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MAY 28

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"that'll be helpful because of all the people living there it'll ultima..."

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China to Impose Stricter Gas Mileage Rules Than U.S.

The president of China's Innovation Center for Energy and i recommend viagra medication Transportation has said that Chinese officials are drafting new mileage standards that would require an 18 percent improvement in fuel economy by 2015. New cars in China already average about 35.8 mpg and under the new rules, would be required to get 42.2 mpg by 2015. The new U.S. standards require an average mgp of 35.5 by 2016.

The average mpg in China is greater than in the U.S. because the majority of their cars are much smaller. The country favors smaller cars with a 1 percent sales tax while mid-size and larger cars can come with a 40 percent sales tax. China's new rules stand to benefit more than just the environment. Up until 1995, the country was self-sufficient in oil, but now they import three-fifths of their oil needs. Breaking free of that foreign dependence could mean economic and political advancement for the country as well.

Domestic automakers stand to gain from the new rules because they're mainly making the small subcompact models that need very little improvement to reach the new standard. Multinational companies that make up most of China's mid-size and larger market have the greatest gains to make in mpg to meet the new standards.

While China still has a long way to go in cleaning up their technologies, they've repeatedly shown great ambition and advancements in areas like electric cars and renewable energy. These new mpg standards can be added to buy real viagra the list.

via NY Times

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written by solargroupies, May 29, 2009
Hard to believe China leadership doesn't have the same corruption problems (special-interest influence-peddling) that the US does. Maybe the fossil fuel interests aren't as well established yet?
written by Dave, May 29, 2009
last I heard, their fuel is also a lot dirtier. So a 35 mpg car there is in fact a worse polluter than a 35 mpg car in the US.
written by Citation Rant, May 29, 2009
@ Solargroupie. In America, its all "about the money" with near-zero repercussions for the corrupt(white collar criminals). In China, If someone is "about the money" and is cialis and diarrhea caught, they are executed. It is that simple. Large scale corruption or prevention of proven or next generation technologies impacts the population more now than ever as it results in stealing wealth, opportunity and quality of life from every person. Execution for theft from all.
written by Joan, May 29, 2009
Ah to be a communist wonderful just to issue diktats and cialis c 50 back them up with tanks.Well give Obama and his twisted Party a chance.You never know.
High MPG easy with no safety
written by MLH in Texas, May 29, 2009
Do not forget that a large proportion of the vehicles that are on China's roads would not pass a US or European crash test from 20 years ago.

Systems like front and side impact airbags, Occupant safety cages, roof reinforcement, ABS, Laminated glass, Traction control, stability systems, and crumple zones all add weight and cost.

You can have all of these in one vehicle that gets good fuel economy (ie, Prius, Jetta TDI, Fusion Hybrid) but look at the price of those vehicles.

The point is without all of added weight and complexity of safety systems, getting 40mpg average city is easy.

And don't even get started on emissions.

Leaner companies and government
written by Electricnick, May 29, 2009
Without political inclination left or right on levitra mail order our part, China is a perfect case of a leaner system able to tackle problems quicker than the discount generic viagra online west can.

The team.
written by TI, May 29, 2009
SolarGroupies wrote, "Hard to believe China leadership doesn't have the same corruption problems (special-interest influence-peddling) that the US does."

I am not trying to start an argument here but there is absolutely no comparison between China and the US with regard to corruption problems (special-interest influence-peddling) is ALL under the table, double dealing, and corruption in China as it is in most places in the world other than the US.

Are you in China?
written by Beverly Simone, June 04, 2009
Why would the Chinese want to just try! canadian pharmacy cialis generic buy HUMMER and
keep making those horrible things?
Remember the VW Lupo 3L
written by Jacob Antvorskov, June 04, 2009
VW Lupo 3L does 78 mpg.
It is small, but transports 4 people.
It is at least 10 years old.

It is a pretty common car here in Denmark.
Who will build its successor?

Burning grease
written by Raymond Fontanes, June 04, 2009
My 1984 Mercedes 300D Turbo Diesel gets untold MPGs. When supplementing with grease its range is 3000 miles on a tank of Diesel. Carbon neutral to boot. But no airbag and the A/C doesnt work. I think I'm ready for HHO or an EV conected to a solar panel.
In God we trust, all others show the dat
written by Shim, June 08, 2009
"...absolutely no comparison between China and the US with regard to corruption problems."

Absolutely.. no comparison between China and US! (But maybe will just be kept between the Eco-Friends and cialis soft tabs 100 mg US?!)

Please share...

- How many autos do the Chinee own?

- How do current projections of Chinee auto ownership project into Green-Eco Benefits?

- What level of 'accurate openess' do you think will surface out of China about this program in the next 6-9 months?

- How verifiable do y'all think it'd be?


Go hug a tree for China...

written by Fred, July 24, 2009
that'll be helpful because of all the people living there it'll ultimately cut down on the discounted tramadol bad air

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