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MAR 22

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One Man's Cow Poop is Another Man's House?

Manure, farm waste, cow poop. It's a waste issue for farmers that is increasing in cost. "A dairy farm can spend $200 per cow per year to handle its manure." Scientists are finding a new use for the stuff: making building products.

Researchers at Michigan State University and canadian cialis the U.S. Department of Agriculture have been testing different kinds of particleboard, fiberboard and extruded lumber made from manure. The waste is order generic levitra first processed in an "anaerobic digester" which breaks down the manure in a contained fashion. Methane gas and liquid fertilizer are the useful byproducts that come from this process, and now, the solid component is finding a use.

The product is being manufactured using processed, sterilized manure in place of wood chips. Combining the soft tab levitra material with resins and applying heat and pressure, as is done with the wood-based versions of these products, results in a board that has equal or better structural properties than the wood-based versions.

"It appears that the fibers interlock with each other better than wood," said Charles Gould at Michigan State's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. "We end up with, I think, a superior material." (msnbc)

This is a literal example of a waste stream becoming a source of viagra 100 raw material for another process. We'll see if this becomes a viable commercial product or if the *ewwww* factor is just too much for consumers to bear.

via: Inhabitat and MSNBC

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The real scoop and the straight poop
written by Janis Mara, March 23, 2007

Believe it or not, a San Francisco utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., has a program in place that captures, cleans and purchase levitra in canada delivers the methane from cow poop to homes for heat! It's scheduled to become operational later this month. No lie!
written by linda, April 10, 2007
I love the article one man``s poop is another man`s house. Ii saw a documenatary on the look there price of levitra subject please send me info on the subject. My husband ands I would love to build a house.
written by jimmy jewber jiggly, May 02, 2007
student looking for help
written by logan, January 17, 2008
Hi i'm a student looking for help. I'm doing a science project on finding a new fuel and the only question i cant find an answer to is indian pharmacy tramadol what pathogens do i need to break down this manure
written by diplas, February 08, 2008
Just testing it!


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