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MAR 26

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"you cant tell me that just because a car lost a wheel its going to best prices on viagra in drugstores get..."

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Build Your Own 225 MPG Three-Wheeled Hybrid

EcoGeek has got plenty of rainy-day projects filed away. Researching green investing, puzzling over how to power cars on road rage--things of that nature. But creeping up the list of things that we may not ever have the purchase of viagra time to do (but would love to see someone else do) is to build a three-wheeled hybrid that threatens to get over 200 miles per gallon!

Some people just really like three-wheeled cars. And yeah, they're cool, what with the maneuverability and the best place buy cialis pill the sheer futurism.

What gets us going, though, is the thought of a car traveling 40 miles without using any gas at all and having the option of levitra overnight delivery turning on a diesel engine to be rewarded with a fuel efficiency of 125-225 mpg.

So if you've got some time on wow look it cialis where to buy your hands, head over and check out the plans for said three-wheeler at Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, home of some seriously geeky stuff, eco and otherwise.

Via AutoblogGreen

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written by gtd, March 26, 2007
that looks like an update of buckminster fuller's dymaxion car. its about time someone revived his 3 wheel car design.
Dymaxion Car
written by John, March 27, 2007
It is interesting that designers are returning to the 3 wheel car. Aptera has a 3 wheeler that they claim gets 330 mpg.

I think both companies owe a great deal to Buckminster Fuller and his Dymaxion car. Fuller's design had rear wheel steering too which made parallel parking really easy. Somewhere online is a video of the generic prescription viagra without Dymaxion car with narration by Jay Baldwin (I think).

Great Post!
written by Chuck, May 17, 2007
I have the original Poplar science mag in the basement and have always wanted to build one what do I do or where do I go from here.
written by brady, April 25, 2008
i had to do a research project for school on how to save the enviorment and i came across this car and levitra buying online wow ;D
written by Peter Marks, August 08, 2008
It is now possible to put a down payment on either an Aptera Motors three wheeled motorcycle in either the electric only version or the electric/gas hybrid version. The $500.00 deposit is mexico levitra no prescription refundable at any time without question. I put a deposit on an all electric one. The Aptera Motors web site is well worth looking at to see the vehicle and learn anything about the vehicle and the people who are working on the vehicle. This is a very unique design and concept. I hope that it gains a following because those who have put in long hours to buy levitra in europe see the finished product have good reason to feel very proud of the fine work they did in the design and functionality of the vehicle. This is the way to get revenge on the oil companies.
written by realistic person, October 03, 2012
you cant tell me that just because a car lost a wheel its going to get 200 miles per gallon

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