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DEC 27

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"Are we fighting for society or species? What we are trying to do online cheap viagra buy is t..."

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UK To Be 1% Wind Powered by 2008


The British government has given approval for the construction of two offshore wind farms to be built in the we like it best levitra prices Thames estuary. Combined, the two projects propose the installation of almost 450 turbines over an area of more than 100 square miles, and their combined power output is projected to provide more than 1% of the electrical demand of viagra lowest prices the UK.

While still far behind wind leaders such as Denmark (23%), Spain (8%) and Germany (6%), the larger of the two projects, the London Array, would be the largest wind farm in the world when completed.

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Not "How" but "How Much"
written by Satya Boutique Boy, December 29, 2006
That we continue to aim so low in our conversion to sustainable, green energy is cialis brand shameful. And in light of recent reports that global warming is escalating faster than expected (the North Pole is expected to be melted by 2050), it is also suicidal. The survival of the human race demands that we devote massive resources to changing the infrastructure of how we produce and consume energy and materials, and that we DO IT NOW. Wind Power is just one of the already existing technologies that can save us, but 1% won’t cut it.
Survival of the Species
written by James, December 29, 2006
I am a troubled by Global Warming, the rising of order tramadol overnight the oceans, the expansion of your deserts and so on and so forth. However, to even think that the Human Species would not survive is ludicrous. We are built to adapt. Humans can live in the middle of Siberia all the way to the Arabian Desert. Civilization may collapse, a billion or more of us may die, but the species will never fail.
written by dino, February 25, 2007
unreal peopele
written by celia, March 05, 2007
Are we fighting for society or species? What we are trying to do is to buy viagra canada change things so things can stay the same. To complan about lowered standards is one step towards giving up hope. We are adaptable. And we should keep on keeping on.

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