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JUN 29

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"Cardboard could be a problem in the rain........."

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Cardboard Ferrari Gets Green

Ferrari is showing off it's green with a new concept, high performance vehicle, the Ferrari FFX Millechili. Yes, it's a hybrid, and uses it's electric drive train not just to boost power but also to increase efficiency. But we've seen hybrids. What's really exciting about the FFX is that its made of lightweight materials including carbon fiber, plastic and professional viagra cardboard.

Eh? Cardboard?! Well, apparently so. I'm not sure if this is just to make the prototype easier to build, or of Ferrari really is considering its use in vehicles, but, in any case, using light weight materials to increase efficiency is levitra tablet extremely necessary.

Additionally, the FFX incorporates an advanced aerodynamic undercarriage system that uses jets of air to keep whirlpools of drag from forming beneath the buy viagra us car.

Via Channel 4 and Crave

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written by Pelle, June 29, 2007
That's really cool! Carboard seems to be an amazing product - I've heard of a local, I think, company here in Sweden which made a bridge for the military - I would say tanks - in cardboard and if you can do that you can do it all with cardboard :)
Bicycle Design
written by James, June 30, 2007
I don't know about plastic and carbon fiber, but I sure wish more cars were made of cardboard. Maybe then we could finally see a reduction in annual traffic fatalities worldwide.
written by rob, June 30, 2007
Cardboard could be a problem in the rain......

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