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JUN 26

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"LED T8 fluorescent replacements from these guys work great. Everled bu..."

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LED 'Fluorescent' Tubes

A lot of us have been waiting to see LED lamps in homes and i recommend indian cialis offices. Good news! EverLED now has LED replacements for fluorescent tubes. These connect directly into the lamp, and require no retrofitting of the ballast or the fixture.

"The EverLED TR is a direct, “drop-in” replacement for standard fluorescent light tubes. It is compatible with virtually every standard, ballast equipped fluorescent light fixture, without any need for modification."

These are currently available as standard 4' size tubes in 5 different color temperatures. The distributor advertises these as having a 10 year typical lifespan and 20% energy use reduction versus standard fluorescent tubes. They also note that there is no mercury or lead in these replacements, and that they do not have a breakage hazard as do standard glass tubes.

The $150 price tag will probably keep the rush to a minimum...but if my calculations are correct, they'll pay for themselves easily over the life of the bulb.

via: hugg and Gizmag

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Good try but what are we gaining?
written by Adam M, June 27, 2007
I don't like it. As someone who used to change flourescent tubes and ballasts for a living I know how a bad ballast can ruin lights and cause premature replacement, besides using the ballast to up the voltage just to drop it again seems ineffiecient, I think you're better off sticking with the viagra sales canada fluorescent bulb and recycleing (which oldly usually costs more then the bulb did in the first place). Don't get me wrong I appreciate their innovation and trying to viagra pfizer canada get led lights into new places with minimal hassle, but personally I would rather spend the 10-20 minutes removing the existing ballast and try it best quality levitra powering it off straight 110-277 then use one of these plug and play lights.
new strip light technology
written by Gordon Foat, June 27, 2007
I would like to see how it stacks up against the other technologies now on the market for reducing light power /emissions. / Future Energies
great minds think alike
written by Gregg, June 28, 2007

This is generic levitra brand definitely not the cialis with no prescription best office lighting solution, but it allows a transition to LED technology without a change in infrastructure. I think this is a very important step, considering the amount of fluorescent lights being consumed these days.

I worked on a business model about three years ago that was very similar to this product. Power consumption is about 50% of fluorescent bulbs and your replacement period becomes 10+ years so there are huge long-term savings. Most office buildings leave some or all of their primary lighting active for security purposes so we were planning to integrate a small battery system into our light modules. With such a low power consumption, this allowed us to provide two additional features: motion-based after-hours lighting & emergency lighting capabilities.

The main problem with this type of overnight shipping cialis product is the huge upfront cost. We all know that 10 years from now there will be a much better alternative to this product so it is hard to real viagra without a prescription justify the long-term commitment. That being said, I am very happy to see a product like this on the market. LEDs are going to change our world for the better!
another site
written by Joe, June 30, 2007
I seen in a website a T8 fluorescent replacements too, I think much cheaper than those from everled, they have weird products but some cool like the desk lamps, look in

Maybe are still pricy but if we consider the LED life about 50K or more hours, and the generic cialis uk online pharmacy less watts consumption I think is profitable... i hope soon the LED get lower prices, they are cool.
The ORIGINAL Manufacturer for the iBrigh
written by Andy Chang, August 05, 2007
In fact, the original manufacturer of this iBright LED Fluorescent Light is ATG Electronics.
This product was developed by them in their R&D center, and is viagra medicare uk a right solution to replace traditional fluorescent light.
Saving Energy, Green, Long Life...
Imagine what benefits the iBright LED Fluorescent Light will bring to our life and this world.
written by Irina Kiryuschev, August 11, 2007
Send please more informations.
written by Gale Teschendorf, September 07, 2007
Ballast? What ballast? The web sites that I see that have this and similar florescent replacements require you to bypass the ballast. The 10-year life will be improved in the future.

