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Electronic Paper: No Batteries Required?

Fujitsu showed a prototype for colored electronic paper at their North American Technology Forum last week. The e-paper is a thin display that can sustain a color image without electricity, meaning no battery is needed. However in order to change images, a very small amount of power is needed. The good news is discount online cialis that this amount is so miniscule that all it needs is a "teeny boost of online order no prior prescription tramadol focused energy like radio waves from a cellphone".

Because of this limitation, Fujitsu stated that the e-paper is well suited to female cialis supplement mobile devices by acting as a large resolution screen. A cell phone could beam its screen to the e-paper and 100 tramadol power it at the same time, allowing users to easily view websites, e-mails and other mobile content.

At the event they showed off a unit with 640x480 resolution and an 8-inch screen size, claiming these screens will eventually grow as large as 2.5 meters. This will allow them to function as signage. Imagine if changing advertising in a subway was as simple as beaming new images. This reduces paper waste and printing energy, in addition to the obvious convenience.

Currently, Fujitsu is looking to market this towards businesses, but hopefully they can bring it to the consumer market also. I would love to read newspapers, magazines and even websites off of one of these instead of sitting in front of a monitor all day!

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Via: CNet and Engadget

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