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DEC 27

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"It's Deep deep deep into 2008 now. What if any follow through took pl..."

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Wal-Mart Planning Largest Private Solar Project EVER?

Joel Makower, who is a very well connected soul in the world of sustainable business, has just reported that Wal-Mart has requested proposals from several large solar firms concerning the installation of a large number of solar systems in five states. Makower spends quite a bit of time emphasizing that this is not a done deal and, also, is not necessarily supposed to be public news yet. Makower himself reviewed the confidential RFP and so knows quite a lot about it.

This is exactly what Wal-Mart needs to do to meet it's goal of reducing greenhouse emissions by 30% in three years.

Makower has been informed that solar systems may be installed on as many as 340 stores. If each system produces 300 kilowatts, which is roughly half of what's possible, we could be looking at a 100 megawatt private solar project! Google's gigantic solar project, which everyone was so excited about, is roughly 1/60th that size.  And the RFP calls for plans to build in 2007. They're not dawdling here.

The effects of this project on the private solar market would be significant. The effects on the stock price of the winning bidder would be equally impressive.

The biggest problem here is that there simply isn't a lot of i recommend discount generic viagra online silicon on the market right now. Wal-Mart could get the it's great! canadian levitra scam proposals back and lowest price for viagra see a much bigger price tag than their interested in. But they're moving quickly. Wal-Mart expects to notify a winning bidder on Feburay 28th.  ...Bated breath here at EcoGeek.
Via Joel Makower 
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100 Megawatts
written by Chris, December 28, 2006
100 Megawatts is equivelant to overnight cialis generic a small gas fired power plant. A Nuclear plant is typically well over 1000 Megawatts. But every bit helps!
Wal-Mart and strong-arm tactics
written by Howard Lee Harkness, December 29, 2006
"The effects on the stock price of the winning bidder would be equally impressive."

The winner's stock price will probably go to zero when the company goes bankrupt under Wal-Mart's strong-arm tactics. I would NEVER seriously consider selling ANYTHING to Wal-Mart because they end up owning your soul. I have spoken with several businessmen who have sold stuff to Wal-Mart, and have promised themselves to no-bid anything else from that source, regardless of how good it looks up front.
350 stores
written by James, January 03, 2007
that is it's cool levitra mexico a start, but quick look at Walmart's website shows that if one includes the normal discount stores, the supercenters and Sam's Clubs they have over 3,500 stores in the US and growing every year. Put solar panels on all of those and you get the 1000 megawatt nuclear power plant equivalent. Hopefully this next step in their pilot program works out so that they can put that stuff on all of their stores.
CFO of Renewable Alternative Technologie
written by Lidia Thompson, January 07, 2007
Renewable Alternative Technologies Inc. performs all Phases of the Solar Energy Installation, Design and Evaluation.
Serving Northern and Central California since 1979, we offer precision and excellent craftsmanship as you can appreciate on cialis legally your installation. We also have in our repertory many years of experience in the construction industry from being licensed electrical contractors, as well as general building contractors able to address the whole gamed of the building industry all in house.
We would like to be a part of big Walmart solar project. Where can I find more information about the bid?
written by Celia, January 11, 2007
If nothing else, this proposal would put solar energy farther out there. Despite one company's soul being owned by WalMart, other individual companies could benefit from such exposure. The company that wins this bid could also get business elsewhere also.
Wow, what a project! This is exciting for the solar industry! Hopefully, other renewable resources could get such a boon.
written by John, May 22, 2007
written by Russell Reynolds, July 02, 2008
It's Deep deep deep into 2008 now. What if any follow through took place? or was this a load of viagra tablets for sale hot air?

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