$150? Must be the MSRP, you can already buy them for $65 $30 shipping for one. Less in quantities. Still high but better.
LED wave of the future
written by Steve, October 04, 2007
I think we are all missing the point here. Yeah it may cost more now with not being able to pay it self off ofr a few years but there are 460 MILLION fluorscent bulbs thrown in the trash every single year. Plus the manufacturing of so many bulbs, using the LED and changing them out less often will help with the CO2 that is released into the levitra non prescription atmosphere decreasing green house gases that is the real matter at hand.
purchasing director
written by Mr. Peter Gemesi, November 05, 2007
at least as interesting as the Sodium E27/40 replacement to the relevant LED lamp in streetlights. Since we are Hungarian (EU) distributor of electrical and lighting products, we are interested in both purchasing and reselling of these kind of items. Every additional information is welcome
Purchasing Director
written by Mr. Peter Gemesi, November 05, 2007
at least as interesting as the Sodium E27/40 replacement with the relevant LED lamps in streetlighting. Since we are qualified distributor of electrical and above mentioned similar lighting products in Hungary (EU), beside it seems we can offer the lowest prices and good quality in T5 replacement every additional information, new contacts are welcome for purchasing and reselling goods.
LED Fluorescent Replacement System
written by ReLED Systems, November 09, 2007
ReLED Systems, a division of female viagra pharmaceutical Bartco Lighting, introduces the Re-LT5 LED Component System. This solid state fluorescent replacement consists of high brightness diodes packaged in standard fluorescent lamp formats, coupled with a low profile driver. The durable, extruded aluminum Re-LT5 LED lamp conforms to the dimensions of a linear T5 lamp and installs into fluorescent G5 base lamp holders just as easily. Likewise, the electronic Re-DR Driver installs as simply as a fluorescent ballast. The strait-forward design of the components simplifies the utilization of LED technology into retrofit and new construction applications. Realize the benefits of solid state lighting such as low energy consumption, long lamp life, wide operating temperature range and no UV emissions with minimal effort.

written by Tkuechle, November 26, 2007
This is a good product, unless energy costs go down. Historically, they have not.

property management
written by Dave B, December 17, 2007
1.The old fluorescent are so fragile, and when broken, emit nasty chemicals/gases, and dust, and also hundreds of tiny shards of recommended site viagra 30 mg glass. This is one of those small liability issues.

2.The tubes don't stack safely in supply closets and take up valuable space. A 10 year life would mean you would need to stock only a couple repacements if that.

3. As the normal tubes age, they flicker and let off a dimmer light, creating headaches and drabiness in offices.

4. They are not easy to dispose of, and if kids find fluorescent tubes sticking out of garbage bins they will have fun breaking them in a parking lot, and throw rocks at them, and smash them together as light sabers, just as we did when we were dumb kids.

I am going to get a couple LED ones to test out, and if the online order levitra light looks good Ill convert my office over.
LED Fluorescent Lamp News
written by John Ronfell MD, December 19, 2007 is a division of the Ronfell Group ( Introducing LED replacement lamps T5 in all sizes. T8 1 Foot - 6foot (1830mm) in warm white to brilliant white and we use it buy levitra online cheap colours red, blue, green, yellow and amber.
All LED fluorescent lamps to IK7 impact resistance for Food application (No Glass). Also inrtoducing a range of LED floodlights and street lighting. In the UK and Europe our customers report considerable savings in Electrical power costs and WEEE payments with return on capital costs within one year. LED Lighting has got to be the way forward to brand levitra for sale help reduce Global Warming. Interested parties can contact me for special prices which do viagra 10mg not have to be high. Happy Christmas to all.
International distributor of LED's
written by Paul Prior, February 12, 2008
My company is an international distributor of LED replacement lamps. We have greatly reduced the pricing of the LED type bulbs and are constantly increasing the products available. Feel free to contact us if you wish to distribute with us, We will beat any price for our distributors, helping them maximize profits while pushing the prices down.

Best regards,

Paul Prior
written by Chun, Min Gyoo, March 20, 2008
To Whom it may concern

Please send me your brochur, price list.

Thank you and have a nice day.


LED Tubes
written by LED Fan, March 26, 2008
Most cheap LED fluorescent tubes can't be used as a fluorescent tube replacement since they are dark.
Do all of you know the difference between high power LED and good old LED?

