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JUN 28

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"i am looking for info that would not only help learn more about solar ..."

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Middle-Schoolers Start Up Solar Company

When eighth graders start turning a profit in an industry, that's when you know there's opportunity for real growth.

A Santa Clara solar firm, CalSunTech, has a middle-schooler for a CEO, but seems to be doing well for a local firm, and it's in the running for a California Clean Tech Open award. The company is soft levitra developing concentrators to increase the efficiency per unit of silicon in photovoltaics. It's not a new idea, but the viagra cheap india pharmacy folks who do it best do stand to make a lot of cash selling the technology. CalSunTech already has one patent on file.

Frankly, it seems unlikely that the parents aren't involved fairly significantly. At the very least, it reminds me of crazed sports dads. Except, in Santa Clara, the dads force their children to startup companies, instead of play football. Which, for some reason, doesn't surprise me at all.

Via CNET News Blog

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written by Orlando Ayers, March 04, 2008
What are the means to start up a solar company? I know quite a bit of money, but other than that, what qualifications or knowledge. I want to invest or start up a company of pain medications without a prescription tramadol some type of renewable energy, such as solar panels, or solar cells to put on panels, any idea of how to go about that. Just a young entrepreneur looking into some ideas. Thank you for your time.
written by darius, July 29, 2008
Hi there. I am in the same boat as you are. Did you receive any feedback from anyone? If so, any help would be great.


marketing manager
written by George Wei, December 15, 2008

Been in the resin field for many years and the best choice cialis from canadian pharmacy looking to expand my company. Would like information on how to start up a solar company. Could you please direct to me the cost, etc...
start up
written by stephen ellis, September 26, 2009
i am looking for info that would not only help learn more about solar energy but would help me open a solar company and bring it to professional cialis st.louis.. i think its the now.. its forever going to be a viable co. its the new cable for the new age.. please if you can help me in any way...

stephen ellis and my # is 314-608-9110

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