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JUN 29

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"I am doubtfull that the so called Tireoil will have all the propeties ..."

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Tires to the best choice buy cialis online uk Diesel

Plastic is made from oil, unfortunately, it's hard to make oil from plastic. Or, at least, it used to be. Global Resources Corporation has created a special kind of microwave that zaps plastic at very specific wavelengths in order to release the hydrocarbons.

As an example, put a tire into the GRC Hawk-10, and the cialis 20mg mail order machine slowly dribbles out diesel oil. What's left inside the microwave is pure carbon black (which can be sold to tire companies for, y'know, making new tires) and the steel that gives the tires strength.

Put a bundle of recommended site levitra philippines insulated wires in, you get oil, and copper (with some dyes and levitra free pills carbon left over.) The process works on anything made of petroleum products, including hard plastic, rubber, foam rubber, even your old polyester pants. The microwave units range in size from a the size of a regular microwave oven to the size of a cement mixer.

Running 9.1 kilograms of ground-up tires through the Hawk-10 produces 4.54 liters of diesel oil, 1.42 cubic meters of combustible gas, 1 kg of steel and 3.40 kg of carbon black.

Via NewScientist
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Quite an impressive invention.
written by rob, June 30, 2007
If the process is clean, it should be useful.
There have been quite a few tyre recycling plants on cialis transdermal TV, but the products produced have been very limited, mats for kids playgrounds and the like.
Diesel would be much more useful and has an unlimited market.
written by MadMax, June 30, 2007
What about the trees to buy viagra online australia make cardboard?
earth first is also doing this process b
written by TJones, July 02, 2007
earth first is also doing this process but with heat and a catalyst. Prototype plant has been operational for year or more.
How much energy does it take to convert
written by Bill Mattinson, July 03, 2007
Just wondering if it is a net energy gain or loss to run the where can i purchase cialis process? Anyone know?
plastic to diesel
written by sanap deepak kisan, October 09, 2007
give more information about that
written by mike, October 29, 2007
Maybe they can go get that bigger-than-Texas sized mass of plastic sitting in the Pacific Ocean and do something useful with it.
written by tochol, October 29, 2007
How much energy does this take to produce the oil or diesel fuel? How much energy does the microwave use?
Clever Invention
written by Neece, October 30, 2007
This is drug propecia a great way to get something out of tires instead of just dumping them.
written by MADELEINE, October 30, 2007
Well, he could make a bundle on this. We need to be recycling everything "disposable" made of plastice, rubber, etc. Wonderful way to reduce the "landmass" created by these items. How about energy derived from this?


written by Flo, November 22, 2007
maybe the energy it takes to run can be recycled for something else?
written by Pat, January 22, 2008
Here is another process
written by Celia, February 16, 2008
I feel that would prolong the inevitable. What would the reformed petroleum be used for? If cars, then I'm against. One thing I've said over the years is alternative transportation. Why should we do this just to i recommend lowest levitra price get around?
written by Cindy, June 09, 2008
What companies are cnot researching turning old tires into oil???
of course it's a net loss
written by Danny, June 23, 2008
How could this possibly be a net gain? Energy went into the petroleum to change its state to rubber, and more energy is put in to change its state back to petroleum. This process obviously consumes more energy than it creates overall. It's ultimately more of a cost question - can the carbon, steel, and fuel save more money than it costs to run the big microwave? More than likely, yes. The environmental benefits are obvious (though everyone loves to watch tire fires), so the only other concern in the equation is money.
use the pyrolysis method !
written by james ng, June 26, 2008
If microwave takes up energy to convert, why not use the pyrolysis concept ? The pyrolysis is a self fueled concept which utilizes no energy during process because it uses the outgas from the tire as a fuel to do the look there viagra to order process. The same concept also produce the same amount of tire oil, carbon black and also steel from tires. It is also an environmental friendly concept. Please refer website for more information.
It Can B a net gain
written by Bill Lorch, July 19, 2008
OK : Making profit, First invest in wind turbine second power the microwave, insert tires get diesel an by products.Lubes? maybe Carbon black lot of uses, Lets stop saying we can't ans start saying we can with some good ole innovative thinking the possibilities are endless. If we can pull down the carbon foot print is great ... Im a Possibility thinker an i believe there is buy cialis in canada no prescription nothing we cant do if we put our minds to it. We dont need politicians or anyone telling us what we can or cant do we just need to take charge move out and only now levitra fast delivery THINK Bill
Tires to Diesel
written by A.R.JAYALINGAM, July 25, 2008
I am doubtfull that the so called Tireoil will have
all the propeties of Diesel that is consumed by Automobiles or Power Generating set. Do we require any Refining process to be put into use as Fuel;

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