High power LEDs are surface mount LEDs. Nichia's high power LEDs have 6 bare chips and they have greater surface for heat sink.
The good old cheap LEDs do not have much area for the heat to escape.
The cheap LED lighting of around US$40 to US$60 use cheap good old LEDs and most of them have heat sink problems. This will lead to over heating of LED bare chips so they will not last very long. Also from the heat, the bullet shaped resin will not last.
Another problem is the solder. Cheap LEDs tubes are manufactured in China and each LED is soldered by hand. Because LED lighting uses aluminum for heat sink, the solder looses heat to the aluminum. Solder itself is usually lead free so higher heat is necessary. I suspect lead free solder is not used.
You will find defects in the future.

Surface mount high power LEDs are mounted by full automation so you will not fine much solder defects. You may find solder defects where manufactures connect the alluminum chip boards.

In Japan there is a company called MoMo Alliance Co., Ltd. and their LED fluorescent tube is manufactured by Nichia Corporation (The largest LED manufacturer in Japan. Its expensive but the i recommend cialis medication quality is outstanding.

EverLED is OK but MoMo Alliance's tube is by far brighter. 2000lm. Their product is the only LED tube which is actually brighter than conventional fluorescent tubes.
They have also developed a compact LED driver which can convert 100V to power 100W. With this driver they can light 2 LED tubes in a single fixture at 50W each.
To Paul Prior, regarding his company
written by Aleksander H. Rendtslev, April 02, 2008
I would very much like to hear more of buy viagra with paypal your company, however you seemed to have forgotten putting in any contact information. Could you please post a link or contact me on my email?
We are manufacturer of LED fluorescent t
written by roc, April 15, 2008
we are manufacturer of LED fluorescent tubes and we have 2 different style tubes, one can replace the old normal fluorescent directly, not need re-connect any wires etc, but the old starter still cost about 23W energy, another style you should re-connect the wires inside the fitting and pass the stater, or we can supply with new fitting, this can avoid cost energy for the old starter, the first style fluorescent tube can be use as the second tube too, connect to the main power socket is OK. we have USA and UK company for sell our products, you can contact with them or our Chna factory.
rocnewhope01 at yah o o dot co m
wind turbine
written by roc, April 15, 2008
and we produce wind/solar hybrid LED street light too, if you are interesting in our products, please contact with us directly.
led tube supply
written by Richie Huang, April 19, 2008
We are one of the largest manufacturer of Led Tube in China,
led tube supply
written by Richie Huang, April 19, 2008
the largest manufacturer of Led Tube in China,
led tube supply
written by Richie Huang, April 19, 2008
manufacturer of Led Tube in China,

OSMIN Partnership
written by Steven Pringle, April 30, 2008
We repersent the OSMIN partnership, a group of high quality LED manufacturers in China who have combined to lower costs and produce higher quality LED products. The comapnies involved in the partnership are at the cutting edge of LED R&D and have produced a variety of innovative LED products, these innovations include a new high power tube light with a protective element which protects the internal circuit to secure the lifespan of the whole product. Bulbs with revolutionary protective metal casing and the newest breakthrough path and street lighting products.
Super bright T8/10, T5 LED fluorescent t
written by Brian Chou, May 29, 2008
We make the best LED Fluorescent tubes, because we use the highest Lumen output LED and the most stable power supply inside, that is why we are so confident. Another, we are really applying for the UL, cos we have received several container quantity orders from US and Canada. We are most reliable partner.
led tube supply
written by led tube supply, June 02, 2008
manufacturer of Led Tube in China.
Paul Prior Contact
written by Terry Reed, June 12, 2008
Paul, I am interested in getting more information. Please send me your contact info.

Sales engineer
written by Lizzy, June 23, 2008
Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that we are an 8-year-old manufacturer specialized in LED Lamp, LED Module, LED Bulb, LED Strip, LED Rope Light, Hight Power LED,etc. We take this opportunity to write to you with a view to set up friendly business relations with you.

We are excellent in quality and reasonable in price. As one of the leading exporters in this line, we have many connections all over the world. Our ROHS, CE, UL, ISO 9001 certifications assure you of commitment to quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Please let us know immediately if you are interested in our products. We will send you our price list and sample to you as soon as we receive your specific inquiry.

