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JAN 09

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"We should plant trees anyway...."

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Dell: Plant a Tree for Me?!

Uhhhh...Dell, aren't you a multinational corporation with a large and high-powered marketing department? If you're going to do something environmentally fantastic, will you please give it a less inane name? Honestly, it sounds like an episode of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.
Plant a Tree for Me is a new campaign from Dell that allows customers to offest the carbon impact of their computing upon purchasing their new device. For a laptop, $2 covers the carbon for the life of the computer while desktop customers will be asked to volunteer $6. 
The system has absolutely no drawbacks for Dell, as customers aren't required to viagra online best price pay, and Dell has basically handed off responsibility for the devices carbon footprint to the consumer.
Nonetheless, the new website is an absolutely wonderful resource, and the Plant a Tree for Me campaign is genuinely a fine idea. I've heard some better ideas in my time, but I can see this not only increasing the natural cialis pills number of trees in the world, and helping to support some good organizations, but the campaign will also increase awareness of their impact on the environment, and there's nothin' wrong with that.
Dell continues to be a leader in environmental technologies, and while this is significantly less interesting, in my opinion, than their global recycling efforts, it's good to see them continually making steps to differentiate them from the rest of the pack. 
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In my backyard?
written by steinfal, January 10, 2007
Will they come and put it in my backyard? I'd have a forest by now!
written by David, January 13, 2007
"Donation amounts are based on expected average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the production of electricity needed to buy levitra no prescription power the systems over three years"

Ok...but theyshould also tell us how much CO2 is produced during PRODUCTION of the laptop.

written by Jack Meyhoff, January 13, 2007
Carbon trading, how much money is possible to make on the carbon trading markets and how easy is it to get access to these via a broker or direct?
written by Janis Mara, January 17, 2007
This development is interesting - in California, public utility company Pacific Gas and Electric is now offering to offset its customers' carbon emissions by planting trees or preserving existing forests in exchange for a 2 percent to 4 percent voluntary surcharge on bills. The company estimates this will add about $4.13 a month to the average customer's bill. Looks like more and more companies are jumping on the carbon offset bandwagon.
written by dave burdick, January 18, 2007
"Dell has basically handed off responsibility for the devices carbon footprint to the consumer."

I do like this point because it's kind of making consumers aware that the ball is in their court. It'd be a nice gesture if Dell agreed to viagra mail order prescriptions match the the best place viagra from canadian pharmacy "donation," though. You know, to show that they can be responsible, too.
written by celia, November 24, 2007
We should plant trees anyway.

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