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NOV 10

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"How foldable are these? :) Nothing like carrying around an broadsheet..."

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Ten Inch, 150 DPI Flexible Displays by 2008


A couple weeks ago, and we're not sure how we missed this, some colossal news came out of the e-reader industry. Nothing that you'll be able to buy at your local bookstore yet, but big news nonetheless.

Plastic Logic announced that it's building a large-scale factory for the creation of flexible hi-res displays that will be churning out e-readers by 2008. The flexible reader market, as we all know, has so far pretty much been monopolized by...well...paper. But we're not huge fans of paper here at EcoGeek, and the prospect of a burgeoning industry in these high-res flexible active matrix (e-ink) displays makes us very excited. And, yes, that picture is of a prototype flexible screen displaying a newspaper.

So there you have it, ten inch, 150 DPI, flexible displays will begin replacing paper in 2008. It's about time.

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written by Jack Meyhoff, November 11, 2006
"Soft" buttons are not reliable, check mobile phone / PDA's for proof.

Can this be read in strong sunlight? Probably not.

Is the materials used toxic? Probably, are they likely to be renewed? Probably not.

Digital paper is overhyped. 2008 is not a realistic date for it to be "replacing" non digital paper.

With digital media they will prevent the used media market or 2nd hand market, they are wetting themselves to kill that industry of reuse off.

Do they want to buy cialis at a discount kill libraries too?

Where does the power come from on these? Toxic materials again.

I shall pass on this.
Not That Bad....
written by Matt, November 11, 2006
Reliability can be improved.

Too much sun is best price generic viagra online prescription bad for you. :)

Toxicity can be reduced, and materials can be recycled. (Both valid points, though.)

Hank didn't say it would be replacing paper in 2008.

As someone who makes part of my living selling used books, I can tell you there are plenty of cheapest levitra uk books being thrown away and generic viagra pills from india not so many being recycled. Also, I'd be surprised if you couldn't save your newsfile or book. In fact, there might be a market for e-readers full of books.

Libraries will be sticking around for a while yet, and have options for adapting to the electronic age.

Power for making paper comes largely from hydrocarbons, which are also toxic. The increase of clean energy is a better option at this point than boycotting things made from toxic materials.

With all that said, the writer brings up valid points all around. They will need to be addressed, but they can be. And once they are, this will be a viable alternative to paper.
Paper replament I think not
written by Jack Meyhoff, November 11, 2006
"So there you have it, ten inch, 150 DPI, flexible displays will begin replacing paper in 2008. It's about time."

Maybe I misread that.

I do see the use of this but I would like the toxity addressed first before roll. Tree's can be replanted, energy sources for paper production can be from green sources and that direction is changing more and more rapidly and now it is a major focus by governments (about time too but thats another topic).

Metals used must be mined, plastics comes from where? Perhaps they shall source materials from recycle material providors but Im guessing they wont.

Power sources for mobile equipment are toxic unfortunately and they do not last for a long time and then they are dumped usually.

Off topic but there are some applications that "soft" buttons is not suitable (mobile phone touch screens for one as they are a life critical device and all too often my WM5.0 Pocket PC edition on my mobile phone hangs - Im selling it due to the safety risk and cialis how much opting for the lesser bloated - Ie., no touch screen buggy crap - WM 5.0 Smartphone or 2003 edition which is way more stable).

I work for the company that makes this platform in question and see their products and development process and test process every day. Lets just say I will never get on an airplane if their software is in a critical component :)
Book reuse or recycling
written by Jack Meyhoff, November 11, 2006
This is levitra cheap a "social" problem.

Sometimes the so called civilised society sucks.
Built in lifetime?
written by Jack Meyhoff, November 11, 2006
What happens when the manufacture decides to "lock in" or perhaps want to sell more "new" "updated" products, so they prevent upgrades to the software and the fileformats.

What happens to online tramadol prescription this "electronic book" then? Most likely, its DUMPED.

It is known historically that with electronic media and DRM and so on the lifetimes and usability is greatly reduced and cheap tramadol no prescription hence shorter unit lifetimes.

Not alot to gain here I think, as for newspapers, subscribe to the news services online or use a news scraper thats free and read it in the office or if you must read it on the way to work, im sure you get a work laptop.

Do you want to carry 1) A mobile phone, 2) an Mp3 player, 3) A Laptop 4) power supplies and batteries for all devices and various media cards for the media and now this 5) an electronic book!

Want a trolly bag with that?
To Jack
written by Hank, November 12, 2006
Thanks for your comments (though, not your handle.)

The paper industry emits more carbon dioxide than any industry other than transportation and energy. It's massive, more massive than I think most people realize. E-ink isn't goint to completely replace it, but in some situations, it could be a viable alternative. And that's what we need, alternatives.

E-ink displays best in direct sunlight, in fact, it can't be read in the dark, which some people complain about, though it's worked alright for paper. They're also made of plastic. The digital paper itself is made of environmentally benign substances, but the lowest price viagra hardware that controls it is not.

The first generation had problems with DRM, but most of these readers are taking a cue from the iPod and allowing both DRM and non-drm files to be played. One of the best things about digital books is that the formats are already standardized (txt, rtf, doc, pdf) so we aren't going to have to levitra 100 deal as much with new formats that won't be playable by the readers.

Though, you're right, these things will go obsolete fairly frequently, and that's a problem.

I've got nothing agains the industry of re-use, but I like the industry of no use better. There are millions of cialis without prescription online copies of the da vinci code in the world, but it's still selling like crazy. Anything we can do to slow that down is good.

There's nothing wrong with alternatives. You can stick with paper, but I'm looking forward to the days when paper becomes obsolete and you're right, it's not gonna happen in 2008. But that's when it will truly begin.
Direct sunlight
written by Jack Meyhoff, November 12, 2006
I think e-ink will take off more in the billboard advertising world ( I hope they secure it because Im sure we all dont want goatse on the way to work :) ) in the near future rather than "e-books".
Bend it like Beckam
written by Jack Meyhoff, November 12, 2006
How foldable are these? :)

Nothing like carrying around an broadsheet size e-book under our arm :)

Does this also mean we will have to buy N different players? B-format books, newspaper sizes (tabloid or broadsheet), A4 or US legal sizes?

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