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NOV 16

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"I had an electric Black and buying levitra overnight delivery Decker hover mower back in 1979 in UK, mad..."

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Electric Hovercraft Also a Lawnmower


I don't know how they did it, but some crazy European company, Flymo, has created a line of hovering lawnmowers that aren't reliant on extremely inneficienct and overly-polluting two stroke engines. Now, electric lawnmowers are nothing new, but hovering electric mowers, that's something to chat about. A hovering lawnmower has the distinct advantage of being able to travel in any direction, not just in the direction the wheels are pointing. And, on top of levitra sales uk that, they are extremely light, efficient and look really very easy to use.

They all still have chords, though, which makes the whole idea of mowing the lawn seem even more dangerous than before. The good news is that Flymo is very focused on simple indexpensive repairs by using modular designs. The bad news is that these things aren't available in America and, even if they were, we'd probably call them fruity and then ask the guy at the follow link discount levitra online counter for the one that makes the noise like an elephant with a machine gun.

Flymo Via Hugg
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written by Rob, November 18, 2006
I'm somewhat amazed that electric hover mowers aren't available in the USA, here in the UK Flymo's (along with several other brands)have been around for at least thirty years.

Don't expect too many repairs though, with the modular design system. In my experience they change models so often and few parts are interchangeable, that getting parts other than blades and basic consumables, is impossible after a couple of years.
Which is why I don't buy Flymo's anymore.
Also in Aus
written by Zoonie, November 19, 2006
Australia seems to be the same as the Uk in this regard.. Flymo has been here for decades.

One thing about them though.. because they hover they need high air throughput.. I fried a motor when mowing a dusty block due to dust/dirt blocking the air intakes.. They are perfect for nice flat lawns that you want to keep looking their best.. And they are as easy as to use due to the cialis england hover.
A question and an observation on the hov
written by thomas hebert, November 20, 2006
So, if it's pushing air down to stay aloft why doesn't it flatten the grass it's trying to wow it's great viagra prescription cut and mail order viagra without prescription thereby not work? Maybe it's 2 hovercraft pads that suspend blades in the calm space between?

Observation: Isn't any slight hill going to temp this thing to runaway? Fast? With flying blades?

I'm keepin' my goats...
flatten grass?
written by Rob, November 22, 2006
I never really thought about that, you would think it would flatten the grass, but it doesn't and the latest models actually suck up the grass and collect it.
They only have one large fan and a blade underneath, nothing very technical.

They are actually very good on hills, much easier to handle than wheeled mowers, just don't run over the cable. I did this once and it leapt so high in the air that I could see the blade whirling around!!!
It managed to wrap about twenty feet of cable around the buy tramadol 180 blade before it stopped.
on tv
written by Celia, November 29, 2006
Didn't I see this on the SciFi channel? DId I just put a big L on my forehead?
written by Smith, February 05, 2007
This is weird. we have flying lawn mowers, that is just wierd. Next we will get mops that hover and we wil all ride around on broomsticks.

Why does it not flatten the grass?
Flying lawn mowers are nothing new.
written by Suzanna-banana, July 16, 2007
Flying lawn mowers are not at all new guys. My mother in-law had one 30 years ago, a flymo by the way, only it wasn't electric. My husband loved it and bought a grasscraft hover mower about 15 years ago. He could mow our front and back lawn faster than our neighbor could get his regular wheeled type started. People would stop and where to buy cialis now watch him 'dancing' with his mower. You'd think it would flatten the grass but it doesn't. Our only problem is we need a new hood and the grasscraft company seems to have disappeared. Don't expect the hover mowers to ever be cordless, unless they put the batteries in a back pack, they are too heavy for the mower to float. We are looking for an electric mower to replace our hover. I'm an asthmatic so we are going all electric where ever possible. And so we don't put a strain on cialis drugstore number one shop the electric supply, my geekie husband has plans in his head to brand viagra pfizer canada make a wind generator and a miniature steam generator using our big old aluminum satellite dish, by the way you have to have a boiler operators licence to do it, steam can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. Too bad the electric flymo is it's great! viagra one a day not available in the US, you'd think they would be with all the squawking about pollution and talk of smog checking everything including lawn mowers. I'm an asthmatic so we are going all electric where ever possible. Even though my husband wants a cordless lawn mower, he would probably go for the corded flymo because it's so maneuverable. Might have to have my cousin in Germany buy it and ship it to us.
They are available in US!
written by Suzanna-banana, July 16, 2007
I found a distrubitor in Georgia.

Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products Inc
1030 Stevens Creek Rd
Augusta, GA


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Welcome to the Future
written by Anders, June 02, 2008
Flymo was originally a Swedish company. Their mowers have been available in Sweden for 30 years. My dad had a gas one that was amazing on hills. Really reliable too. Too bad you can't get them in the US.
written by Uzik, June 02, 2008
They sing? Why don't you ask for volunteers to edit your web site? A spell checker is not enough.
written by Qdogg, June 03, 2008
How about a riding hover mower? Then when you're done you could zip over to tramadol online cod payment the local pub on it!
written by iqofone, October 06, 2008
I remember mowing lawns 20 years ago here in NZ with a flymo. It was a light electric mower that could mow our hill that was too dangerous to mow with a normal mower... you just stood at the top and swing it like a pendulum, the finished job looked far better than round-up. As far as safety is concerned I was 8 years old, its safe.
hover ;awn mower
written by Tim, June 21, 2009
has anyone seen a hovering lawn mower that the operator can also stand and ride on? just curious I heard that a local country club had one and am wondering if it could be true.
Flymo lawn mowers
written by D.Lambert, October 16, 2009
I had a gas-powered Flymo about 30 years ago, 19-inch cut with a 4-cycle B&S engine. They were sold by J.C. Penney at the time. Best mower I ever had because I could swing it side-to-side like a scythe and discount cialis india mow my lawn in 6-foot wide swaths. Finally blew a head gasket and I couldn't find parts for it. Wish I had another one!!!
hovercraft lawnmower
written by R.Davy, March 05, 2010
Why hasn't anyone invented a ride on hovercraft lawnmower for large blocks that get very wet and overgrown during the just try! cialis pills canadian wet season. That way we would not be getting ruts in the lawn from using tractors and getting bogged.
written by Rohmell Brills, May 11, 2010
In 1965 the TORO company introduced its FLYMO to the public for $74.95.
The FLYMO was invented in 1964, so it has been around for a good, long while.
written by Al Dixon, May 25, 2010
I had a Flymo 3.5 HP 19" blade that I used for for years. I have a deep ditch that was easy to cut and also some spruce tees that were easy to getunbder with it. I've replaced many parts on it, including an Engine rebuild a few years ago, buta parts are getting more and more difficult to find. Last year the Engine seized and I've given up spending any more time on it but I really missed it. Yesterday I came across a Grasscraft (model 8136 /?) and I bought it after establishing it ran really great. This one has 3 plastic blades on it and I would like to know wher I can get replacements. I think I read somewhere that stainless steel blades wre available. Does anyone know where I can get them and where I might find an owners manual ? Can't seem to find any info on viagra prescriptionsgeneric viagra sale the internet. Where are/were they manufactured ?
Hover Mower
written by Pamela, April 04, 2011
I had an electric Black and Decker hover mower back in 1979 in UK, made it so easy to cut the grass, just had to be careful with the cord, now I would love to have one here in the USA!!

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