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JUN 27

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"Hi, This is great guide on how to select the best electric lawn mower...."

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Electric Mower Review at Wired

Wired Magazine has an excellent starter guide for folks looking to green up their lawn maintenance. They make some good points for why you should do it. Most lawn mowers are powered by two-stroke engines that produce more than ten times the pollution of a four-stroke car engine. Plus electric mowers are far more carbon-efficient, and keep pollution out of your yard.

You can get a lot more green for your buck by upgrading your lawnmower than by upgrading your car. Plus, they're just as powerful, and so much pleasant on your sleeping neighbor's ears. In fact, I'm about ready to buy one for my landlord, so his early-morning mowing isn't quite so obnoxious.

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Missed one
written by Dutch, June 27, 2007
The Neuton should also have been on the list, IMHO. I don't have one yet, but it's the one that I am most seriously considering.
Poor Review
written by Ken Z, June 27, 2007
I find it sad that Wired, whom you'd expect would have competent reviewers, would neglect to include the Neutron Power electric lawnmower, which is how to get cialis no prescription the online levitra canadian highest volume battery-electric lawnmower sold in the US. And, even though the Bosch battery powered mower isn't sold in the US, it is an admirable engineering competitor. Instead, it seems that they got an idea, grabbed a couple of mowers from the nearest outlet, and called that a comparison test/review. That's some seriously sad journalism, and less than I would expect from wired. I'd also have expected Wired to delve more into analyzing CO2/pollution avoidance, in a "cradle to very good site levitra online usa mowed acre" analysis. I now categorize Wired in with USA Today.
Wastefull in terms of Water and buy cialis in england Energy
written by Shumeister, June 27, 2007
Cutting the grass very short in the Summer creates the need to use more water. I find that keeping the grass relatively long(4") helps saves on water. Plus why not use manual/push mower? Instead of viagra best price fuel/electric powered ones. Electricity still has to come from somewhere... :-
My old B&D works fine
written by Matt Fischer, June 27, 2007
I have a 4 year old Black & Decker 18" electric that works great. Okay, I had some issues with the cord at first, but im over it. I don't bag at all (didnt even buy one), which is good because that model was a side-bag model, which are pretty inconvenient to use.

The city where I live gives you a rebate for buying an electric mower as well, maybe some others do too?
waiting for Husqvarna with Firefly batte
written by kballs, June 27, 2007
Husqvarna is working with Firefly to build cordless electric mowers using their batteries (which are supposed to produce a lot more charge per pound and last a lot longer). They indicated that it would be on the market by spring 2008.

I also have a 3 year old Black & Decker corded mower with the side bag... I intended to mulch most of the time when I got it, but with the dog tracking in the clippings I started bagging most of the time. The combination of the side bag AND the cord is really inconvenient. I want a cordless rear bagger... though I don't want one with conventional lead-acid batteries that will die every couple years and need replacement (if even available). I don't mind replacement but it's gotta be user-replaceable and last longer between replacements (and even better would be the ability to try it what is the cost of cialis upgrade to newer battery technology without buying a new mower).

Shumeister, some of us really don't like having to rake up the clippings every time we mow... they don't make mulching or bagging manual mowers. I'd say at that point why have a lawn at all, you can save even more water and energy by just planting shrubs. Me? I have a dog and she needs an open space to play and poop.
Must be an American thing.
written by rob, June 27, 2007
This is interesting, I live in the UK and electric mowers must outnumber petrol by ten to one, or more. But whenever I see an American film with lawn mowing, the mower is always petrol, must be a cultural thing.
In the UK the battery powered mowers never really took off, as the charge doesn't last long and viagra price in canada the batteries die take levitra after a few cold winters. Cable rotary mowers are the most common, either wheeled or hover.
Fix the Lawn Not The Mower
written by Dave, June 28, 2007
More efficient mowers are the wrong way to approach this problem. Get rid of the lawn once and for all by installing a low maintenance, low water need landscape of native plants.
Manual mowers
written by Shawn Fumo, June 29, 2007
I just want to mention that they do make manual mowers with bag attachments. The main disadvantage of a reel mower is the inability to cut very high stuff. But if you mow often enough, they can work well. Golf courses use powered reel mowers I believe..

In any case, electric seems much better than gas. :)
The CMM1200 is another great cordless mo
written by Reuben Gathright, September 28, 2008
We should all do our part to save the enviroment and encourage the growth of buy levitra soft tabs the solar and wind power industries. Cordless electric lawn mowers go a long ways towards these goals. I recently purchased the Black & Decker Cordless Electric Lawnmower the CMM1200. I hope my review will help you make a decision about our future.
Home owner
written by Robert Morrison, February 10, 2009
Can anyone tell me if Black&Decker are coming out with a 60 volt, 21" cordless electric mower? Or, will B&D be manufacturing for summer 2009 a 60 volt 19" cordless electric mower. I have heard that Remington is selling a 60 volt 18" cordless electric mower. Any news that Remington will be promoting a 60 volt cordless electric mower in a 19" or better yet, a 21" mower? Please reply anyone who has definite information regarding these inquires. Thank you very much. Bob
Self propelled AND cordless electric!!
written by Joe W., May 28, 2009
The Solaris cordless electric mowers are Self propelled and 21" steel decks!
Re: Fix the Lawn Not the Mower
written by Jean@Yardworkerz, July 17, 2009
Yup, I read an article about a community in Texas that's got a problem in maintaining their lawns. Their solution was to replace their plants and grasses with low maintenance, low water need landscape of native plants.
written by Jayne, August 04, 2009
DO NOT PURCHASE THIS MOWER UNLESS YOUR LAWN IS 10ftX10ft. They battery dies very quickly. When you talk with NEUTON they tell you that if you charge the battery too much it damages it and if you do not charge enough it damages it. What? The battery will last 15 minutes top now. They told me I can purchase a new battery for over $100 plus shipping. So factor in $50+ a year to use this mower over and cialis no rx required above the how much is levitra electricity used to charge the battery. I will be putting this in the next yard sale. It is more environmentally responsible to use an electric lawn mower.

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