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Short and it's cool levitra brand Stubby Turbine puts out 1,100 kWh/month

{mosimage}Here's a small (4 foot tall by 4 foot diameter) vertical axis wind turbine designed for residential installation. According to the manufacturer, the Mag-Wind MW-1100 can generate 1100 kWh/month in a 13 mph average wind.

The short stance of the Mag-Wind turbine seems to provide an added benefit of enabling it to keep generating in extremely high winds. It can withstand a top wind speed of over 100 mph, where most other wind turbines have safeties to stop them if wind speeds get too high (some even as low as 40 mph or less). And, it is designed to capitalize on the effect of where can i purchase cialis a sloped roof increasing the wind pressure to boost its efficiency (though how well that works probably depends on the orientation of the roof and the levitra online pharmacy usa direction of the prevailing winds).

The company claims a faster payback than solar or a typical horizontal axis wind turbine, and a cost of only 3.5 cents per kWh.

I'm somewhat concerned about how well it would work in northern winters. If I had one on my house right now, I imagine it's wide base would be clogged with ice and snow. I'm also afraid many people will find it unattractive (and tellingly, the only image of what it would look like is an edited composition, rather than a photograph of an installed turbine). But, having a lower energy bill would certaily look good to homeowners who will choose this option. And if it becomes popular, designers will certainly find ways to incorporate its look into new homes in the future.

via: TreeHugger

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And. . .
written by James S., February 14, 2007
the KwH/month is based on a 13 mph avg. Doesn't the vast majority of the US averages less than 10-mph.
written by rob, February 15, 2007
Checking on average US wind speeds, it varies greatly with your location, but the vast majority of the country has averages of over 5.6ms (about 12.5 mph):

And as vertical axis turbines work better than standard turbines at lower wind speeds, the power forecast probably isn't overly optomistic.

It is a rather ugly looking thing though, mind you for a good supply of free electric, I could overlook that. smilies/smiley.gif
Claims are too good to be true
written by slg, February 15, 2007
Visit this blog... The unit as claimed does not obey the laws of physics and some dealers don't obey the Federal laws.....
home automation system
written by krik, February 15, 2007
We are involved in Energy REsearch, to engage the talents of local students, who can learn about energy savings...we ask: Why are we paying for electricity when we are surrounded by wind farms?? Why does not our school district offer energy education to our students? They are spending tens of thousands each month on buying cialis online canada electricity, rather than learn and teach students how to only today cheap levitra canada produce their own power...our schools, hospitals, and churches pay huge sums of money, that could be used for education smilies/smiley.gif
written by Nitin, February 15, 2007
Is there a performance curve for the unit at different wind speeds?
written by Philip Proefrock, February 16, 2007
Average wind speed is cialis now online an often used, but usually poor method for rating wind turbine performance (see

I was leery about posting this at all because there were no pictures or data from installed turbines, and it's distressing to see that there have been problems.

I'd also like to see them address my concern about this turbine in winter weather. The company is based in Texas, but I'd like to find out how these units function in New York or Minnesota or Ontario.
written by rob, February 17, 2007
It does mention on the site faq, that the unit is unaffected by extreme heat and cold and there is the real cialis option to install magnetic bearings, to cope with temperatures below -30c.
Of course a large amount of snow, or ice could no doubt clog it up. But then vertical turbines would no doubt be severely unbalanced by ice on the blades.

Taking advantage of the roof effect is a good idea, if you have ever fixed the ridge tiles on a roof, you will have noticed that even a slight breeze whips over the top of a roof, with quite a force.
There is one drawback, if the gable end faces into the prevailing wind, you don't get a roof effect.
written by rob, February 17, 2007
But then vertical turbines would no doubt be severely unbalanced by ice on the blades.

