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Architect Designed Green House at Prefab Prices

Jenesys Inc. has created a series of Flat Pack PreFab homes that are energy efficient, affordable and tramadol without prescription overnight delivery great looking. From their British Columbia studio they design first rate houses that are pre-fabricated by a local Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) factory. SIPs are pre-fabricated exterior wall and roof panels made up of a thick slab of foam insulation sandwiched between two layers of plywood or oriented strand board. The resulting SIP panel is very insulative and much stronger than "stick" or traditional stud construction.

Compared with Modular PreFab, Flat Pack PreFabs are much less finished. All interior finishes, stairs, plumbing and mechanicals need to be contracted for separately. What you get with the Jenesys system is generic levitra pill a home design that has had many of the bugs worked out and the architectural design costs spread over many installations.

I particularly appreciate Jenesys showing some very nice smaller house designs that reduce the amount of raw materials used in construction and are more energy efficient.

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Why design with SIPs? First, as an Architect, I like to see my designs carried out as precisely as possible. Many SIP factories have computer aided manufacturing rigs that cut the panels to within a 1/16", which is unheard of non generic viagra lowest prices in construction. Second, SIPs are energy efficient, they have minimal air leakage and very high R-Values. Recent tests by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) showed a SIP structure had 90% less air leakage than an identical structure built with 2x6" walls using fiberglass insulation. And, according to try it cheapest viagra online Jeff Christian, ORNL director of the laboratory's Building Technologies Center, an INSULSPAN 4" SIP wall delivered a whole wall R-Value of 13.83, compared to R-9.68 for 2x4" framed walls with fiberglass insulation, and R-11 for a typically constructed 2x6" wall with fiberglass insulation.

Since air leakage accounts for 30 to 40% of the energy loss in the average home, air sealing measures and levitra priese insulation should be considered in tandem as a single solution for keeping conditioned air in your home. With SIPs, you get dramatically less air leakage, better insulation and more comfort.

I have found that using SIPs allows you to save on mechanical equipment, because you need a smaller furnace and air conditioner/heat pump. You also save time. When coordinated properly, you can install the c o d tramadol building foundation while the factory cuts the unique panels for your project. When the panels arrive they can be tilted up and made weather tight much faster than with “stick” construction.

Thanks to Jenesys Assistant Manager Jenesysck Brummer for answering questions about their SIP design process + photos.

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written by dan malott, April 13, 2007
There are many groups in the US that are soing something similar to this.. and it would be good if more got involved. We (archiopolis) have been creating sustainably for over 20+ years now and I'm glad to see it come to cialis in australia fruition elsewhere. fee free to visit our website to see the designs
If you need SIP construction help...
written by Jamie Pero, April 14, 2007
SIPs have made alot of headway in the past few years, mainly for their energy-efficiency. There are several environmentally friendly materials used in certain SIPs, such as expanded polystyrene, and oriented strand board. If anyone is considering building with SIPs, I suggest visiting the SIP free forum, where experienced SIP builders discuss construction topics and give advice for green building projects.
written by Used Pole Trailers, March 24, 2010
Cookie cutter type now I can mistake your house for mine smilies/smiley.gif

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