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JAN 16

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"Say that one were able to direct massive amounts of energy through sea..."

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Using Lighting to Create Hydrogen or Create Hype?

This story, spotted on Digg and the best choice legal pharmacy online Wired, is about a guy who's got interest from researchers, corporations and investors because he's planning on creating massive amounts of hydrogen using the electrostatic energy of thunderstorms. Now, it would be great, if it were possible. Any way to capture the energy of thunderstorms would be a boon to alternative energy, but there's just no way to make lightning strike where you want it to strike. We've been dealing with that problem for centuries.

So why are people excited about it? Great question. Maybe it's time that we stop being excited about hydrogen. Water shooting out tail-pipes sure does sound lovely, but so does cold fusion. Efficiently creating hydrogen, and then delivering it to every corner of the Earth, is an unreasonable goal. As to whether it'll be fusion or hydrogen that'll save the generic levitra for sale world, I'm saying that the odds are currently even, but you'd be well advised to put your money on neither.
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Could be dicey.
written by rob, January 17, 2007
Well I cant quite see how shooting lasers through lightening bolts is going to capture electric. :D

But we could use kites. Picture the scene, a violent thunderstorm overhead and hundreds of people flying kites attached to cheap levitra order online electrolysis generators mounted on their hydrogen cars. Could be a little risky, but no pain, no gain.
Perhaps I should patent the idea. ;D
Even less dependable than wind energy.
written by Janis Mara, January 17, 2007
Don't get me wrong, I think wind energy is great - love those 30-story turbines, they're beautiful! - but everyone in alternative energy recognizes that they obviously can't be used all the time, only when the wind is blowing, and can only comprise part of an alt-energy portfolio. But using lightning - come on!

This is an example of something I'm concerned about: as going green becomes more and more popular, will it succumb to hype the way so many other (and worthy) practices have? Only time will tell, I guess
call me crazy horse, or why do you ask?
written by john m dique, January 17, 2007
call me crazy, but i have to ask the question ? what would happen if a lightning bolt struck a very large capacitor, this is not my area of study, but it seems to me that capacitors are quite good at receiving large quick bursts of electrickery? Is this what ben jammin Fran klin was attempting?
post script
written by john m dique, January 17, 2007
bye the bye I'm not suggesting in anyway shape or form, that this would be not without safety hazards, but has anyone actually asked themselves how the car in back to the future actually survived the 1.21 gigawatts 1.21 gigawatts ? 1.21 giggawatts ? as a friend of tramadol overnight pharmacy mine says from time to time, you can do anything if you are silly enough.......
any how try typing Stirling energy syste
written by john m dique, January 17, 2007
Does anyone remember the dave allen joke it's quite long , but the punchline is something about an irishman telling the viagra generic brand pope "well your hole iness{no bovine spongiform encephilytis gags at this time please} you are like the man, who at night is alone in a dark room with his hands in a cardboard box looking for a black cat that is'nt there. The only difference is, your poppyness, is youv'e found it . keep looking kids, cause it must be that invisible cat that is making those funny smells......where's my glass of the good stuff.....
written by Ian, January 17, 2007
well... shooting lasers if high powered enough can ionize the air the laser travels through... the electrical potential in the clouds that form the lightning bolts will take the easiest path to ground... so if you properly ionized the levitra no prescription path from the cloud to the best place brand name viagra your collector you could direct the arc near wear you want it... The problems would be that the laser path you ionize would require crazy huge amounts of power to power a laser that could ionize the path through the watter and wind durring a thunder storm...

Most of the work I have seen reguarding work on this has been a condutive trail for the arc to travel a thin wire lead to make the path near a wide collection surface a more likely path... even if not a 100% garanteed path... This requires far less energy than trying to ionize the path with a laser... And you don't have to send a cunductive lead that can take the whole current ... it is ok if it gets fried in the arc...

The real problem is the rate at which the good choice cialis from canadian pharmacy amount of electrical power of a bolt of lightning hits... up to about 300,000 Amps of current is transfered between cloud and ground at potentials of over 1,000,000,000 Volts in under 100 MicroSeconds... Even if you did manage to get the lightning to just try! cialis tablets hit your collector you have on a tower out in a field or with a conductive trailer or whatever method you used... there just isn't any way to collect and harness that amount of electrical transfer that quickly.... I micro seconds the current super heats the air to near the temperatures of the sun along its path... too much power....

The crazest thing is that all the energy from all the thunderstorms on the planet are all solar powered... peopel think of huricans and the best site cheap generic cialis tornados and thunderstorms as strong but think of solar power as weak... when they all are powered by solar power...

I am not an expert... but shareing what've read over the years...

my 2 bits...

Lighting or Lightning?
written by Joe Alien, January 17, 2007
I assume you mean "lightning" and not "lighting", though auto shows are replete with fancy lighting to sell their wares.
written by Ian, January 18, 2007
sorry about the search levitra typo / mispellings... didn't prof read it...

