy conscious

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