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JAN 04

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LED Street Lights


The City of Ann Arbor (MI) has been running a pilot project to try out LED street lights in one of the first such installations in the country. The City's supervisor of signs got the manufacturer of some of the city's downtown streetlights to create a retrofit lamp that used LEDs.


Although, as TreeHugger has recently pointed out, LEDs are not the most efficient form of lighting in terms of lumens per watt, their extremely long life makes them more economical to operate over their span of visit our site woman and levitra operation because they need to be changed so infrequently, and LEDs can provide a more pleasant spectrum of light than sodium lamps do.

The downtown globe lights have had small placards soliciting public feedback attached to them since the enter site buy branded levitra test started at the beginning of the year. According to the local newspaper, only three comments received have been negative, and the department has been getting inquiries about the lights from across the U.S. as well as Canada and Europe.

The city hopes to be able to cialis soft tablets cut its $1.39 million street lighting budget in half by switching to LED street lighting, and that accounts for just the energy savings. Maintenance savings will allow crews to be able to concentrate more on other projects within the city.

The manufacturer of the streetlights is also working with the instant cheapest viagra LED manufacturer from the pilot program to develop a streetlight that is directly manufactured for use with LEDs.

via: Ann Arbor News (second story in link)

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That's amazing
written by Preston, January 05, 2007
:o, I don't know why I haven't heard of this yet, but this is nice. Really, it's a classic example of the business case for sustainability. Nice post.
LED not the most efficent.
written by rob, January 05, 2007
I was suprised to see on the TreeHugger site that low pressure sodium lamps are the most efficent. I alway think that driving under their orange light is nice, apparently the police have a problem with them, but then you don't see a lot of police out at night in the UK (They hide in the police station, away from all those nasty criminals).

The only problem with using LED lights could be visibility. If you try using a LED torch to find something in the loft, it is harder to where to find viagra see, than with a normal torch, although the LED appears to be brighter.
written by James, January 05, 2007
The city website and your post say that the city is saving and will save tons of money on energy cost with the LEDs, but then the buy online viagra where Treehugger/Wikipedia write up shows that the normal orange street lights are more efficient. Are they saving money because the LED lights just don't light up as much area? If so then in the end they will have to put up more street lights as people get grumpy from the increased dark areas, thus losing out on we like it buy levitra online levitra savings. Will someone please explain this to me?
Efficiency and Savings
written by Matt, January 05, 2007
James: If I'm reading the article correctly, the replacement costs are so much lower there's a long-term savings. And it's not just the cost of the lamps, it's the labor. Labor can be pretty expensive.
I know but. . .
written by James, January 05, 2007
"The city hopes to be able to cut its $1.39 million street lighting budget in half by switching to LED street lighting, and that accounts for just the energy savings."

That is order viagra international what threw me.
A couple of things
written by Hank, January 05, 2007
First, LEDs aren't always less efficient than low-pressure sodium lamps. Several LEDs have been designed that are more efficient that Low-pressure sodium, they just aren't available yet.

Second, American cities rarely use low pressure sodium nowadays. I have no idea why, apparently they want a broader spectrum of light and are willing to pay for it. The LED lamps must be significantly more efficient than whatever it is that Ann Arbor is currently using. It could very well be halogen, which is fairly common nowadays, and also fairly inefficient.
Very Cool
written by Garrett, January 08, 2007
Thanks for the report. That is very cool and definitely sustainable.
we need energy save street light lamps
written by sampathkumaar, February 28, 2007