Oh ... one of the companies That is actually working working on lightning harnessing is...

if you haven't already found them on your own.
Efficiencies in Solar Technology for Avi
written by Craig Kent, January 18, 2007
To Whom it may Concern.

I recognize the Mars lander is still up and running. Various of efforts have been made to incorprate solar technology in the Aerospace indusry.

I am working on a design that will utilize all the space on top of a revolutionary and high tech design aircraft...Would appreciate the most high tech, regarless of cost, very light weight material that will produce the energy that is required for certain needs. The rest of the aircaft will be run on non-carbon fuels utilizing hi-tech engine technoligies to thier maximum extent and metalogical exposures, with current and future advancements that are no tabled. A new eingie that will be supplimentary can run on bio-Fuels with some additives.

MY there anyone developoing advanced technologies in this field, photo-electric technolgies / advance solar panels. The aircaft will be void of carbbons and will cruise well above 480 mph with sound poof technoliges in the interior cabin encorported. Financing is in place, the top agencies are passionaly working towards thier directd goals in pursuit of perfection...I absoultey demand this. Some of the brightest minds in all facet of the Aerospace wolrd are given directives...extreemly demanding I must admit...they seem to relish the challenges before them.

These agencies and soft gel levitra companies seek new, improved technologies, which I cannot elaborate on. Minutte weight is important. cost is always a factor...but Perfection and capabilites over ride these issues.

A new and dynamic wing design will need to be coverd with these has been wind tunnel tested and produces a remarkable reliance and efficieny. If you can enage me on these advance panels, teste, untested, or firm believe of thier viablity I will engage.

Supplimental enery sources are needed and desired in the aviaition indusry. Technologies, composites (up TO date...minute to minute), WITH AERODYANAMICAL AEROFOILS, low energy consumption and top secret engine technoliges make an aircaft with very little drag, weight and virtually no emission possible.

The firms I am dealing with are acute to solar cells, but not proactive...I must push forward with pursuits on my own since it is an ecological venue for this aircaft and nessicary for my concept.

Please, if you have budding technologies on the table, no watter waht they are OR know of someone that does or has intricate knoledge in maximizing this solar technology let me know. The Entire top of aircraft will be blanketed with the most advanced solar panel know to man, to date...Pojected build time is in early 2008 as thier is some budding engine, composite, avionics, and top secret technogies that will be available. On a die note I am also looking into hydrogen cells...thoughts???

This aircraft should carry 300 induviduals in Premium and first class service...simply nothing will be left undone or to the imagination. The interior will be as advanced perhaps far more than the exterior...someting truely speacal...including all sateliite, movie and technologies...with one huge surprise that no one can offer.

Looking for your Techy a former Airline and sensitve Air Force Pilot.



Please touch base if you can contribute
written by Craig Kent, January 18, 2007
Sent a ltter out a few minute ago....please read. Would love to get your thoughts and ideas.

Ionizing a Path......
written by Matt, January 18, 2007
To Ian: Wouldn't ionizing a path with a laser create a direct path back to said laser? Just curious.....
written by Ian, January 20, 2007

yes , you are correct , using a high powered laser to ionize the air would create a direct path back to the laser itself... thankfully lasers and electricity while cousins ... they are not the same thing and cheap cialis pill do not obey the same rules... for instance a high powered laser could be fired out of a small whole in a metal conductive cone or plate... the Laser mechanism itself could be several feet away / bellow this plate or cone ... the electricity of the lightning would follow the easiest path to ground ... if the metal plate or cone is grounded... the lightning will not continue through the small hole to the laser mechanism but will follow the eaiest path to ground and be deverted at the metal plate or cone before ever getting to generic viagra in canada the laser mechanism itself....

Of course the higher up you build this device on say a tower... the more likely it is to have lightning strike the tower with less energy from the laser....

I also still think that the laser aproach is too energy intensive and overly complex when you can just fire a small rocket up that can leve a conductive path from the top of a tower into the cloud.... or fill some kind of reinforced ballon with helium and coated in a conductive shell that is teathered to the ground with a very think conductive cable... or just build the collection mechanism into lightning rods on sky scrapers and such that are already being hit by lighning and just forget about trying to increase the number of hits and just make use of what is already there.

just my 2 bits.

lightning for electrolising water
written by haneesh, September 08, 2008
one may know that avery high voltage is discharged to earth through lightning.if it is possible to use this voltage to electrolise water into hydrogen and cialis best on-line drugstore oxygen which can be used in fuel cells to power automobiles and others in future,whose waste will be pure water...isn't it a better idea!!!
written by V.S, January 15, 2010
Say that one were able to direct massive amounts of energy through sea water; Would it then produce hydrogen? Or does the scientist disagree about the results of such a process?

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