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OrganiTech: Vertical Robotic Farms

I'm not sure if I can really support this. It seems like there's something evil about completely removing agriculture from the environment. I mean, agriculture is already extremely unnatural, especially the way industrialized countries do it, but this is just nuts!

The people at Organitech have been creating systems to create leafy vegetables in fairly sterile hydroponic greenhouses for some time. The plants grow extremely quickly, are entirely free from pests (and dirt) and almost all of buy cialis online without a prescription the harvesting is done by robots, so there are no labor costs.

But now Organitech is looking to remove that last vestiage of nature...the sun. They're thinking of turning the hundreds of thousands of discarded shipping containers that are too cheap to ship back to China into organic farms. The shipping containers could be filled with racks of hydroponically grown, pesticide-free, disease-free, low-water-using plants all controlled robotically for optimal yield.

The containers could then be stacked creating, in essence, vertical farms that would have a per acre yield of thousands of times more than conventional farms.

The container farms could be distributed throughout the world, and would produce food from Siberia to the Sahara as long as they were plugged in. This would signficantly reduce transportation consts, and make communities much less susceptible to global markets and ordering cialis online climate change.

So I think I'm coming down on canadian healthcare viagra the side of visit web site viagra canada online pharmacy good, though I will admit that I don't want my species to be any more separate from the natural environment than we already are.

For more on Organitech, check out this awesome video (turn down the voice track and you could totally rave to it.)

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written by vigilant20, May 30, 2007
I'm torn as well. It has it's positives and if done right could have a real effect on world hunger. Many of us apartment dwellers already use similar contraptions because we don't really have any other choice. I have an Aerogarden stocked with organic seeds and fed with organic nutrients. I may not have a yard but I still know where my lettuce and herbs come from.
Fiber Optic Lighting?
written by kballs, May 30, 2007
Instead of using electricity for lights, why not use solar collectors on the roof with fiber optic lighting (so you can get natural, full-spectrum sunlight directly to all the plants). This isn't that expensive and would save environmental impact from the lighting (though the robots would need electricity, maybe that could be provided by photovoltaics on the roof or walls). I think these are designed to be lit during even hours as well (though not 24/7 since plants need some darkness to grow), but lighting in daylight hours could be accomplished with the fiber optics.

This company seems to buy cialis online like organic food crops, but they don't seem to mind GMOs. I actually don't believe GMOs are bad... all our food crops are genetically modified, just that some are modified on a macro level and some are modified on a micro level. Just look at corn... it didn't exist in very edible form until humans started to culture it, graft it, cross-breed it, selectively evolve it, etc. Now people freak out about "franken-corn". FYI, it was a mad scientist experiment long before we could modify its DNA directly.
Population increase?
written by Dr Nick, May 30, 2007
Though this would be a great asset against world hunger, I don't think it's long term effect on society, or better yet, the world, would be worth it.

With food being this easy and link for you viagra viagra online quickly to produce, wouldn't that be cause for an increase in the population? We've seen happened with the beginnings of our civilization and with the industiral revolution, and looking at where we are now, would creating that possibility of population increase be worth it, even if the technology does sound really good?

I really hope that, if this technology is used, it's used properly.
written by Grady Hillhouse, June 01, 2007
You are right that this technology, if implemented on a massive scale, could have an effect of the world population. However, these are human beings we're talking about. It is ignorant to be content with the accomodations we have in modern society, but decide that is not wise help others live as comfortably as we do.
in response to kballs..on GMO..
written by chris trad, August 12, 2007
I would like to clarify that there is a large differnec between breeding plants and transgenetically altering them. Lets stick with corn... True, corn has been bred for a great number of years by selecting desirable traits and breeding to genuine levitra online enhance those traits. The differnec between transgenics and breeding is cheap cialis 20 mg 60 pills vast. A good example of buy viagra online order transgenics is as follows: We find a random plant that is resistant to glycophos (roundup). We find the gene that is responsible for that trait and remove it. We then inject that trait into the corn's plant tissue. Then we breed traditionally for that trait.
Please understand I am not opposed to GMO's...I just thought that the facts should be known.
Great Idea!
written by Jeremy Janson, January 12, 2008
It's a great idea from the standpoint of reducing the land needed for agriculture, thus increasing the i use it no prescription amount of land available for open space and commerce. It also costs virtually nothing to transport. However, about world hunger, I don't think there's actually a shortage of food so much as ability to distribute it. That is, we have enough extra food to more then happily feed the entire population of Africa and generic viagra professional then some, but getting it to them may be expensive, especially when the lack of good paved roads and railways makes modern freight shipping all but impossible. I'm basing this off the fact that, prior to mexico pharmacy the ethanol subsidies, farms were shutting down for want of customers.
Jobs and food for inner city areas
written by Rick, November 05, 2009
I wonder if these systems could be set-up in large unused builds in economically depressed areas in cities. Could they provide employment and food close to where it is needed?
Jobs etc.
written by Rick, November 05, 2009
Sorry I meant to write "buildings"
Organic food preservation
written by elizasmith, March 12, 2014
Way and procedure of wow look it cheapest viagra prices food preservation also changes with respect to change in our farming and cultivation. Changes towards good or better one is always effective and acceptable. After using new technology, machines, fertilizer and viagra cheap wait for a period finally a farmer achieve his goal. After this the most important part is to preserve it for future use. Organic food are very useful and healthy for our health for why we like to take organic food than other available in market.

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