We look forward to your early reply. Thanks and best regards!
Yours sincerely,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: 86 755 83544570-209
Fax: 86 755 61368278
Mobile: 86 15889416680
MSN: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Skype: szlby1
Yahoo: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
smilies/smiley.gif smilies/smiley.gif
written by Lizzy, June 23, 2008
Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that we are an 8-year-old manufacturer specialized in LED Lamp, LED Module, LED Bulb, LED Strip, LED Rope Light, Hight Power LED,etc. We take this opportunity to write to you with a view to set up friendly business relations with you.

We are excellent in quality and reasonable in price. As one of the leading exporters in this line, we have many connections all over the world. Our ROHS, CE, UL, ISO 9001 certifications assure you of commitment to quality standards and customer satisfaction
Yours sincerely,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: 86 755 83544570-209
Fax: 86 755 61368278
Mobile: 86 15889416680
MSN: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Skype: szlby1
Yahoo: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sales Director
written by Andy, June 27, 2008

We are a manufaturer of Led lighting productor.

We consider lighting products as a big potential market in the later future.

We also not planning to provide you a cheap but bad quality which is not our aim in this market. We hope can eastablish a good relationship with our customer and contribute a win-win situation.

If you are interested in these products, please don`t hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Skype: Andytang7518
written by Nelson B. Sherrill, July 05, 2008
We are looking for a wholesale supplier of LEDs. T-8 and other fluorescent lights replacements. We will be selling in the US for commerical applications. Serious only, Please no middle men. You will be weeded out.
Please send me a product list with prices, and a contact

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Thank You
written by AZ, August 06, 2008
This is for you, if are looking for LEDs suppliers and LED buyers, Join
Supplier of direct replacement LED Fluor
written by James Hammmond, August 12, 2008
My organisation supplies direct replacement LED Fluorescent tubes in T5 and T8 fitting from 2ft to 6ft, we also supply MR16's and GU10's.

Due to our vast experience within the LED industry we have been very precise in getting the right product to market. We created various prototypes and then listened to feedback from companies we supplied free samples too. We now have selected the best light for the market.

We sell a selection of colour temperatures e.g. Pure White, Warm White, Ice White and the tube itself can be supplied in either Clear or Diffused form.

We are a UK based organisation but are experienced to selling within a global platform. For further information e-mail myself or visit the website...and don't forget to utilise the cost saving calculator to view the energy cost savings you can make when installing DDS LED fluorescent tubes.


James Hammond

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

written by William Schaffer, August 15, 2008
I hope they take into consideration lightning strikes. I bought the other type that requires ballats replacement. A strike blew it, not even a year old.
How good are they?
written by Fenton, August 25, 2008
Can any one they me how good is the LED tube?
Does it spread light as good as fluorescent tubes?
How well does it work for offices where good lighting is important.
Sourcing Manager
written by ycft, August 28, 2008
Could you let me know if your LED light tube can't DIRECTLY retrofit the existing, not change the existing circuit, like remove the starter or ballast?
Another question, it also work under the electronic ballast, right?
If sure,please contact with me,
please quote for me 1000sets, 1.2m, 230vac and cold white; please also pass u product spec to me.
This LED tube form Spectrum lighting wor
written by Fredrik, August 31, 2008
We have just tested the LED tubes form Spectrum Lighting. They require no ballast or starter and fits into the original light fittings. The light output looks the same or greater. This looks like technology for today, not tomorrow? Cash positive in about one year at a 24/7 operation and maintenance free for 5 years plus! What are we waiting for?
Retrofit LED Fluorescent Tubes 1200mm
written by James Hammond, September 01, 2008
At DDS UK LTD our LED fluorescents are direct replacements (there is no requirement to remove the starter/ballast).

We include 16 or 24 watt 1200 mm T8 tubes in Cold White in our range. The per tube price for the 16watt 1200mm is £70.00 and £88.00 for the 24watt 1200mm.

For a 1000 including delivery by airfreight.
£61.00 (16 watt) and £76.00 (24 watt) respectively

For 1000 in 16 watt = £58.00 and 24 watt = £73.00 using delivery by Seafrieght.

