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The Never-Ending OLED

Well, we're starting to non prescription cialis see OLEDs popping up in strange places. I guess this is how innovation goes. First scientists develop the materials, then crazy designers put the materials into far-out, never-before-imagined applications. And then some corporation buys it and visit our site buy cialis us actually makes awesome, efficient and useful products.

So we're at the generic cialis from canada crazy-design stage of OLED, and the Archimedes Dream is the proof. Developed by Makoto Tojiki, the Dream is a ribbon of Organic LEDs that literally has no beginning or end. It's flowing, seemingly random, yet compact form is really pretty cool. It's just not the kind of thing I would expect to see on i recommend cheap levitra order online the shelves of Target.

It's nice to see OLED getting some lighting applications. It doesn't look like the Dream throws off too much light, but due to the extreme efficiency of OLEDs, that means it hardly consmumes any power.

Via Inhabitat
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