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MAY 01

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"I have many ideas about wind turbine. they make it too good and get viagra v.smar..."

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Most Powerful Wind Turbine Anywhere

Enercon, one of the order levitra online most innovative wind power companies in the world, has just announced begun selling a six megawatt wind turbine! That's a good 20% more powerful than any other turbine on the market, producing enough power per turbine to power 4,000 homes. Enercon doesn't spend much time figuring out names for it's turbines. Their most popular model, the E-40, has a turbine diameter of 40 m, while this new turbine, the E-112, has a turbine diamter of how to get levitra no prescription 112 meters! Dang!

Interestingly, this isn't the world's largest wind turbine, it just produces the most power, a testament to Enercon's innovative strategies. The turbine blades are specially designed, and Enercon's patented gearless generator keeps noise, friction, and maintenance to a minimum.

I'm loving watching wind turbines get bigger, more powerful, and less expensive per watt. It's almost like Moore's law, except instead of cooler video games...we get a cooler planet.
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written by Tom Gray, May 02, 2007
That's amazing! Thanks for passing along the word about this new turbine.

Thomas O. Gray
American Wind Energy Association
New Enercon
written by Jaap Langenbach, May 03, 2007
The new Enercon 6 MW is called the E 126 and has a rotordiameter of 127 meter.
Jaap Langenbach
written by Gerard, May 17, 2007
Do you know the price of this turbine ? :o
written by Wow, January 11, 2008
Where is this turbine?
written by gross, January 11, 2008
wi vile kosten wind generator tip; E-33 und E 44,danke
written by gross, January 11, 2008
habe interes vur 2 wind generator :)
written by Alexander Koleoglou, February 28, 2008
I understand that there is no gear box and the generator is directly connected to the rotor. Producing 7 megawatts with a rotr that turns only 12 rpm is cialis sales in canada quite a trick. How do you do it? Where where you when the industry was having gear box troubles. I've presently applied for a patent that cures the old gear box problems
Valueable inforamtion about wind turbine
written by Syed Abdul Jabbar Shah, February 29, 2008
Enercon turbines look pretty useful around the world but i have concerned about the application Pakistan where some time climat is windy and but some time speed is quite low.
written by Vipul K GOYANI, May 16, 2008
dear sir

we need information for u tall to us sapose any please wind 300 to 400Km per hour in this case you have any Wind turbain

written by mzivtins, June 19, 2008
They seem to have the design perfect. The pitch of the blades effectively change as altitude increases.

I bet they have been looking at some nice propeller designs for this baby ;)

any links to more info on the research side of this?
Selling it? where??
written by Tom Keller, September 25, 2008
The largest mill they are trying to sell on their own homepage : is the discounted generic viagra E-82 and thats a bit smaller in size and performance compared to the :
So nice that they have made some sort of experimental E-112 windmill, but they are not selling it, yet, just as sure as vestas isnt selling their experimental mills yet.
Please get the information right next time.
Enercon 4.2 Mega Watt wind mill site in
written by Philippe, January 26, 2009 just create a great completely privately funded windmill park near my home using the latest and most efficient technology from Enercon (no gearbox enymore), I went to have a look this summer.
written by zeeshan yousuf, June 27, 2009
I have many ideas about wind turbine. they make it too good and i have a master plan to apply turbine in pakistan. there is too place to can apply in specialy in karachi, if any one intrested so i can apply. in my opinion thats too much good invent about the electricsity

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