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NOV 22

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"Looks like the latest (“Jasper”) Xbox 360..."

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Oh Mr. EcoGeek, Which Gaming System Should I Choose?!

nextgengamingIt's very sweet of you to ask. And the simple answer, straight up, is, if you're worried about power consumption, you should stick with the last generation PS2, or you should get a Wii.

The Playstation 3, with it's advanced Blu-Ray drive and canadian levitra 50mg high-end graphics processing capabilities, chows through more power than your desktop computer easily. The power supply is visit our site generic cialis from china capable of pulling 380 watts out of viagra profesional your wall and, though that probably rarely happens, it is far more thirsty than the Wii or XBox.

The XBOX 360 will hit you pretty hard too during game play, pulling between 100 and 160 watts. In power-save mode, however, the XBOX 360 shines, only pulling 2 watts.

The Wii on cialis online order the other hand, is extremely economically built with much more efficient technology. The device, during game play, uses almost ten times less than the 360, only 17 watts. On the other hand, when in standby mode, the Wii pulls 10 watts, five times what the viagra next day 360 pulls.

The Wii uses less power than any gaming system since the first generation. It's very impressive that so much performance can be drawn from so little power. But their concentration on the WiiConnect24 service (which actually suggests to the user that they should keep their device on and in standby 24 hours a day) is very troublesome considering the 10 watt standby draw.

My suggestion then, is a Wii with a conscience. Keep it plugged into a powerstrip, and turn it off at the strip when it's not in use.
Info Via Kotaku and Phicons 
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written by J, November 23, 2006
What a pitty Nintendo didn't made a Kinetic Wii Controller instead of buy real viagra online that battery dependant thing... :/
console power
written by Dave, November 24, 2006
I think you're probably right there..wii with conscience will be the best option. Im looking for the 'real' figures now the cheap viagra in india consoles are out - read from a power meter attached to the power supply - during operating conditions. you or your readers have any ideas!
For real...
written by GTW, November 24, 2006
When there are posts like these it makes one wonder whether it's truly possible to best cialis price be eco-minded while being a "geek". If you care about not consuming more power than what's needed then simply don't use anything that's not needed! If humans really do need these "next-gen" consoles then we should have HDMI in/out ports and wireless game controller receivers hidden somewhere in our bodies, right!?

About the stand-by power consumption... people here are supposedly willing to sacrifice so many geek things for the sake of the earth so why can't people just turn the thing off when they're not using it? It's not like it's a time operated VCR, right?

Lastly, about PS3's 380W power supply... did you know that popular gaming PC makers such as Dell ( and Alienware ( have systems shipping with 750W-1000W and 460-1000W power supplies, respectively? Again, this is no excuse to have a game console that can draw upto 380W... then again as I said before, we don't really need games consoles either, do we?

I don't mean to sound negative in most of my posts but if you want people to take these green stuff seriously, you got to do some serious work.
Half the 360's
written by Wulf, November 26, 2006
The 380W figure is purely theoretical, obtained by multiplying the maximum voltage × amperage of the power supply (127V×3A=381W).

By that reasoning the Xbox 360 would consume a whopping 635W (127V×5A=635W). However, the 360 has been measured to use only 160W (the figure used in this article).

In fact, the PS3 cannot use any more than 300W because its PSU is rated for use between 100-127V (100V×3A=300W). When determining the recommended site online pharmacy cialis maximum possible voltage, the lower figure must be used, otherwise the device wouldn't work at 100V.

So, if you take the Xbox 360's 500W (100V×5A=500W) divided by its actual consumption of 160W and assume the same maximum-realistic ratio for the PS3's maximum of 300W, you get just 96W actual consumption for the PS3 (300÷3.125=96).

However, you can't just use the 360's maximum-realistic ratio for the PS3 (although it makes a good estimate). So, we're just going to viagra canada online pharmacy have to wait until somebody plugs one into a power meter (such as a Kill-A-Watt, which you can purchase from to get an exact wattage.
written by Hank, November 26, 2006
I do have a Kill-a-watt, but I don't have a PS3, nor do I expect to, unfortunately. So far, no one has reported on the power consumption of the system, and I doubt it will be anywhere near as high as 380 watts, or anywhere near as low as 17. I still say go with the Wii
Pick the games you play for a change
written by GTW, November 26, 2006
Instead of picking consoles based on their power consumption why don't earth-friends here stick to quick games instead of lengthy games? For example, racing games and 1-on-1 type time-limited games finish a lot faster than RPGs or strategy games that people play for hours. These sorts of games also suit the cialis by women busy lifestyles and let you have the cake (i.e. the power of a 360/PS3) and eat it too.

But nooooo, we don't go that way... call a man an *** if he uses an incandescent light and rally to force the use of LEDs but if you suggest him to mature up a bit and only re-consider his gaming preferences for the same cause and suddenly you've gone too far :D
written by Bonz Xylophone, December 28, 2006
I love this website. I love my electronics and stuff, and I like to live comfortably, but I really think that pushing energy efficiency is a major step of new technology.

I hate using inefficient programs on computers, or things that offer no necessity. Energy efficiency lets us literally have and do levitra online store more with less. Being young and not an old suv driving single man who doesn't even haul anything, it's nice to be able to cialis 10 mg get away with a really low energy bill each month to use towards more useful applications.

I'm really getting tired of it getting hotter and hotter in Florida, it's some real bs going on with the climate change. And it would be nice if patio furniture didn't have to be cleaned every month b/c of the jet emissions from planes flying overhead. I used to be a pilot when I was younger, but in this day and age america would be a lot better with a high speed rail system to replace so many of these inefficient short domestic air flights.
PS3 = 200 Watts, New 65nm Units = 135
written by Wulf, March 17, 2008
I just noticed this post in a list I keep of all the blog comments I’ve made, so I figure I’ll post a bit of an update. It turns out the first PS3s weren’t 380W, but they weren’t 97W, either. They were 200W.

However, the newer, 65nm, units (starting with the 40GB version) are only 135W. Of course, the 360 has also moved to the newer 65nm process, with a new 175W PSU. For some reason, I can’t seem to find the actual power draw of the 65nm 360s.

It should also be noted that the PS3 could get away with twice as much power consumption as the viagra online order 360 if they really felt like it, since it technically has twice the computing power.
Another Update
written by Wulf, January 31, 2009
Looks like the latest (“Jasper”) Xbox 360s draw about the same as the 160GB (CECHPxx) PS3s – about 110W. However, the currently-sold 80GB PS3s (CECHKxx and cialis free pills CECHMxx) use just 80W.

A new Xbox 360 motherboard with combined CPU and GPU is rumored, though.

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