I meant horizontal.
A good idea, but....
written by Janis Mara, February 19, 2007
I'm just wondering about the possible effect on birds? Out here in Northern California at Altamont Pass are a number of gorgeous huge wind turbines (well, I think they look cool, anyway; mileage varies) that generate a great deal of wind energy. Problem is, birds keep getting sliced up by the blades. Just wondering if the company has done any testing on this? Other than that, hey, I'd put it up in a New York minute.
re: Janis' comment
written by gregg, February 20, 2007
Interesting point! I read earlier than one of the advantages of VATs is that they are actually safer for birds. The danger with traditional turbines is that the blades are quite thin for the area that they 'sweep' through, so to birds they are very hard to detect. With a VAT, it looks like the only here buy cialis in new zealand same shape whether or not it is turning, so it is much easier to detect by our winged friends. smilies/grin.gif
written by julie, February 20, 2007
but how much is the turbine to canadian discount viagra online install? or would it come already installed on new homes?
Thanks for the explanation!
written by Janis Mara, February 21, 2007

Thanks for filling me in! I can certainly see how it would be easier to see this contraption than the wind turbines' long thin blades.
Just Ignore Them
written by Jim Heimbach, May 08, 2007
I have been following this company for over two years. They have not come through on one of the many promises they have made. The efficiency claims they formerly made on their web site (now taken down, interestingly enough) show an effiency rating where it will deliver 280% of the energy available in the wind flowing through the swept area of the turbine. You be the judge. There is no physical way this company can deliver what they promise. It is as simple as that. I would simply ignore this company and propecia 1 mg on sale anything it claims.
written by David Erb, September 16, 2007
Hi Guys,
Where can I go to get information on which of the wind generators does the best job? I guess a sort of consumer report for solar products in general. I have been looking at this for a long time and find that the disinformation is so prolific that who can you trust?
good news
written by Fake Diploma, November 14, 2007
Finally ! You can have it all: a no-noise system that sounds as good as it looks. All you need is Monster's high performance MicroXLN Xtra Low Noise interconnect cables and, of course, the right tunes.
written by Cage, December 09, 2007
Saying that its ugly is a matter of opinion. I think it looks nice and adds an interesting conversation value to the property. It could be painted in various colors too. Now if high production can bring the price down and provide low cost clean power thats a beautiful thing.
the future
written by Nouveau Riche, January 22, 2008
This is very cool! Soon we will be able to save oil and use wind turbines for power.
written by Robin L'Homme, January 31, 2008
I would like to make contact with the manufacturer, with a view to import the generic viagra cheap vertical wind turbines.
Company Name: L'Homme Quip, P.O.Box.1303. Link Hills. South Africa...3652.
mag wind
written by jonathan, April 02, 2008
how much is the mag wind unit for?
written by Coty Turner, May 14, 2008
I love this system!!!!!!!!!!! i bought one for my own home in Northern New York City i barely even pay any money to my old electric company. i think i only pay about 5$ a month to them. i bought it for about 9,000$ i have had it for about 3 days, and it has already save me like 30$!!!!! i finally can afford food for my son!!! i used to buy tramadol florida feed him only cat food
written by tom martin, December 11, 2008
Pleae email me mor info...specs, costs,
I plan to install some type of wind energy device and connect it first to my home and secondly to the grid for all to use.
This turbine does not have an offensive look.
I plan to install it on the roof of my house whih s located on the Atlantic I need to be concerned about the salt air and canadian pharmacy scam this running of this turbine?
Wind Turbine
written by Michael Cassisi, January 06, 2009
Does anyone know how much they are? Will it pay for itself in say 30 years. LOL
vertical wind turbine
written by vertical wind turbine, July 07, 2009
Horizontal wind turbine are larger and hence, more useful in rural areas with open spaces. If you are living in an urban or suburban area, you will want to opt for the vertical wind turbine. In fact, vertical wind turbines were specifically designed to address the unique issues associated with electricity production in urban or suburban settings where horizontal winds become vertical when encountering the face of a building. The helical shaped blades of name brand cialis the vertical wind turbine can make use of horizontal or vertical wind bursts blowing in from any direction.
written by Palomarbob, March 11, 2013
I have never found any vawt in "san diego" that can out put more than 90kwh total for any length of time measured in years ( they always give no data ( mariah/windspire installed in a couple of places ( even in their parking lot ( ( ( ( ( so always find a system that puts out real energy ( ( ( ( ( a con is a con year after year a nubee uses real $ to buy words ( ( ( ( (

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