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Enano E2: High Performace, High Efficiency Computing

If the 6 Watt Linutop is a Honda Insight - small, not much room or power, but efficient - then the Enano E2, packing Intel Core Duo technology, a DVD burner, up to 2GB of RAM and 160GB of storage, is the Wrightspeed X1 of computing - small, lightweight, quiet, energy efficient, and somewhat impractical. I love that they are 70-80% more efficient than a regular desktop, weighing in at around 65 watts power consumption (vs. a typical 300 watt system). The only thing that bugs me is that for the same price (they start at $650) you could get a laptop similarly equipped, which would probably draw less power than one of these when combined with a flat panel monitor. It has optional TV tuner and S-video out, but if you're looking for a set-top box you're probably better off with an appleTV for downloaded iTunes content or a linux box running MythTV for DVR functionality - Vista is notoriously crippled when it comes to multimedia, especially HD content. Lack of component or HDMI outputs make this a non-issue, though.

An Energy Star partner, Enano Computers envisions themselves as pioneers and revolutionaries:

"Our vision is generic cialis in india to provide viable energy efficient alternatives to buy levitra soft tabs traditional computer systems. E2s are the latest energy-efficient computer designed for our evolving planet. Our sole mission is to make a real, honest and lasting difference in how people around the world use computer energy."

All in all this is a sweet little machine. If you're running Vista and space is your number one concern (vendors, executives, and astronauts: take note) this little PC, highly reminiscent of the Mac Mini, may be the greenest option available. It's Energy Star compliant, and it's made from highly recyclable materials.


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