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OCT 17

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"If you want to instantly increase the benefit of the Photovoltaic, the..."

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SunPower: New, High Efficiency Solar Panel


Photovoltaic systems are great, especially when you are in a very sunny location.  But they are still extremely inefficient at converting light intoelectricity. SunPower, a manufacturer of solar panels, has announced a new, high efficiency panel that is 22 percent efficient.  The company expects to have these new panels commercially available in 2007.
Compared to the numbers on buy levitra where other systems, 22 percent efficiency seems pretty unremarkable.  But, considering that the source input is free, it's the increase over previous technologies, not the system efficiency that is the we use it buy levitra online without a prescription mostimportant.  These panels are able to generate up to 50 percent more thanprevious generations of solar panels, and that's a more impressive number.
According to the company's press release:
"The new SPR-315 solarpanel enables our customers to cialis en gel generate more power with fewer panels -maximizing energy production while reducing installation cost. A typical 4 kilowatt (AC rating) solar system requires 30  conventional 160 watt panels and covers 410 square feet of roof space. Our new SPR 315 panels produce an equivalent amount of power using only 15 solar panels on 265 square feet."   
They'll probably want a few of these in Ontario.
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written by Jim Cooley, April 26, 2007
So what! The price is still based on a per watt level. So you can save a bit on installation costs, but in the scheme of things it is still out of the reach of most "normal" working class people. The overwhelming majority of the cost of a PV system is still the cost of the actual PV array.
This increase in output will enable more power in a smaller area, thats good.
How about basing the price of viagra sale PV output on the TRUE power that is derived in the real world, not some idiocratic flash test under laboratory conditions that are never seen on someones roof top!!
And this comment comes from someone who has lived off-grid for 3 decades and has installed maybe, 1500 systems in that same period.
PV is great, imagine power from sunlight!!! But still too expensive for the average Joe.
Product Manager
written by Allan Qin, November 17, 2007
Do you have 7.5KW-20KW solar solution for mobile base station power?
Help me !!!!!!!!!!!!
written by Reyna, November 19, 2007
Hay im doing a science fair question it's does pollutionn effect the efficiency of a solar panel ?
If u have any info please let me now im in 7th Grade and its a school science fair.Thank you !!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Solar Man
written by William Lee, November 28, 2007
Hi, I'd like to know what is the best place best price on cialis the cost per kilowatt.
CEO, Global Energy
written by Lakdasa Wijetilleke, April 17, 2008
Would appreciate if you could supply names of reputable manufacturers who could supply panels for over 5,000 housing units in a emeging economy.

written by Bob McKie, July 16, 2008
I am trying to figure out how to detemrine a cost for solar panels to support new homes to be constructed in the northeast and how many paels it would take to generic cialis next day delivery provide approximately 6000 kwh per year. I am looking for high efficient panels to reduce amouont of space consumption on roofs.


written by boo radley, July 29, 2008
this has no pricing you #&^**(^%&^%$$&O)
written by Pets, January 17, 2009
I'm new to all this stuff.. I got bored paying electricity bills. I live in Greece and asking about PVs is like talking to a wall or something...

My question is how about the buy levitra online no prescription night ? Is there an efficient storage system for the power to last over night?
American Dream Paradigm Shift
written by Uncle B, August 25, 2009
Do I detect a shift in the American Dream? Are we starting to look at practical realities of the end of the "Cheap Oil Era" Are we going to mature into strong, reasonable, environmentally friendly, sustainable adults? Will the glitter and glory of days gone by, morph into practical economical lifestyles? Will the McMansion give way to affordable, non-foreclosable, sane, sensible, and survivable housing? Are we growing up! Will Solar developments lead to viagra cheap free shipping power conservation practices in the home? Will we enjoy free Solar powered LED lighting in our homes? Can H2O2, Solar panels really help? Will we ever use Solar orientation for Solar, passive, heating and cooling? Do super-insulations hold the answers to off-grid living? Dose current technology if applied correctly, give us "Zero upkeep, Zero running cost housing? Isn't science wonderful! How do we unhook from the Architectural hold they have on non prescreption tramadol us, move to new civil codes, get bio-gassing of levitra headaches humanure into practicality like India? Do we have to pay the corporate interests on their terms, or can we get them to support our terms? Do the advertising propagandists really set the pace, and run our lives or do we run them? Solar achievements are the first step , and will lead the tramadol next day way to a new America!
Double Down Using LED Lighting
written by Jimmy Whales, February 11, 2010
If you want to instantly increase the benefit of the Photovoltaic, then make the move to LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting. Then you will truly maximize your efficiency!

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