For your information (our non-direct replacements) requiring removal of starter/ballast would cost £38 for 15w 1200mm or £33.00 (per tube for 1000 using airfreight), £32.00 using seafrieght (per tube for 1000 tubes)

Please view our website or contact myself for further information regarding our product range.

As well as a full range of LED fluorescent tubes in 3 brightness level(SuperBright/UltraBright/UltraBright Plus), we also supply LED Flexilight which can be used in a variety of locations.

Not meaning to disregard the LED Fluorescent Tubes sold by other organisations, but our tubes are truly wonderful (at long last), we have really invested heavily in development costs and supplied countless samples in order to ensure customers will be satisfied with the brightness level.

Superbright (which is meant to be the low power offering) is looking brighter than standard fluorescents at present and UltraBright/UltraBright Plus offers brighntess unrivalled by anything else I have seen.

At the end of the day LED Fluorescent tubes should look like fluorescent tubes and alot of what I have seen offered within the market looks like a tube full of LED's. We have created an LED Fluorescent tube!!
Kind regards

James Hammond

written by Justin, September 08, 2008
Has anyone used these things in their offices? Lets get away from the theoretical. For a 3 lamp t8 fixture, 3f32t8, do I need 2 of these lamps? and how does the lumen output compare? and do old ballasts run them just as well? tell me something real. I want to buy these for my office but I cant do it as an expirement.
FAO Justin
written by James Hammond, September 16, 2008
We have various applications which have utilised LED fluorescents.

For a 3 lamp fixture, if you used 3 standard tubes, you would use 3 LED tubes. The cost saving is due to the reduction in energy usage, and that LED's last 2.5 longer than standard tubes.

I think people are getting paranoid about this new technology. You are getting a fluorescent tube, which is energy efficient, that is the only difference. You would simply reduce your electricity & maintenance costs. I can send you a sample if you contact me on the above e-mail address or e-mail some specifications/photos depending on your lighting need.

The lumen output on our tubes is about the same as the corresponding size of standard tube. This should be the case for any tube, some offerings I have seen from other companies are basically Christmas tree lights threading through a plastic tube!!


Has any one actually installed these tub
written by Fenton, September 18, 2008
Is there anyone who can tell me they have installed these tubes and if so are you happy with them? and would you recommend them.
FAO Fenton
written by James Hammond, September 19, 2008
I'm writing from the perspective of a company who produces and sells LED Fluorescents. Much of what is coming out of e.g. China at the moment is not up to standard, basically putting LED's in a tube is not a fluorescent tube. We are a UK based organisation.

At our organisation we are obviously using LED fluorescent tubes within our offices and for testing purposes.

Ourn Illume-LED Fluorescent tubes are now excellent direct-replacements for fluorescent tubes, after investing heavily in r and d to ensure we have the perfect product.

All I can do is send you a photo of our tube, photos can be misleading but whatever LED tube you look at should look like a fluorescent e.g. You should not be able to see the individual LED's or the light shouldnt look 'stripey'.

Contact us at info@ddsukltd for more information.

On our website we have also created a money saving calculator, highlighting the cost saving using our Illume-LED


James Hammond
LED T8/5, High Power Pool Lamp, Wall Was
written by Brian Chou, September 26, 2008
T8 leds
written by Brian Chou, October 06, 2008
Sincerely welcome you to write down your contact here so that we can email you.
LED much money will t
written by James Hammond, October 07, 2008
Since the conception of these tubes everyone within the LED/Lighting industry has recognised the benefits of money saving and reducing harm to the environment. But...despite a surge of interest at present, few large companies have made the bold move and bought in bulk to convert their premises to LED fluorescents. Why can this be?
written by Brian Chou, October 10, 2008
written by Brian Chou, October 10, 2008
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,
Direct Replacement LED Fluorescent tubes
written by James Hammond, October 28, 2008
Our direct replacement range of LED Fluorescent tubes are extremely efficient. Any order will be paid back in energy saving within 2 years. This figure is paid back within a year when employing our non-direct tubes .

E-mail for a brochure or visit our website for more information.

The Math Does Not Work, Yet
written by M. McCoy, November 06, 2008
I am truly an advocated of this technology, especially since mercury will no longer be used in the bulbs. The safety and environmental aspects are nearly priceless, and I'm not exactly what anyone would call a tree hugger.

