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DEC 15

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"I think the design looks great and it's cool levitra side effects for short distances only. There's n..."

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Beyond the Segway: Camper Lotus

Designer Patty Yuan has stepped beyond the Segway by producing a two seat, two wheel, umm...covered chair thingy specifically for the future of China. I'm behind people innovating specifically for China. In general, I think China will require, and produce, a lot more innovations than any other part of the world in the we recommend natural levitra pills next fifty years. If a gyroscopically controlled covered chair thingy is going to link for you cheap cialis pills take off anywhere, it'll be China.

The thingy, is also called the "Camper Lotus" which made me think it was supposed to be dragged behind a bigger vehicle. It is not. What it is is both pretty and pretty cool. Any small vehicle is great, but they're better when their designed specifically for short trips and are electrically powered. China, with it's monstrous traffic problems and generally difficult to breathe air, needs some options between cars and bicycles. This...covered chair, might provide an excellent solution.
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that thing is cialis dose awesome
written by john, December 15, 2006
Does it work? Can I buy one?

I really don't understand why Segways haven't completely replaced cars on New York City streets. Traffic in New York averages about 5 miles per hour, as far as I can tell. Segways are faster, more manueverable, can fit in smaller spaces, are _infinitely_ more fun, and are also less expensive.

I understand Segways don't make sense in normal places, but you would think they'd catch on in New York. Anyway, we could also use these little pod cars, although I suspect Segways are a lot more energy-efficient.
written by Preston, December 16, 2006
This is completely awesome! Amazing find...
written by Joe, December 16, 2006
Any zero emissions vehicle is good. I love my Segway. I go everywhere I used to go by car, I get there in about the same amount of time, and I'm saving money by the bucket full. Now I enjoy some fresh air while I do it. Having more zero emissions vehicles would mean more fresh air - yay!!! Applause to anyone using zero emissions travel in any form, including walking and cycling too!!!
Two words
written by Barry, December 22, 2006
Trunk Space.
That's the main reason Segways, and cars like this won't replace your Ford Focus any time soon.
written by Ed, December 23, 2006
That's why in New York we use Public Transportation. It's more efficient and cialis 40mg faster than a car or a segway. The streets and sidewalks are way too crowded for segways and the road quality is terrible.
written by john, December 23, 2006
The problem, Ed, is that in New York we DONT use public transportation, at least not to the degree that we should, which is why there are tens of thousands of cars and taxis crowding the roads at all times. If those taxis and cars weren't there--or if there were avenues they weren't allowed to where to purchase levitra travel because of segway and/or awesome camper lotus travel--then we would see a drastic reduction in carbon emissions in nyc.

We did a prototype in France called B2,
written by Michel Parent, December 26, 2006
Sorry, wrong URL
written by Michel Parent, December 26, 2006
It is:
Also check
It is a cool find but....
written by KeeB, January 03, 2007
It's a cool idea but i like my motorcycle.
written by Celia, March 08, 2007
I want one!
written by Hun Boon, May 11, 2007
It's this kind of cool concept that will never see the light of day.

Practical considerations like cost, space, ease of use get in the way. :-
written by Home Office Furniture, October 01, 2007
I personally thing this is really kool for a city commuter. Like a all weather Segway for 2. I really don't know the energy requirements for the gyroscope balance but I don't think that it could be too high of a drain on it.
written by Campervan Christchurch, January 28, 2010
I think the design looks great and for short distances only. There's no space for luggages or what-have-yous.

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