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Eco-Supercar Dusts Ferarris

Based on the Ariel Atom and utilizing next-generation battery materials (of course meaning: no further details available), the Wrightspeed X1 plug-in hybrid will set you back $120,000. The batteries alone cost more than double that used Prius you've had your eye on. But a 0-60 time better than any other production street car under $1,000,000 - 3.07 seconds - suddenly makes this supercar look like a bargain.

It's creator, Ian Wright, created the X1 full-electric prototype in his Silicon Valley garage. It gets 170 MPG equivalent, and even with an electronically limited top speed of viagra online from india 112 MPH it still runs low 11's in the quarter mile. An obvious EcoGeek, Ian did some math and figured out that we'll save more fuel by bringing efficiency to the canadian cialis united pharmacy "high-end, big-margin gas guzzlers that garner big profit margins" than by improving already efficient passenger cars.

From the WrightSpeed website:

If reduction in fuel consumption is the goal, it would be better to replace 10mpg cars with 20mpg cars, than to replace 50 mpg cars with 100mpg cars. 5 times better. Counter-intuitive? Here’s the arithmetic. The 10mpg car uses 10 gallons to go 100 miles. The 20 mpg car uses 5: a saving of 5 gallons. The 50 mpg car uses only 2 gallons for 100 miles, so replacing it with a 100mpg car only saves one gallon.
The street-legal hybrid version, probably available in 2009 or 2010, is slated to online propecia uk be even more powerful.

via Wired News

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written by David Anderson, May 25, 2007
But i want it noooooow...
Me Too
written by Matt James, May 25, 2007
And the bank account to afford it, too :D
written by Grant, May 26, 2007
Anyone know the actual proportion of gas guzzling luxury cars to passenger cars on levitra canada the road right now? I have a feeling it's more than 5:1, which makes his justification pretty useless.
Used cars
written by Anderson, July 03, 2007
Great information. Thanks

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