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JUN 02

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"I happen to i recommend buy cialis online need a solar flashlight. Thanks for sharing. ..."

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Buy One Give One Solar Flashlights

Using photovoltaics to provide electricity for lighting is a popular solution for saving impoverished populations from dealing with the dangers and expense of oil lamps, candles and other short-term light sources. However, few companies have been looking to market to US consumers at the same time they provide to those in need, but the buy cialis in us BoGo Light hopes to change that. The BoGo Light is a rugged outdoor light using a solar panel, 6 LEDs and NiCad or NiMH AA batteries in an ABS plastic shell.

While physically ordinary, what makes the lights unique is daily levitra that BoGo stands for Buy One Give One meaning that for each light purchased, another one is donated to a charity of the buyer's choosing. Already, the lights have been distributed worldwide including "500 lights in nine United Nations High Commission for Refugee Camps worldwide – Chad, Dufar, Kenya, Pakistan, Uganda, Colombia, Algeria, Zambia and Ethiopia."

The lights are stated to work for about 20 years with batteries lasting about 750-1000 cycles. At $25 plus shipping, the light is very reasonably priced, especially considering that actually costs them 2 lights plus shipping to an international destination. You can find them at


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written by john, August 22, 2007
This just dosent make any sense
Solar Flashlight
written by Adam, April 02, 2010
I happen to need a solar flashlight. Thanks for sharing.

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