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JUN 19

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"Properly inflated tires desperate OK rides from great rides. More pum..."

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Bike Rack Air Pump

What's a heklucht? The designers at Studio HiMom have combined a bike stand with an air pump, so that bicycle commuters can be assured of having fully inflated tires for their commute.

"The stainless steel construction lends to its durability while the polished steel exterior shines brightly against the dull, grey of city sidewalks. The Heklucht is a perfect combination of design and functionality, and although originally conceived only as an art project, it most certainly has a place in our urban lives!"

This isn't flashy high-tech; it is something that just makes sense. And making it easier and cialisbest cialis more convenient for people to the best site levitra free pills use their bikes is very good site online cialis uk good design for us all.

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We have these
written by Lenny, June 20, 2007
We have something similar to that over at the Ghent library, too bad I never go there by bike cuz' there's such a high risk of theft in that area.
Just make run-flat bicycle tyres!
written by GTW, June 20, 2007
written by Tobias, June 22, 2007
heklucht means "fence air". you should read it as "hek" (= fence)-"lucht" (= air). I don't see this picking up speed in the US but here in the Netherlands it would be handy, there are more bikes than people in this country! (at least I think, I know for sure there are more pigs than people here ^.^)
That's cool.
written by celia, November 23, 2007
I want one.
Tire pressure makes the ride
written by schecky, November 25, 2012
Properly inflated tires desperate OK rides from great rides. More pumps = better biking.

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