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Google Hiking

EcoGeek is noticing, for what we always tell ourselves is the first time, our metabolism slowing down. Gone are the days of eating with impunity in our teens, eating with minor repercussions in college and only best offers best price levitra eating with noticeable but easily concealable effect in our early twenties.

So it's a change of diet and an exercise regimen we need which means, of course, that we are at an impasse. Bogus. At least Google Earth, increasingly EcoGeeky with each passing day, can help: now featured content includes hiking trails. Finally! An excuse to try to cialis costs solar power our iPod and rock out to Alanis--look, we're way out in the woods, it's obviously guilty pleasure time--while doing the legwork to take the "Google" out of "Google Earth."

(By the way, EcoGeek happened to already have the latest version of Google Earth, but just hadn't noticed this particular feature--so you may not even have to download again.)

Open up your Google Earth, and display the following layer: Featured Content > Trimble Outdoors Trips. Then start looking around where you'd like to hike. Double-click the trailhead icon for more information on individual hikes, then you can send to your phone or a friend. Not bad!

Via LifeHacker. and the Google Blog

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