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LED application manager
written by Harik Su, March 15, 2007
Currently the LED efficiency could reach more than 80lm/W. It really close to the sodium light can provide. We also need to think about the controlable feature that could suddenly adjust the light output to getting more energy saving. Lable cost, digital controllable, and higher efficiency will lower the total cost a lot in today's LED market.
written by Tom, April 12, 2007
I'm an Ann Arbor resident who just discovered this discussion, and perhaps can clear up a bit of the confusion about the potential savings here with the LED lighting. If in fact Ann Arbor had already been using LPS street lighting, then the switch to LED technology would in fact be a decrease in efficiency and an increase in energy costs. The truth however is that most street and sidewalk lighting in Ann Arbor is currently less efficient MH, and of designs that throw 10 to 50 percent of their light skyward rather than toward the ground. So with the new LED designs we will both increase efficiency over the replaced lamps, AND stop wasting energy by sending light off into the sky.
written by sam, April 22, 2007
Please take a look at this site, LED street lighting has now just moved forward.
No More diodes, we are now looking at chips! Very interesting.
not the whole story
written by punkt, August 05, 2007
one problem with led that appears to get lost in the
more lumens/watt race is the relative scarcity of some of the materials needed to produce these LED. similare
problem that solar power efficiency is hampered by.
good material availabillity - ~low efficientcy
low material availabillity - good efficiency (>30%)
Most recent energy saving products
written by Kyle, August 31, 2007
To get the best in energy savings, and by far the longest lasting and highest quality LED lighting, visit our website,
written by Hilary Kemper, September 03, 2007
I have been told from a reliable source that LED bulbs don't use heavy metals, therefore thay can be recycled without problems from heavy metals creating more pollution. A matrix can be really helpful in determining the most green product available. LED rates very well in a green matrix.
Street Light development
written by Marshall, September 04, 2007
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We have developed new LED street light using Nichia LED for the market.

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written by ahmadi, September 20, 2007
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written by Jason Yang, November 08, 2007
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Australian LED streetlight leeds the way
written by Jim Close, November 08, 2007
Australian LED product designers produce a range of LED STREETLIGHTs that have upto 15000Lumen light output and a 36watt LED billboard floodlight that has the same light output and angle as a 400watt METAL HALIDE floodlight. They also have a LED E40 streetlight bulb that just screws straight into existing streelight fittings and will directly replace a 250watt HPS both in angle and llux on the ground. They can produce custom LED lighting products at cost effective prices, starting from USD$150
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Just to clarify...
written by Joe, December 16, 2007
Low pressure sodium lights are rarely seen in the USA but are frequently seen in Europe and give off a distintive yellow glow. High pressure sodium lights are often seen in the USA and give off a peach colored glow. Most "non-architectural" street lamps (e.g. those suspended on metal arms from wooden poles) that give off a white light are mercury vapor lamps. Most architectural street, sign, and building lamps (e.g. the Ann Arbor street lamps) that give a white light are metal halide lamps.

Mercury vapor lamps are normally inexpensive to install and relamp and their white light is not offensive but they are not as energy efficient as high pressure sodium. High pressure sodium lamps are usually inexpensive to install and relamp and are energy efficient but their peach light color is unappealing. Metal halide fixtures are usually energy efficient and provide very accurate color rendering, but they are usually more expensive to install and relamp (and in many cases, utilities and municipalities are reluctant to replace and throw away functioning fixtures, unless they have a good reason to do so as did Ann Arbor in its downtown pedestrian shopping district). Hence the compromises with all three types of lamps.
we are the light suppliers for a2
written by relume technologies, January 18, 2008
just thought i should put up the actual makers of the lights in a2. im new to the company but i am very excited about the green possibilities for out future here at relume. check it out!
written by relume technologies, January 18, 2008
oh - and we are a "made in usa" company with all production in michigan!
LED replacement bulbs for current street
written by LED Lumina USA, January 24, 2008
this company produces a replacement for 150W sodium bulbs for most street lamps. They screw in to existing hardware and will provide equal or better lighting and provide 80% savings.
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written by Peter A. Hochstein, February 12, 2008
There's a bit of confusion in the postings regarding the Ann Arbor, MI, LED retrofit lamps provided by Relume.

Advanced, white power LEDs [Cree XRE] can deliver over 107 lumens per Watt and are nearly equal in luminous efficacy to HPS lamps but with a BIG difference: They depreciate in luminous output at a MUCH lower rate.

Using advanced thermal management, the Relume LED light engines will deliver 70,000 hrs of light [to 70% of initial output] while HPS lamps would degrade in 20,000 hrs to something on the order of 40% of initial output.

HPS lamps may deliver more gross lumens per Watt, but current published research shows that the yellow / pink quality of the light has a low CRI [25] and is marginal in terms of visual acuity. In fact, 5500 K LEDs that deliver 1/4 the gross lumens of an HPS lamp are found to deliver BETTER acuity.

LPS lamps are another matter - with a CRI of 0, they aren't really suitable for general lighting and as efficient as they might be, humans can't see too well in the 590 nm, monochromatic light ... so why use them?

