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Generating Power with Hotness

And, no, I don't mean heat, I mean hotness. I just ran into a concept solar bikini at Make:.  I suppose, if you're going to be sunbathing anyway, you might as well use the covered parts to generate some electricity. Keep your iPod charged, or your beers cool, while you're at the beach.

The bikini, which is pretty much made entirely of woven solar cells. There's no mention of who made the solar cells, or what technology their based on. But they must be pretty good panels as a top and bottom, linked and cod tramadol saturday prescription in full sun, can produce about 6.5 volts at 1.5 Amps. That's more than enough to keep a drink cool, an iPod charged, or an eBook running smoothly. Keep in mind that won't keep a laptop juiced. Though, you should probably keep it away from sand anyhow.

Speaking of united healthcare cialis keeping electronics away from stuff...if you do ever don one of these electric outfits, please don't go swimming.
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written by john, December 20, 2006
although I have to say it's a little embarrassing for all ecogeeks everywhere that the prototype is being worn by a mannequin instead of a real live hot girl.

After all, mannequins aren't nearly as environmentally friendly as hot girls.

Are we to conclude that the ecogeeks who created this bikini don't _know_ any hot girls? Depressing.
written by Hank, December 21, 2006
I just wanted to let you know that I very nearly posted an article entitled "Mannequins aren't nearly as environmentally friendly as hot girls." But I just couldn't do it without some good sources.
written by Shane, December 23, 2006
This has all kinds of funny things things that could be said about it. I just wonder if a woman could actully go in the enter site selling cialis online water with it. And, please, please don't come out with the Speedo for Men version.
written by Celia, January 12, 2007
I'm a woman. I think I'm a hot chick, also. I'm pretty sure that there are other eco-friendy hot chicks out there. I also think the hot chicks would be hotter if they went in the water naked. I would love to see my honey in a speedo like this. I think, though, a one piece could be more effective. I can't help laughing though. C'est la vie.
Great works!
written by 中港運輸, September 19, 2007
Great works, I like it.

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