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MAY 21

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"Hey it's televised free commercial!..."

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The Chevy Volt on Letterman

Yes, I was a little pissed off when Elon Musk and cialis online in usa Dave Letterman got together for a little GM bash-fest, and dissed them on the one point where I actually think GM deserves credit (the Chevy Volt.) So apparently NBC called up Dave and said "Man...WTF, you have no idea what you're talking about," because now he's got Bob Lutz on the show, giving a the real low-down on the Volt to mainstream America.

I think it went pretty well, though there could've been more talk about how the car actually works, and why GM thinks it's better for consumers than a regular electric car.

Via GM-Volt

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The chevy volt and Lusk
written by Phillip Greene, May 21, 2009
lusk was bull shitting about the demise of the EV in California. They killed it and never really gave it a chance. Their first battery was a dud but a battery inventor had a really good battery which the oil companies bought and deep sixed. Saying the public didn't want them was a lie too. People tried to buy them, but the mfg took them all out in the Arizona desert and crushed them. Oh the lies they tell.
David Letterman is so self-involved.
written by Taylor, May 21, 2009
When he "interviewed" Mr. Lutz, all he wanted to do was to make jokes about it and he did not whatsoever want to understand anything about it. I think it's frustrating when people try to change the world and ignorant people don't try to understand what is going on. I mean, he even announces his ignorance, and from his limited knowledge tried to justify his overbearing ignorance by solely demeaning the efforts of some to change the world.
And also, it seems he doesn't want green change or better fuel efficiency, but something that can define his image- a "glowing" car that is flashy and different, just so he can stand out.
written by kerry bradshaw, May 21, 2009
I find it hard to believe that Letterman is really that ignorant - to believe that the Volt was a car that could only travel 40 miles. I thought Letterman once actually attended some Midwestern college. But anyone who would do business with that scuzzy Tesla CEO obviously doesn't know their butt from third base. Elon Musk recently got fined (and his corporate ass chewed by the judge in the frivolous, anti-competitve lawsuit brought by Tesla and Musk against Fisker Motors. He then was ordered to apy Fisker more than a million dollars for bringing his "totally baseless" lawsuit that was brought "in bad faith." A nice way of calling Musk a sleazy SOB who was trying to muscle a superior competitor out of the market. Now let's stop whitewashing Musk and Tesla , and stop covering up their nefarious doings, Ecogeek, or
explain why. So far, Ecogeek, an arrogant and rather brainless internet schlock shop, sucks. Let's see you prove me wrong.
Bob Lutz the consumate salesman
written by Mike G, May 22, 2009
To paraphrase:
"All the cars I sold in the past (which I promised were fantastic) were really crap. But now we make better cars. Really. Trust me."

"There's enough blame to go around: The government, the government, the government, and the government."
You couldn't give small cars away.
written by Mike G, May 22, 2009
Funny. When I started driving in 1973, the lone Toyota in town was an oddity to laugh at. Now the waiting list for hybrids is 6 months long. The trend is relentless. Yet Lutz says "you can't give small cars away."
It's true, to be a salesman, you have to believe in your product, even if it kills your industry.
The Chevy Volt
written by glenn, May 22, 2009
Wouldn't you think Chevy would want a man in charge of this program who is not a climate Change Denier? Bob Lutz has stated on cialis for women numerous occasions that he doesn't believe in climate change. See the OV blog Climate Crock of the week:
EV-1 - The Worst PR Blunder in American
written by a1b5jj, May 22, 2009
Whatever happened to "the customer is cialis online without prescription always right"? The customers wanted the EV-1, they tore them from their hands and dumped them in trash compactors! Doesnt anyone at GM understand public relations? Now the Chevy Volt is too little too late for too high a price. It is a stunt, not a solution. Sorry, but give me a Prius instead, way more practical and reliable and a lot less money.
Private Citizen (Retired)
written by Richard Fletcher, May 28, 2009
I don't know why General Motors has not embraced the technology currently under development by AFS Trinity Power, to generate 150 miles per gallon in gasoline mode/40 miles per overnight electrical plug-in, using high density lithium-ion batteries and ultra-capacitors.
written by Fred, July 28, 2009
Hey it's televised free commercial!

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