Regarding 'equivalent'luminous output, the newest LEDs [CRI = 82] deliver the same illuminace on the roadway as standard MH lamps at half the input power, primarily because the LED flux can be directed onto the street rather than the sky. The LED globes in Ann Arbor were originally MH lamps that used 2X the power of the LED light engines we installed. These LEDs are projected to last 10-12 years instead of 2 -3 for the MH bulbs.

While the AA globes aren't full cut - off because of their geometry, many of our LED luminaires are dark skies compliant.
Advanced streetlighting
written by Patrick Robinson, March 01, 2008
Hi Post

Ironically this is all dated now. There is a dutch company who have patented a new power management system specifically for intelligent streetlights. They are LED units and they have a new system using Zigbee. This allows for 99 slaves for every master. The end result is focussed lighting at the same brilliance as sodium lighting with heads the same price a sodium heads but they speak to each other using GPRS and Zigbee.

End result - Streetlights that eliminate light pollution and reduce energy consumption by about 90%. This power managenemt system apparently is going to be licensed out to other streetlight vendors.
LED street light energy management
written by Peter A. Hochstein, March 02, 2008
Street light energy management systems [ELMS] have been around for years - that's what is dated.

Major players include Virticus, Echelon and others. Mesh networks using a wide variety of license free communication protocols such as Zigbee or any number of systems operating in the ISM bands have also been around for a while. NONE of this impacts the importance of luminous efficacy, useful life and life cycle cost. Any number of manufacturers boast about having the 'magic answer' to green, cost efficient LED street lighting, but the proof is on the street - so to speak.

Relume has more installed LED luminaires than all other companies combined. We even publish our erformance ... photometric IES files developed by independent, acredited testing laboratories. No other company does this ... if THEY have the ultimate answers, why not publish third party test results?

The fact is ... nobody has the answers to all LED lighting problems. The cost of the fixtures is still high and we have problems [$$$] duplicating the performance of 400 W H.P.S. lamps ... even when we employ the most aggresive thermal management methods.

Unfortunately, the field is over-run with pretenders who think that LED solutions are the result of press releases!
written by Mark, March 18, 2008
You know... after looking at all the coments I have discovered that most of you are so mis informed that reality has not set in. The led market is very strong; however, it is so expensive that it will never be able to replace mercury vapor or incandescent lights. A perfect example is the led street lamp. The lamp costs alone is 800 dollars EACH!!!! To make this pay for the so called savings would take 20 years and then will need replacement. The claims of 100,000 hours for those high powered leds life span goes down drastically with power.You would be lucky to get 20 k hours at best. True, you will save at least half in electric, but you will never be able to recover the investment for replacing the lamps. I have connections in China for the company that makes those led,s. MY cost alone for just a 175 watt eqal powered led is 650 dollars. So until they are mass produced it will never work. Mark
HPS is NOT more efficient
written by Matt Everett, March 20, 2008
HPS is used heavily in the agriculture industry, so there are many test comparing the two.

LED, even in it's somewhat immature stage is 20-35% more efficient.

Plus they last so long they are vastly more cost effective. HPS not ONLY burn out fast, but their lumens output fades quickly over time. SO, even if your HPS lamp lasts 2 years it will likely have only 70% the output it use to.

Another smart move is getting the light CLOSER to the ground so you don't have to use such high wattage such as parking lot lights which tend to be very high up for no apparent reason.

Distance greatly diminishes light output. Smarter made reflectors and light enclosures that don't become cloudy or translucent over time would help a lot also.

How much of that wattage is being absorbed by the inferior reflector and the foggy glass over it.

LED's are vastly more weather resistant also and they don't produce that nasty electric interference that HPS use. They also don't get burning hot to the touch AND they can't shock you dead easily like an HPS ballast could.

It's horrible congress is too dumb to push this technology. LED's unlike HPS have the potential to get A LOT cheaper. HPS is a widely used technology and is very cheap via mass production.

LED is simpler and will cost much less as the industry matures. However, smart investments from the states would speed that up. Ideally congress could give them some direction on reliable savings.

I think LED is one that we can bet on to be the future of lighting. We are probably not going to do much better than LED anytime soon and we can probably improve it considerably.

We've used LED's in electrics for years, but only recently has the blue LED come out allowing for white LED's to be produced. I feel unlike HPS, LED's are conservatively rated AND like fluorescent their lumen output does not fade quickly over time as HPS does.

HPS is a good technology, but it has no real place now that white LED's are out. There are other high efficiency light techniques that are cheap such as sulfur lighting, but nothing so commercially viable as LED.

