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The Loopwing Personal Wind Turbine

This loopy looking item is a striking wind turbine design with some interesting features. A Japanese company is offering this small-scale wind turbine that touts an amazingly low 1.6m/sec (3.5 mph) minimum generation speed (compared with 8-11 mph for many turbines.)

The company claims a number of benefits for the Loopwing turbine attributed to the unusual configuration of the blades. Because there are no blade tips, the Loopwing doesn't have tip vortex effects, and is therefore much quieter. This also reduces vibration, which helps with both noise and generic viagra online extending the viagra without prescription life of the turbine and generator. The blade configuration is also responsible for its low start speed.

Check out this awesome broken-english press material:

People witnessing a test model in operation gave high evaluation saying that there is no noise at all. The unique-shaped blade has self-stalling capability and it can avoid over-speeding. Loopwing’s rotation has globular trajectory and it can deflect smoothly even in gust, for example in a place on ordering viagra the roof of a building where the strong wind blows.
There you have's all about the globular trajectory avoiding over-speeding.

The Loopwing turbine appears to making the rounds of Japanese trade shows, and they have secured a US patent. So it's possible that it will be coming, but as yet there doesn't seem to be a North American distributor. Via: Metaefficient

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Great Design
written by John Barrie, May 02, 2007
The design of the armature and the looped turbine itself are very neo-retro steam punk. I love it!
Hey, I just got some new 3d software!
written by macrumpton, May 02, 2007
And look at the super cool things I can make. Seriously, there might be some reason for the blades to the best choice generic levitra in canada have those loopy curves, but the price viagra rest of the design looks like something from the superintelligent spacefaring dolphin planet just because it looks cool.
need more information abt the blades
written by utkarsh, June 04, 2007
need to have more informtion abt the blades and generator associated with this design im in dhule,state of maharashtra country india.. i would love to install one if its a fesible to generate power from wind
Loopwings wind turbine For Colombia
written by Arley Palomino, August 12, 2007
Is very interesting for us to buy your system, but is imortant to indicate additional information. My company need wind turbine generator for rural house.

I wait your answer.
What a fantastic design
written by strange but true, August 30, 2007
more info please...
Every so often you get a glimpse of the
written by weee recycling, August 30, 2007
and I think this looks like it! Quiet enough to use in towns, small enough to pose a low risk to click now cialis pharmacy birds, how much is it?
Technical Director
written by Dan Fink, October 15, 2007
Hmmm....this is best prices on viagra in drugstores basically a small toy. Their math is OK, but it won't make a useful amount of power -- look at their own power curves printed on the site. Their claims about the disadvantages of 'normal' 3 bladed wind turbines don't add up either. Unfortunately, the facts are that wind turbines of *any* design perform very poorly when mounted on rooftops or below the trees (as shown on their website). Any wind turbine needs to fly at least 30 feet above anything within 300 feet, no matter what hype you hear--urban, rooftop wind turbines are like mounting solar panels in the shade. Solar panels are the way to go for urban areas, since most cities won't allow tall towers for wind turbines.

Average windspeeds in most locations range from 10-15 mph (4.47 to 6.71 m/s). The modal wind speed (the most common) at most locations, on a tall tower, is about 15 mph.
From their power curve:
, you can expect about 25 watts at 10 mph, and 75 watts at 15 mph. Ouch, that only runs a couple light bulbs! You'll get the rated output (438w at 2 m/s), at most sites that are 30 feet above anything within 300 feet, for fewer than 150 hours per year (ref: Paul Gipe, also NREL).

Just don't let anyone hype you into thinking a tiny wind turbine at rooftop level will make significant amounts of power--solar panels are MUCH better for that. In case anyone tries to scam you with their wind turbine output math, here's how to detect a scam:
Power available in moving air= 1/2 * air density (kg/m^3)* swept area (m^2)* wind velocity^3 (m/s)
then times coefficient of performance (cP) to get actual output. They claim a cP of 0.43, far more than any other small wind turbine. I doubt it, but if you do the viagra online pharmacy usa math, you'll see that such a tiny turbine won't help you much on your electric bills. The average US home in a good wind location would require a 23 ft diameter turbine flying 100 feet in the air to offset their power bill.

Technical Director
written by Dan Fink, October 15, 2007
Correction -- they claim 438 watts at 12 m/s, not 2m/s. My 'one' key is sticky! DAN
Price and Information
written by Victor Herrera, November 25, 2007
Is very interesting your system but is important to indicate price and levitra on sale additional information. I need wind turbine generator for rural house in the Dominican Republic.
written by Ryan, November 29, 2007
how much would one of these turbines cost?
written by roxy, December 30, 2007
$400,000 for one but if you buy 2 you get the second one for half price..and if you order in the next 20 minutes you get 3 free light bulbs..the ones that last a really long time
written by pie man, May 07, 2008
:) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-*
Car Power?
written by eileen, July 09, 2008
The design of this turbine looks more compact and less dangerous for use near people. Could this be mounted on a car to buy levitra 50 mg charge the hybrid batteries?
written by 2 cool for school, September 25, 2008
put a turbin on the roof of a car to produce electrical power! are you not smart enough to be on this site or what? a prop on cialis professional 100 mg the car creats drag. the drag requires more power to overcome the drag than the fan turbine / generator will produce which equals a net loss
Belated Defense
written by 风力, February 26, 2009
Give them the benefit of the doubt: perhaps they intended a attachable/detachable system to allow battery charging in a windy area during while parked only.
wait just a milisecond...
written by physicspro, April 25, 2009
Not so fast fellow the slams for dynamic invention... this has potential to be an efficient battery charger when mounted on a car...use your math to calculate the number of commuters per day...80 mph wind constant times avg commute of three is definitely a step in the right direction for a hood ornament...

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