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JUN 13

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Building a Better Brick

Henry Liu, a retired civil engineer, has won the Popular Science 2007 Invention Award for producing a replacement for the more than 9 billion clay bricks manufactured in the US each year. Manufactured from fly ash, a byproduct of levitra vs cialis coal combustion with a worldwide surplus production running in the hundreds of millions of tons each year, these new bricks are as strong and safe as the bricks we're all used to seeing, cost 20% less to make, and are far more environmentally friendly.

Old 'n' Busted: clay bricks are fired in a kiln at over 2000°F (1100°C). New Hotness: Liu's new building material is cured in a 150°F (66°C) steam bath after exiting a 4000 psi (28,000 kPa) press, saving massive amounts of energy and reducing the generic viagra from canada online carbon footprint for builders considerably. In addition, the new bricks are easier to use which will save bricklayers time, and homebuilders money. To top it all off, the bricks may also improve air quality.

Having recently passed federal safety standards in the US, Liu will begin licensing his technology to manufacturers in 2008.


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written by David Gaian, June 14, 2007
Really LOVE your site and important articles eco-geek staff.

I notice that in the bio of this this article's author, Matt, there is mention of a Dayton Circus. I always wanted to i use it levitra pill run away and join the circus (didn't you?), but i had no idea that it would require a boy to shlepp all the way to busy Dayton, OH.

In any case, I'm writing on a creative whim and the hope that Matt might check back here and hook our small nonprofit start-up team with any one there at "the circus" with talents in the area of creative design (esp web design), copy writing, and etc.; anyone that would enjoy to take a look at a mad, impossible, fantastic collective dream for a new kind of prescription levitra international ecological and cialis cost humanitarian aid community that a bunch of friend from around the planet and I have been cooking up?

If so, would you be so kind as to point them towards the first draft of a project intro/overview .pdf there at our (very much) "under construction" web site:

I'd write more but, will save my excited rant for the lucky event of you (who every you are) syncing-up this quirky, but deeply sincere, missive with just the right creative/design-head friend of yours (...oh please, please, please!).

Thanks a million (happy whatevers),
David Gaian
Acting Director of Development, Equilife International (ngo)
Liu is gonna be rich
written by Holt, June 14, 2007
Wow, if everything on this article is 100% true and there aren't any disadvantages that we aren't aware of, Mr Liu, is going to be one very, very rich man. Retired too.
NSF link busted - correction below
written by Dave Spicer, June 14, 2007
The link at "...may also improve air quality" is broken. Leave off the cialis generic drug last parameter and it works:
What if.
written by someguy, June 15, 2007
What happens during a house fire? Or say, a building demolition. Wouldn't it be disaterous if the mercury gets out?
article from popular science magazine
written by fred, June 15, 2007
There's an article about this in this month (or last month's?) Popular Science magazine. In fact, that picture was probably lifted from their web site. Anyway, according to Popular Science, this dude had trouble getting his bricks to generico cialis pass federal safety standards, which stipulate that a brick must hold a certain amount of pressure after 30 (approx.) periods of get pharmacy freezing that heat. The dude tooled and re-tooled to get it working. Sounds good to me. Saves money and more environmentally friendly. Problem is, who uses brick anymore? It's all basic concrete, metal and glass, or stucco now. ???
People still use brick in many regions
written by indyGuy, June 15, 2007
Brick is where to buy cialis still extremely popular in many regions in the US. The article said 9 BILLION bricks are produced each year.
written by Nick, June 15, 2007
I assume it would be more utilized in third world countries...
written by Vincenze, June 16, 2007

Check the credit link at the end of the post :)
written by Ben K, June 19, 2007
Why are these new bricks easier to work with? There is nothing in the PS article about it.
written by Beth, June 23, 2007
Kudos to Mr. Liu. It's high time we have a new brick.
written by mike, October 25, 2009
i have discovered a bio-fuel that i now have tested and works great.. can some one point me in the right direction to now bring it to market.. it is totally green and cialis online best earth friendly...

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