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USBCELL is running a new advertising campaign that I find incredibly endearing. The "I'm Not An Alkaline," campaign (ad above) serves a couple purposes.

First, it promotes the USBCELL, an excellent rechargeable battery that basically takes the charger out of the equation. It'll charge itself in any USB port, including your ultra-efficient Wii. While this isn't as efficient as using a charger, it is easier, and so will increase use of re-usable batteries. These things work great, and I suggest you buy some for yourself.

Second, it puts alkalines in the correct light, and that is a negative light. They're a waste of money, resources, carbon, and they're almost always disposed of improperly. Alkalines suck and when I read "I'm Not An Alkaline," I hear "I Don't Suck Like Alkalines Do." And that's wonderful.

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