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JUN 11

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Electric SUV Drives Cheap, Charges Quick

Travel 130 miles for $3 in an SUV? Yes you can... Altairnano has achieved it with an electric SUV presented directly to tramadol no prescription free overnight shipping their shareholders. The company partnered with Phoenix Motorcars to create the SUV, called the viagra china Phoenix, using Altairnano's batteries, which can recharge in as little as 10 minutes.

They plan to target fleet use first until recharging stations become more common. However they already are in talks with Pacific Gas & Electric to create a network of charge stations that would allow users to "top off batteries during a coffee stop." While at home, 220 volt outlets commonly used for clothes dryers or stoves allow a charge in around five hours.

We reported on Altairnano's batteries being used in the ZAP-X and it looks like they are trying to get out vehicles of canadian generic cialis online their own. Either way, lets get some of these on the road, or at least one for me to drive.

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Reno Gazette-Journal

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What's the range?
written by Hun Boon, June 12, 2007
Is the 130 miles supposed to be the range for a full charge?
written by Wil, June 12, 2007
I am looking to buy an ZAP car, when they are released, and I can afford to own such innovation. I think in the next five years there will be a shift in society where, we will sacrifice our big gas hogging vehicles ( I drive a '93 BMW ) and drive eco cars .. The price to own the car I want ( ) is about 60K USD .. Since I am Canadian, that creates obstacles.

Personally the innovation for an all electric vechical will have some road blocks ahead ( Charging Stations, Costs, Vechical access -- Sales, and just plain old advertising ) .

Personally speaking, my new life goal is to have the usa levitra Zap 012E , by it's production date of 2009.. (Prays)

We can be even Greener
written by Robert Persons, June 18, 2007
While I'm waiting anixously for a practical electric car, it's dissapointing to see this valuable technology applied to 5mg levitra SUVs. Almost nobody needs these high weight monsters ... more weight means more energy wasted, no matter how it's produced. And SUVs are responsible for 3-4,000 needless deaths per year in the US due to their height and lowest priced viagra weight (figures from the NTSB). Let's drive electric, and let's choose responsible vehicles that don't waste and kill.
Well, we need workhorses
written by Shermin de Silva, August 31, 2008
Just wanted to add a counter opinion to the post above. I agree that most people do not need SUVs, but I really like the idea that cleaner technology is being applied to these, the worst offenders. I for one am waiting for one I can afford. I do field work, following wild elephants. The gas prices where I work (outside the US, obviously) are killing us, and I hate thinking that we're polluting daily - though of necessity. My dream is to have a couple of zero emissions vehicles that are tough enough to deal with field conditions and charge them up on the sun we endure every day. Anyone has any recommendations, email me!

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