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JUN 11

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"Compuclean has been cleaning computer workstation since 1987, we feel ..."

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HP Gets Gold for Going Green

While Dell has received a fair amount of attention for their green work, HP has been taking steps of its own. HP just released the RP5700 desktop PC and achieved the EPEAT's first Gold rating. EPEAT is a rating system run by the Green Electronics Council that evaluates the environmental impact of computers, notebooks and propecia without a prescription monitors. Think of it as LEED certification for computers.

So far 12 desktops have achieved Bronze, 70 have Silver and now HP has the only Gold. The Gold standard requires products to meet the minimum requirements and 75% of optional criteria. HP took the biggest initiatives in the indian cialis generic areas of "reduction/elimination of buy cheap viagra india environmentally sensitive materials" and "Design for end of life", which includes eliminating use of PVC and other toxic materials and a minimum of 90% recyclability or reusability.

With the government backing the EPEAT, requiring 95% of government electronic purchase to be recognized under this system, hopefully consumers will follow suit and look for computers that are greener. More optimistically, I hope other manufacturers get jealous enough to start making some Gold standard computers themselves.

Via Inhabitat

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Great Job
written by Bryan, July 30, 2007
I was waiting for the longest time for a company that make a green PC of this standers. Great job HP for being the first ones who went above and beyond.
Compuclean //we green clean PC's
written by paul buddy washington, August 08, 2007
Compuclean has been cleaning computer workstation since 1987, we feel that our service is green cleaning approach to the desk top. We will be addressing this cleaning service to computer maker's , to bundle the service with computer maintenance, compuclean services help reduce computer waste to land-fills.. The Dells, HP, and all PC manufactors should be contacting our company for this service to be provided to all BUYER's, we take over where most cleaning companies leave off, desk-top cleaning

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