For the time being, it is slightly cost prohibitive though. See below.

EverLED: $150/bulb & $.00173/hr to run
F-Tube: $2.50/bulb & $.00255/hr to run

Ignoring expected life spans, i.e. never changing either bulb, the break even point occurs at 179878 hours, or roughly 20.5 years of continuos use. I'll pass for now, but when these bulbs drop below $20 a piece, stay out of my way, I'll be the first in line.
FAO M. McCoy
written by James Hammond, November 11, 2008
Yours maths must have a major flaw somewhere.

Our LED Fluorescent tubes at are paid for after fifteen months of use. The UK Government is also allowing enhanced capital allowance for companies who purchase this form of lighting.

I accept this may be different in the US, but in the UK LED Fluorescent tubes are definately becoming a reality, with alot of the big companies trialling the product in one warehouse....this is obviously after they have looked at the money savings.

Hey James
written by Fenton, November 14, 2008
Hi James you seem to know what you are talking about I have some interest in your tubes but I want to know exactly how much I will save.
With fluorescent tubes do they actually use more power than the lamp wattage, say a 58watt tube, does it actually use more than 58watts when you take into consideration the ballast.
VP Sales
written by Leo, March 10, 2009
I'm surprised, LED technology is still "so new" to everybody. Our first LED light tube launched back in 2001. Our customers are the big-two real estate developers in Hong Kong. They are already saving energy/money everyday. They received energy efficient awards because of using our products. Energy consumption for lighting is usually the second highest category for residential/business buildings, next to air conditioning. How about a 80% saving for the second highest energy-comsumption category in a 40 stories high building? These products are not difficult to sell at all!

The ROI (return of investment) period range from 6 to 12 months for our products. Anything more than 12 months would not be offering to our customers. The ROI period greatly depends on the number of middle man/women, but not the technologies itself! For Hong Kong market, I have only one middle man.

We promote energy efficient and environmental friendly lighting products. Since we are not non-profit organization. We promote energy saving while making reasonable profit. But it is different than maximizing profit while claiming energy efficient.

Even tough we are a manufacturer, we do not make the LED chips, we are not Cree, we are not Nichia, we are not Luxeon. We just know how to put things together.

We do have our own R&D, Production/QC, marketing and customer education team.

We are seeking long term partners who are already in the field and promoting energy efficient lighting products. We have solid job references and effective customer support.

We do not promote our products on website. Website is more effective in educating our competitors and providing a platform for copying products and ideas. Since we are not in retail/wholesale business, a good website is the last piority to us.

We do have comprehensive product data and information kit for our potential long term partners.

Feel free to email me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

written by Henry, March 15, 2009
Cant help a liitle chuckle at the number of people posting here claiming to be professional manufacturers or distributors, many of whom do not have professional corporate email address and very very bad web sites.LED Tubes from the right source though, very interesting.
Sell T5/T8 led fluorsecent lamp
written by Ms. Caren Tang, April 06, 2009
Shenzhen Volun Electronic Co., Ltd is manufacturing Led fluorescent lamp,led bulbs, led spotlight, led flexible strip. Most of our products have approved CE&ROHS.
Led lights is saving energy, protect the eyes, make people comfortable and relax, beauty the indoor and outdoor, etc.
written by Olen Nantz, May 29, 2009
What was not explained is that solid state or LED linear lights do not need a ballast so when you retrofit to LEDs you remove the ballast and you do wire it direct to your line voltage. There is one caviot to that is that you cannot use and you must check to see if the lamp sockets are shunted
written by Carlin, August 02, 2009
Can't they make something like this that doesn't need the ballast? It would be easy enough to disconnect the ballast from existing fluorescent light fixtures and then you wouldn't have the problems from ballast failures.
LED T8 Manufacturer Digolight
written by Melody, August 22, 2009
written by kina, August 25, 2009
Dear Valued Customer,

I am Kina, U.S Marketing Manager from lighting manufacturer "GreenZM" located in Zhuhai, China, near Macau and Hong Kong.

