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MAY 02

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"Linutop strongly believe in giving users the maximum freedom of choice..."

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The Greenest Computer of them All: 6 Watt Linutop

Green Computing means getting the most out of as little as possible. This little byte pusher costs about as much as a low-end brand name computer, but it sure delivers a lot of Green for your green. Consuming less than 6 watts of power, the Linutop "nano-computer" has no moving parts and we use it buy levitra in england runs in complete silence. All you have to do is plug a monitor into the where to buy cialis VGA port, insert your USB keyboard and mouse, then boot from the included 1 GB USB key containing xUbuntu Linux.

The Linutop life cycle is increased and its maintenance cost is buying cialis without prescription reduced because no mobile parts nor weak components are used inside. Hence the waste generated is limited. Its small size makes it easier to recycle and its lightweight (280gr) reduces the environemental cost of shipping.

The Linutop includes a 433 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM, 4x USB 2.0 ports, audio in & out, and built-in 10-100 ethernet support. Not impressed? Well, you shouldn't be. But not everyone needs a l337 gaming rig. We might find the specs somewhat humorous but more isn't always better. And, for most of generic online viagra us, a small, environmentally friendly computer like this would work great as an internet-ready second computer. Certainly it would be more than enough for Grandma to read and write e-mails with the grandkids...

What makes less sense is the price: 280 euros. If you can buy a Dell with an 80 gig harddrive and two gigs of ram for fifty bucks more, what's the point. Charging $300 for a flash drive, a weak processor and a $25 hunk of RAM doesn't actually make very much sense to levitra pfizer me, especially when the only today levitra samples operating system is free.

European EcoGeeks can order the Linutop online for 280 Euros + VAT, while those of us across the pond are eagerly awaiting the North American release sometime later this month.

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written by GTW, May 02, 2007
The comment made on the price of this is spot-on. Let's just at least hope that more companies will manufacture similar designs because of the profit margin and generic form of cialis eventually price them competitively.
written by PhilK, May 02, 2007
The Linutop life cycle is increased and its maintenance cost is reduced because no mobile parts nor weak components are used inside.

Unless I'm missing something, that's dead wrong. A USB flash drive isn't going to survive even remotely as long as a hard disk, and I bet flash drives aren't too good for landfills.

Good idea though, I'd just prefer to see it with a micro-drive (too slow) or laptop drive. I'll stick with a Mini-ITX board.
AMD coming through
written by Matt James, May 02, 2007
Right now you can get the basic motherboard (with embedded fanless processor) this computer is based on, the AMD Geode LX-700, for under $250 stateside. Moore's Law virtually guarantees that two years from now there will be something twice as fast or twice as small... for half the generic levitra uk overnight delivery price.

Meanwhile, the basic hardware needs of the average user haven't changed significantly in the last few years - internet surfing, word processing, and basic multimedia. The real advantage comes in power usage and portability - a cheap-o Dell box will cost about the same, but be heavy, noisy, and use at least 100 watts of power to do pretty much the same things. At least you can get it with linux now!
written by rob, May 03, 2007
While XUbuntu is fairly light on system resources and should run ok on a low spec computer, the 1GB USB key seems rather small, even with a cut down OS, there can't be much space to store any files.
And as previously mentioned, what is the life span of best online perscriptions for viagra the USB key, I can't imagine it lasting ten years or so.
all things are not equal
written by Ian, May 04, 2007
I think it is cost competitive now.... as it is... you just have to remember what it is offering and what roles it will fit.

I think allot of people compare apples to oranges...

Any time you make a computer smaller it costs more money... this computer is smaller and for that reason weather you want or need it smaller or not you pay extra for the smaller foot print... you pay in price and features / performance.

Any time you want a computer to viagra brand name be quiet or silent you pay more for it... true with any computer ... this one is also very quiet again weather you want it to be or not this is something else you are paying for on this computer... again you pay in feature / performance and in cost.

Any time you want a computer to use less power you will spend more money and the best site generic levitra usa have a less powerful machine... if you don't need this feature again... you are looking at the wrong model of computer as this one you are paying for that small energy use in the way of money and processing power.

ultimately you have to decide what you want your computer to do any time anybody buys a computer...

if you need super computer processing power than that is what you need and you won't get it cheap ... but if you need to do word processing and web surfing than you can get something very different...

if you are a true eco-geek than the amount of watts that the viagra original pfizer order computer uses will be as big of a deciding factor as any other part of the computer...

It is just about what you want and how much you want it... personally I would sooner have this type of visit web site take cialis extremely lower power using computer than I would get a 800 Watt monster computer with 4+Ghz and 8+GB of RAM etc...etc... but that is just me.
written by Zia Imran, June 12, 2007
Hey Matt,
I live in Columbus, OH. I have a group of friends who all want to do something big with clean energy. Mayb we can all meet sometimes?

Take care,
Zia Imran
Could Linutop Be a Web Server?
written by Greg Hoke, June 22, 2007
I have been considering setting up a low power server and have been collecting links at:

A web server does not require a lot of resources. Could I add a second 8 or 16 GB USB flash memory to hold Apache, MySql and PHP and all my /var/www/html files? My current web server has:

-600 MHz processor (dmesg | grep MHz reports 597.4 MHz}
-10 GB disk. I'm currently using 3.7 GB.
-384 MB RAM. 128 MB proved inadequate when I added mysql and wow look it cialis how much wordpress. 256 Mbytes may be just adequate.
-The disk and/or fan is just slightly louder than my tinnitus!:-

I have ordered a Kill-Watt-Device to measure the actual power used.

BTW - I also live in Columbus, OH
Moved the wiki!
written by Greg Hoke, June 22, 2007
The Low Power Server wiki I referred to in my last comment requires a password. I made a copy in:

The new one doesn't require a password.

Sorry 'bout that.
A Green PC
written by Steven, September 29, 2007
I heard about this via an insider...a green pc that is powered by solar panels and REC' it uses 6 watts of power and replaces your home PC, work PC and just have one PC desktop, the same desktop for all three. And from what it hear it runs windows or linux. From what I hear its better then zonbu, linutop, and the others. You can check the web site for more info when it comes about at
written by jason, June 18, 2008
Personally, I think its a bit overpriced.
WhaT a pile of crap
written by asdf, September 23, 2008
buy a linksys wrtSL54GS. just as good with more function
Linutop re-news commitment to the best place canadian pharmacy viagra generic Open Sourc
written by Frederic Baille, February 10, 2009
Linutop strongly believe in giving users the maximum freedom of choice and flexibility. An open source, Linux-based operating system is the ideal platform that allows users to get most of their devices. Additionally, open source allows running systems more cost-effective because users do not have to pay for an operating systems and applications from the established vendors. We are convinced that open source operating systems will become even more popular amongst many professional and semi-professional users in the future.

Even in the area of consumer technology there is strong opportunity for open source. It will be very interesting to see how the market reacts on the Google mobile phone with its open source operating system and what effect this might have on the established systems like Symbian and the best choice cheapest viagra uk Windows Mobile.

Businesses are under incredible pressure to become more flexible and reduce costs at the same time. This will drive demand for more developer friendly and cost efficient systems in the future – which is exactly what open source operating systems like Linux provide.

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