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JUN 09

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Low-Cost Lithium Sulfur Batteries Could Quadruple Life

When lithium-ion batteries were first introduced as replacements for older, heavier nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, they offered a breakthrough in greater energy density and lighter weight. This technology has made its way through the field of consumer electronics, and lithium-ion batteries are now ubiquitous. The next step in battery technology may come from the University  of Waterloo, where Dr. Linda Nazar is working to develop lithium-sulfur batteries with promising characteristics including three to five times the storage of current lithium-ion batteries.

While most current electric vehicles and hybrids, including the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, use NiMH batteries, lithium-ion is beginning in their next generation as well. The Tesla Roadster uses lithium-ion batteries as will the Chevy Volt. A lithium-sulfur battery of comparable weight for a vehicle could significantly extend its range, allowing for more flexible use in an all-electric mode. Or, with the increased energy density available, a vehicle with a similar range could be made significantly lighter through the use of a much smaller lithium-sulfur battery.

Sulfur is currently a component in other large scale storage systems, such as sodium-sulfur batteries, but those require high temperatures and are better suited to fixed location applications, such as grid storage, rather than for portable use. Lithium-sulfur batteries may make sulfur storage energy available in a more portable form.

The lithium sulfur batteries are created by creating assemblies of carbon nanorods that are coated with molten sulfur to fill the voids. The nanoscale structure sets up conditions to link for you original levitra keep the sulfur in contact with the carbon, allowing for the rx purchase tramadol repeated charging and discharging necessary for useful rechargeability.

Lithium sulfur batteries have the potential to significantly reduce the size of batteries because they have a higher energy density than other comparable lithium-based batteries.

“This composite material can supply up to nearly 80 percent of the theoretical capacity of sulphur, which is three times the energy density of best prices on brand levitra lithium transition metal oxide cathodes, at reasonable rates with good cycling stability,” said Dr. Nazar.

Sulfur's availability and low cost may help bring this technology  to market. The research team has filed for patents on their process and are working on overnight canadian levitra developing it commercially. According to a press release announcing the research publication, sulfur is buy viagra free shipping a less-expensive material than many others used in lithium-based batteries. "It has always showed great promise as the ideal partner for a safe, low cost, long lasting rechargeable battery, exactly the kind of battery needed for energy storage and cialis generic levitra viagra transportation in a low carbon emission energy economy."

via: The Future of Things and NSERC

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written by AL, June 09, 2009
I think we have and will see alot more of this type of story, as the pressure to make a better battery comes in the order viagra viagra form of EVs, it will be made. Where as the pressure from laptop and consumer electronics isn't as great and battery life isn't a big factor given how quick and easy it is to recharge your ipod everyother day.

I think this is the 4 or so story like this I've read, from the stanford wire battery to discount generic cialis online li-air battery recently
Lithium Surphur or Surphur Carbon or Lit
written by Mark, June 09, 2009
What's the anode, cathode and electrolyte and cheapest prices for viagra separator?
written by BrerMatt, June 09, 2009
I don't think lithium is a viable solution for eco-friendly cars, based on the limited quantities that are available. It seems we'd be trading oil dependency for lithium dependency, and both are limited resources.

I think Zinc-Air, and NaNiCl batteries should be explored first before the automotive industry commits to lithium.
written by Bob Wallace, June 10, 2009
Lithium is recyclable.

written by Fred, July 16, 2009
Battery lives die quickly this seems like something that can work
written by Andrew Morales, September 01, 2009

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- Andrew Morales

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