You can even buy LED replacements to your flashlights now.

We are pushing CFL on the states now. We probably should skip right to LED since energy prices are ONLY going up and it takes gas to send the guys out to change the light bulbs. The biggest cost is likely the energy, then the maintenance, then the equipment. SO, the increased purchase price of LED is the least important of the costs and will come down significantly as more people buy into the tech.

Account Manager
written by Tom Hamar, April 08, 2008
Can I have a list of the manufactures of these products
Life and cost of LED lamps
written by Peter Hochstein, April 14, 2008
As to Mark's comments on the cost of LEDs ... our company, Relume Technologies of Oxford, MI supplied the 1000 LED street lights for Ann Arbor, MI. We sell these for something on the order $ 400. Relume uses Cree LEDs that currently sell for about $2 each in million lot. Each street lamp uses 48 LEDs and a power supply ... do the math. The lamps we provided are equivalent to 100 Watt M.H. lumnaires in light output and consume less than half the power. Independent [third party] lab testing verifies that these Cree LEDs will deliver over 70,000 hrs. of service [to 30% degradation] when the LEDs are operated at or below the design junction temperature of 75 degrees C.

We have sold other led fixtures to Battle Creek, Grand Rapids & Oxford, MI, Canton, OH, Weland, ON [Canada] and are under test in over 100 other locations.

Why would anyone buy these things if they can't get a payback?
County Supervisor (commissioner in most
written by Bill, April 29, 2008
Could LED streetlights be individually powered with solar energy?
Solar Street Lighting
written by Peter Hochstein, May 05, 2008
Unfortunately, solar street lighting isn't practical. That said, if one were to intermittently turn on the street lights a few hours a night, [on an occupancy basis] solar charging might work.

Total average solar flux is on the order of 1 KW per square meter. Affordable solar panels convert only 12 -15% of that energy into electric power that can charge batteries. If we assume a 1 square meter solar panel [~$ 1000] is attached to each street lamp pole and can collect sunlight for 6 hrs. per day, we could store about 600 Watt-hrs of energy - after charger / battery losses etc. In some parts of the U.S. [New Mexico] we might be able to power a 60 Watt street light [not much light] for around 10 hrs. with the stored power.

The problem is that for most of the U.S. we have at LEAST one cloudy day for every sunlit day - making the proposition impractical.
written by Craig Miller, May 07, 2008
I work for a uk company who design and manufacture LED street lighting in the U.K

Gemma Lighting and Displays has proven to save companies across the U.K upto 75% off their energy bills and save £££ in maintanance.

LED technology is now at a competitive price and can provide a quick ROI.

If you interested in finding out more please do contact me:

Craig Miller
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250W metal halide street light lumen
written by thomas tan, May 09, 2008
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regarding led street lighting
written by pradeep, May 22, 2008
our college outdoor seem very dim with with metal halide.I'am decided to change to led light .What source of watt to use to produce same lumen or more brightness

What is the lumen for street light with MH lamp?.
.Please advise.

Thank you.
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Sales Executive / Webmaster
written by Will Long, June 19, 2008
Look at all these companies boasting their wears here! It's absolutely incredulous and offers no relevance to the story here.

I on the other hand have something that is truly the most efficient right now. Our patented product uses existing lights and makes them 18% to 33% more efficient (depending on the product you choose and the setting) while extending bulb life by 20% to 40% percent and ballast life by 80% to 200%.

We use a passive magnetic technology to condition the power and reduce the voltage after the initial strike. This process maintains the same amount of lumens while eliminating the waste (expressed as heat).

Our products has been used for the last 20 years with absolutely no defects or maintenance required.

The best part about our product is it works with existing facilities (no expensive retrofits!).

I would be happy to provide anyone with more information and show field studies from the City of Anaheim (the home of Disneyland) and the City of Sacremento (the home of "The Governator").

