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JUN 22

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"wht is the best shape for a wind turbine??..."

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New Shape-Shifting Personal Wind Turbine

Ben Storan just won first prize in BSI's 2007 Sustainability awards for his design for a shape-shifting, vertical axis personal wind turbine.

The device works very much like the Quiet Revolution wind turbines. The design is visit our site best canadian pharmacy less efficient than Quiet Revolution turbines, but much more efficient than other turbines marketed toward homeowners. Plus, this new way of building turbines has other advantages as well.

First, the simplicity of Storan's design will bring down the costs significantly from other similar personal turbines. Though, were still looking at a fairly expensive energy appliance.

Second, Storan's turbine can change shape, much like an umbrella, so that it produces the we like it cheap viagra generic maximum amount of electricity at a wide range of wind speeds and we choice buying levitra without prescription can also be folded up, much like an umbrella, during extremely strong winds. Other turbines have to be locked in place, or even taken down during severe storms.

Beyond Ben's £3,000 award, we can hope that he'll begin marketing and selling the design for big bucks in the near future.

Via TreeHugger and BSI

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green companies
written by sfogreen, June 24, 2007
Since "green" businesses are popping up left and right, I love that The Social Venture Network is holding a contest to reward business leaders of buy levitra in canada no prescription socially responsible companies! If you know a CEO or high-level person in such a company, please send this link to them:
written by gabriella, June 24, 2007
its about time someone started spreading global warming.i just heard about this website 2 minutes ago.i zoomed aroud your website but to me i all ready know what your talking about .but its good for people who dont know to learn.heres something u probably didnt now.people dont care.well rich people.all they care about is making more money.they dont care if their childrens childrens die because of global warming or if its over 100 degrees in jan.especially people who own plants
Science of warming.
written by K-wrap Buster, July 02, 2007
"Global warming," latest scare-tactic. Natural weather variations with a normal warming cycle, then cooling down after a few more years. So says the American Indian next door. His great-grandmother saw the glacier ice recede from the Idaho panhandle in about 1810. That ice melted way before "industrialization" took effect.

Why is our culture in love with the idea of scary thoughts like global warming? Could it be an ego-centric mental malady that boasts that we humans could actually change the cheap discount levitra thermal mass of the entire earth? Call it ego-mania, but do cost tramadol not call "global warming" science.
written by niko, July 24, 2007
great!! keep up the good work
written by Jon, October 27, 2007
I can't find out data to back up this guy's claims. He doesn't seem to have a website or published his findings. I find this strange considering he has won an award. If this design really is as good as he says then he'll be very wealthy in the near future as current urban wind turbines simply don't make financial sense
written by Roger, February 25, 2008
I am dealing on a skystream wind turbine right now. I would really like more information on this one. Can I get it?
Wind turbines
written by Leighann, May 22, 2008
wht is the best shape for a wind turbine??

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