"GreenZM" is the original producer with R&D and ISO Quality Control, as no united standard to test these products, brand "GreenZM" LED Tube Lights got ETL Certificate using UL standard to test (3171852) with FCC to meet LM79 and 80 from U.S Energy Star standard, as well as EMC and LVD test reports, using EU standards.
Best Regards


U.S Marketing Manager of GreenZM Tech

+86-137 2627 3511
Zhuhai Green Lighting Technology Co., Ltd
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Skype: led.light.kina
Msn: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
written by Simon, August 31, 2009
This is all very impressive, Direct replacements,no hope. From my trials with 3 Major companies all have failed with either poor light output or lamp failures.

Cliams that the are brighter that T8 should be made clear they have a higher intenisity at 120 deg beam, but the luman output is at least half that of a T8 Lamp.

The light distrobution is controlled by the light fitting designed on using a lamp the produces light at 360 deg.
What's the glare rateing from the fitting when you retofit them?

T8 XXT lamps from Osram are rated at 75,000 Hours with 10% light loss 5 Year warranty.

Cree the leaders in high output LEDs are still at 30% light loss at 50,000 hours, if there are no heat issues.

We all want to help to reduce our energy consumption,
but Return on Investment is still a major goal.

Another LED product we investigated had no EMC compliance.
you guys should do the research before talking
written by bob, October 23, 2009
First you do not use the exisiting ballest just the fixture, the ballest is out of the circuit, @nd I have them in my office and the light output is better, there is no ballest noise and they are non breakable.
I love them
Costs of electricity
written by Andy, April 16, 2010
You say you will stick with the fluoros but its your wallet thats going to hurt. Electricity prices are only going up and with good reason, considering how many people there are out there that just don't get the connection with energy consumption and the demise of the earth. Sounds serious, well it is, isn't it!!
Everled TR
written by Michael Wilson, May 05, 2010
Hi to all. I have read the comments, and there are so many valid points. I want to make just one of my own. These are a terrific product. Yes, there are some other issues. I see many times that there are cheaper T* replacements. Yes, there are. There is a UL issue with those. If you rewire all of the sockets in a fixture to line voltage, and remove the ballast, you have voided the UL listing of the fixture. They are coming along, but it is doubtful you'll ever see the expected L70 life of those tubes.
With the engineering of the TR tube, you'll get the 87,000 hr life , which is an awesome payback, energy wise, and environmentally.
written by Sean, May 11, 2010
The company in which I work has a variety of LED fluorescent tubes that you can choose from. T5, T8 and T10's; as well as, rope lighting, under cabinet and many other products. They will last over 50,000 hours while traditional fluorescent may only last 10-12,000. The wattage on LED's is much lower and as stated above will help to substantially reduce a companies utilities bill and has nearly no maintenance required, helping to reduce over-head.

If you take a look at the website there is an ROI chart and additional helpful information.
written by charlie, June 17, 2010
I have replaced the T8 36W flourescent tube in my place with a 18W LED tube with the all the fitting (including ballast) intact and it is working fine. I am delighted as the LED cost me $20 only and I can replace the fluorescent tube in a minute without any hassle and the illuminance is from LED is higher than the T8 fluorescent.
written by Trent, July 14, 2010
Charlie, were did you purchase a 18W LED tube for $20 that was of good quality?
LED T8 fluorescent replacements work great
written by Ian, September 14, 2011
LED T8 fluorescent replacements from these guys work great. Everled builds these in the United States, not parts from overseas. No, not cheap, but built RIGHT. They just pop in and I put a WattsUpPro on mine to measure it. My 2-tube fixture is drawing only 40W. I actually rolled them upside down in the fixture to try bouncing the light off the fixture itself for fun. Either way, I leave them on pretty much always. Really good overall ambient light at my workbench AND my computer desk. Zero complaints, no buyers remorse, and I like them ALOT better than the fluorescents down the hall. They have come down to I think $79-

Bottom line is to retrofit a hallway WITHOUT bypassing the ballasts, just plugging them in, you can try out a section of building, and if they aren't preferred, go back to Fluorescent tubes with no regret. You won't though. EVERYone around me agrees they like mine better than the fluorescents.

Here's a link to their new ones:

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