Will Long
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written by RK Reyno, July 01, 2008
One thing that you are all forgetting about these lights is that there is a large value in the LED lights in that they can be focussed on a specific area. One post did say that the light would be thrown where it belongs (on the street) instead of in the sky. This makes for easier compliance with the Dark Skies Initiative, which aims to reduce light pollution and its associated wildlife impacts. Wilflife inpacts are huge when it comes to this initiative by the US Department of the Interior. This is a consideration. There is a study online (PDF Format) that lists the Ann Arbor information from which you'll find that most of these posts are opinion, not fact. LED lights (in almost 100% of the cases) save money. Even if the pay off is 15 years (which is a maximum), the energy and replacement costs of LED Street Lights, combined with the environment impact (positive), makes this a worthy capital investment.
written by Tony N., July 01, 2008
Can I have a list of led street lamp manufacturers
LED Street Light
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LED Street light is the trend
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Wonders of led street light
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written by Frank, September 10, 2008
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written by linus, September 23, 2008
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written by SAJAD, October 16, 2008
please (information about design low power LED)
Looking for LED retrofit kit at competit
written by Aloysius Fobi, November 20, 2008

I own a company that sells electrical products to utilities and cities. Does anyone have an LED retrofit kit with the accompanying data at a competitive price?

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LED street lights you want
written by street lights, December 21, 2008
Our LED streetlights can save 50%-70% energy comparing to Comparing to High Pressure Sodium Lamp. You can visit our homepage here
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written by Blake Lange, May 11, 2009
Millennia Technologies incorporates L.E.D. light engines into a wide variety of fixture types. MTI is capable of onsite surveying and engineering to provide solutions to all lighting applications. Contact us today to find out how you can apply the most fitting L.E.D. illuminance to your indoor and outdoor areas.

Blake Lange
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Ellwood City
written by steve, May 29, 2009
Check out whats being done in the small town of Ellwood City Pennsylvania and our LED streetlights from Appalachian Lighting Systems
written by lionel scott, June 09, 2009
check out C-Vision for street lighting.
written by Ecolite Industries Ltd, August 16, 2009
Looking for sources/suppliers of high quality LED street
lights,LED bulbs and down lights
N S Josan
written by gerre, August 27, 2009
Ann Arbor is just the beginning of the LED mile stone.
Current like bulbs polluted the nite-sky with light, LED focus on the ground is true and much efficient LED is on the way too. When affordable nano crystal solar pad available, There will be more saving i energy cost.
Beside labor, let's not forget the waste from the burnt light bulbs. LED have a longer lifespan and smaller, therefore product less waste after it burnt.
Many cities in China using the LED technology for a few years now. I think is time for North Americans adopt LED.
costing of different led street lamps available
written by samkit, September 30, 2009
hello guyies... i m samkit from mumbai,INDIA. I am a student and m making a project for government. if this gets approved then i damn guarantee you we will have a demand of around 50000 led street lmaps... its just on the verge of approval.. i want to make it cross the verge... so i need your help ( all leading companies developing led street lamps). if possible mail me ur different led street lamp costing so that i can proove that led system is damn cost effective.And even possible that we can enter in trade business.... u can become are supplier for "50000" led street lamp units i will keep ur company info confidential.... mail it to me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before 4 october...
waiting for ur reply guyies.
Looking for pilot project sponsors for LED street lights.
written by Didzis, December 02, 2009
Anyone who is interested, please e-mail.
After a pilot project comes complete street lights exchange in several cities.

Examples from Ann Arbor
written by mark B., March 15, 2010
Been working on a night photography project for a few years and the Ann Arbor LED lamps are a big part of it. They really are beautiful.
written by Derek Captain, June 21, 2010
Please send me your pricing for your street LED lights. What current outage does your LED street lights work with, brightness of your LED street lights.
Need info and quotations
written by Think, June 24, 2010
Hi Guys,

We are working on a project in solar street lamps, and would be glad to receive your quotations for costs and specifications of models that can be used.

written by Frank, June 30, 2010
can someone tell me why solar street lighting is not seen much in Florida ,Is it just not cost effective ? thank you
Reply to Frank
written by alice, July 13, 2010
It is cost effective. U.S. Department of Energy will spend 2 billion U.S. dollars to develop solar energy

On July 3rd the U.S. President Obama announced that the U.S. Department of Energy will invest nearly 2 billion U.S. dollars to subsidize two companies to build solar power plants to support the development of the U.S. solar industry and increase employment.

And Latest news shows that Seattle plans to take more LED street lights to replace the existing historical traditional street lamps.

Professional LED Lighting Manufacturer-SPARK, details at
That's Great News
written by Josh Hale, November 28, 2011
I think it's great that cities are implementing green lighting. That's news worth hearing about, especially when the potential savings is so great. I look forward to the future and our continued advances with technology!

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