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NOV 19

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Slaying Vampires Just Got Easier

vampireslayerI know that my electronic devices pull juice from my wall even when they aren't on. But I don't actually do anything about it. It's too much trouble. Somehow, power strips always seem to exist in the darkest, dustiest most remote corners of the unvierse. I would love to just pop the switch and kill the vampire, but I'm pretty sure I'd need elastic arms to do it without disassembling my desk.

Besides, why can't the powerstrip just do it for you? Well, thank you for asking, it can. This extremely simple device connects to your PC via a USB port and turns off all appliances running on it when the computer turns off. Your speakers, monitors, printers, scanners, all turn off with your PC!

It's a great idea, and an extremely useful one at that. Now, if we could only get the same thing working for every other appliance in the house.
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written by Jeannette, July 27, 2007
I read the comments on this product. They all sound good, but I use cable and the motem is always lit up when i shut down my comp. how do i know my mother board and modems will be off also. How does a person tell?
written by Appliance Parts, October 15, 2007
I haven't seen it in the shops where i live. Is it available for online only purchase?
not very useful
written by Brian, December 31, 2007
There are a lot of these types of products on the market, but I have one question. Do you want your electronic devices to constantly loose their memory because you are pulling the power from them?
If you put it on a TV, it will likely make it revert to Channel 3 or 4 every time you turn it back on. If you put it on a computer, it will rely on its internal battery to keep the clock running, which will in turn deplete the battery and cause you to go buy a new one, which is probably worse for the environment.

Have you ever measured how much power your 'off' electronics are using? I bet you will find it is no prescription worth less than a buck or two a year.

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